What is the role of doors and windows sealing-Louisi doors and windows


In daily use, there are two main types of seals with good effects and life span. The outside is Sanyuan ethylene rubber. There are sealing bars with polyethylene pale and silicon rubber. The former is called an energy -saving type. The sealing strip has the effects of windproof, dustproof, cold, insect -proof, sound insulation, and waterproof. Although the latter also has the same function, the effect will be a bit worse, but in exchange for a longer service life.

Aluminum alloy door and window sealing is effective to ensure the effect of the sound barriers of the soundtrack after the installation of the window is completed, but most people have a clear use and practice of doors and windows. It is important to choose a sealing strip. How to use sealing strips is also important. It can ensure the sealing of doors and windows and sound insulation effects. Louishe doors and windows will introduce the main functions of the sealing of aluminum alloy doors and windows in detail. The content is as follows:

1. Insects: Aluminum alloy doors and windows can make the gap between the frame and the fan blades almost zero by installing the sealing strip. It effectively blocks the mosquito through the outside world and breaks into the room.


2. Dust: The principle of insect -proof is the same. There is no gap between the window frames and walls. How can the dust come in?

3. Waterproof: The water droplets enter the room mainly through various gaps. The sealing bar makes the window not have too many gaps, and the rainwater cannot enter.

4, sound insulation: The material of the sealing strip has the sound insulation effect, plus the gap between the sealing window disappears, and the external noise is blocked outdoors.


5. Sealing: Sealing strips are generally squeezed out of PVC, modified PVC, triad ethyl C, elastic seal seal, silicone and other materials to form a good sealing.

For daily use, it is recommended to choose a sealing strip of Sanyuan E -C. Although there is no length of silicone gel strips in life, when pursuing a quality life, choose a better lifestyle and more comfortable quality life.