38 -year -old Song Zhixiao has Yan Zhenzhou, purple sweater with daddy shoes, and the proportion of disorders is also good -looking.


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How beautiful is spring sweater

Intersection At the time of spring sweater, all kinds of colorful patterns and colors of sweaters will appear. Spring sweaters are different from autumn and winter. Spring sweaters have more versions and tones, with obvious colorful characteristics, which can be comparable to spring.

Among the many sweater categories,

Coarse needle, bright


The color is even more eye -catching, such as the sweater of the Korean beauty Song Zhixiao.


In the recent travel, Song Zhixiao wore a purple coarse stick needles and sweaters with broken jeans. The freshness of the lavender purple is particularly shiny, and the spring of spring is rushing. This purple sweater is special in color, light and chic purple, carefully created thick -needle -knitting pattern design, loose and not talking about the large version of the slim, with the characteristics of laziness, relaxation, and freeness, especially suitable for spring season.

She used a purple sweater with a pair of classic blue denim ripped daddy pants, which is also a loose pants. The raised pants feet reveal white socks. Lazy and comfortable state. With a pair of colorful daddy shoes on his feet, the elegant pink also echoed the purple sweater. The five -five ratio disorders were short, but it did not affect her beauty.

In leisure wear, it will not care whether it is self -cultivation and whether there is a perfect proportion. What is displayed is this street tide style. Because the purple sweater is quite close to the blue jeans, it is coordinated from the color, and there is no obvious sense of abruptness.


She also took a leather clothes in her hand, which was the normal number of ways to dress in spring. Because of the temperature difference, a jacket is still necessary to prepare. The leather jacket is just right, and the color and material are coordinated.


The most worthy of Amway was that she used a white T -shirt with a sweater. This kind of coarse needle sweater will be uncomfortable if wearing it, and it is suitable for a base in it. However, if you choose a tight -fitting background, there is no soul, it is better to choose a white T -shirt to expose the hem, showing the layer, so that the comparison is clear, rich in layers, and more fashionable.

Song Zhixiao also has the sweetness and softness of Korean girls. Their temperament is relatively gentle and looks sweet and gentle. Therefore, in the style of dressing, those gentle and peaceful styles are particularly suitable for them. Naturally smooth and unpretentious, wearing long straight hair, simplicity is beautiful.

She changed into a suit, but she was showing a sweet handsomeness. Slim suit+skirt is the focus of the shaping of sexy workplace style. It can also better highlight the proportion of the figure and wear a good figure with uneven body. Is it very sweet with fluffy curly hair?

This set of blue wear, has a refreshing and neat color and slim -fit, is the easiest to wear the atmosphere. Striped half skirts are thin and high, classic and atmospheric. With a pair of high -heeled shoes, the white bone essence walking in the urban steel forest properly.

The long curly woman’s smile looks really beautiful. The most particularly particular about a woman is laughing. Against the innocent smile, even blandly wearing can shine and radiate. Song Zhixiao wore a striped shirt with jeans. The slender line -type earrings are the focus. They live the whole, which is more gentle and intellectual.


Song Zhixiao is 38 years old, but he can’t see it at all, and the maintenance is still so beautiful. The tenderness of Korean girls is in their bones, and they are very harsh about beauty. This is the reason for their beauty.


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