Song Yanhuan is so delicate in private, wearing a dark green dress, retro, like people who come out of oil painting


Although it is said that with the progress of the times,

More and more people will approach modernization in dressing

In fact, many retro styles are also very popular with people, especially female friends are very keen on retro shapes.


Want to put a retro shape in a state that is more suitable for you,

Then we must understand what the retro shape is, and the retro shape can be clearly seen, because it is very different from the modern dress.

When female friends are learning to retro, female friends

You can use some fashionable skills

There are some techniques formed specifically for retro shapes, so let’s look at it with the editor.

Learn from the retro feeling of female stars

Song Yanhuan’s retro feeling wear

The retro sense is not easy to choose,

Because he does not meet the needs of modern women,

Therefore, if you want to show retro temperament, you must use some skills to wear.

For female stars, there are many retro wear,

Because many female stars like to use retro shapes to enhance their charm, you can appropriately learn from the style of these female stars.


For example, the female star Song Yanxuan’s dressing style is very in line with the retro -sense style. Song Yanxuan has a lot of retro styles. If you can use Song Yanhuan to wear the image, it will make her charm become her charm. It’s better.

So I suggest you study and think carefully according to the retro styles of Song Yanhuan compiled by Xiaobian,

In this way, we can understand what the retro sense is like,

Make your image more outstanding.

Song Yanhuan is so delicate in private. Wearing a dark green dress is good for retro. Like people who come out of oil painting, Song Yanxuan’s clothes are surprising. The red and green shape is very retro, and it looks elegant.

Song Yanfei’s retro feeling options

Ink green chiffon pleated skirt+red beret


In order to enhance your retro sense, you can use dark green clothing items to match yourself.


Many dark green shapes are retro temperament,

Because dark green itself is a very retro color.

Ink green can not only enhance the retro sense,

It will also make women’s skin tone whiter

You can choose a dress in dark green, so use the dark green chiffon pleated skirt to match yourself.

The chiffon pleated skirt can enhance the gentleness of the image through chiffon material

On the other hand, the style of the pleated skirt also has a certain modification effect on the leg shape.

The design of a bow is made in the collar part,

After combining with dark green, it will make the image look more retro and sweet

In order to make the shape more temperament, you can pair it with a red beret.

Breda hat itself is a kind of clothing item with retro,

Choose the red style and the red bow,


The ribbon forms the color echo, so the matching is very simple and harmonious.

The red beret can also brighten his skin color,

It is also very obvious for the modification of the face shape, but the Beret hat is relatively suitable for those who are more petite.

Other retro sense wear options

Blue and white plaid shirt skirt

Many women have a certain sense of age,

I hope my image can become more intellectual

Then you can use a shirt dress to match yourself. If you want to enhance the retro sense, you can choose a diamond -shaped design.

In terms of color, the shirt dress is as fresh colors as possible

For example, a combination of blue and white shirts, plaid skirts are very designed, and this shape will also give people very refreshing. Cleany feeling.

The blue and white plaid shirt skirt can be matched with some retro hairstyles,


In this case, it will make the shape look more retro


, But the hairstyle can be raised at the top of the furnace, and it looks full of retro atmosphere.

Red and white lattice rough set

The use of mud jackets to match itself will also show a very retro feeling.

Then the overall set is recommended to choose the style of the small incense wind,

Xiaoxiangfeng’s suit is not only very retro, but also gives people a very elegant feeling.

The coarse mud set of Xiaoxiangfeng is recommended to choose a red and white grid style,

The combination of red and white can not only show a retro and noble feeling, but also make the shape more eye -catching and bright.

Black T -shirt+red and green plaid skirt

When showing retro in daily life,

It must be combined with sexy sex,

Then it is recommended that the upper body uses a black T -shirt to match its own shape, which will give people a very casual feeling.

You can choose a red and green plaid skirt for matching

The overall shape is full of Scottish style, and this matching shape will give people a very retro feeling. The skirt can be designed with a split skirt

Show your superior leg lines

With a black beret, retro will be stronger.

Do you have learned these retro -style styles of Song Yanxuan? I hope that everyone can seriously understand that there is a sense of retro, so as to make their own image better.