The Northeast man spends 80,000 design ancient style coats every month. Ali original protection allows “Hanfeng Tang Yun” to reproduce


Because his wife likes Chinese style costumes, Wang Ming, a northeast man, started the business of the Han and Tang dresses on Alibaba. The Tmall store named “Man Qingluo” is the crystallization of his love with his wife.

During the seven years of opening the store, Wang Ming has always insisted on making originals. From design to selection, processing, and packaging, it has been completed in his factory in Guangzhou. Just hiring a professional design team to study the layout, Wang Ming spent more than 80,000 yuan per month.

Hanfeng Tang Yun reproduced the Eastern Shen Yun, and insisted on being an original “Man Qingluo” gradually stepped out of his style and became a benchmark for the industry. Fortunately, the launch of Alibaba’s original protection platform allows Wang Ming to work hard to produce the original design, which can be better protected.

There are more than 100,000 original merchants like Wang Ming. Ali is also escorting the original protection through the protection of pragmatic intellectual products, bringing more competitiveness to China’s commercial sustainable growth.

“Man Qingluo” Tmall flagship store page of Chinese style dress.

“Ali original protection platform allows us to avoid being” copied to death ‘”

“My wife was an art teacher and liked Hanfu, so our shops made some Chinese style improved clothing.” When talking about the original intention of opening the “Man Qingluo” online store, Wang Ming admitted that he was affected by his wife.

Different from some Chinese -style clothing stores that are only purchased and sold in the clothing stalls, all the clothing sold in Wang Ming’s stores are all designed and produced by themselves. At this point, Wang Ming said it was his own persistence.

东北汉子每月花8万设计古风连衣裙 阿里原创保护让“汉风唐韵”再现

“In the beginning, my wife wanted to be an wholesale stall, and I felt that it would be possible. I said that no matter how good the stalls are doing, you can only be the boss of the stall. If you are your own original brand, you will be an entrepreneur one day. “Wang Ming firmly believes that originality is the core competitiveness of the apparel industry. Only by insisting on originality can you go further.

For this persistence, Wang Ming spends more than 80,000 yuan on the design team every month -version division, design, car workers, cutting fabrics, etc. all need money. Hanfu needs to be more than 3,000, and about 30 models are changed each month. “These are the investment of real gold and silver.”

Because of the professional team, the improved Chinese style dress after “Man Qingluo” takes into account the beauty and practicality, and gradually formed its own characteristics and style. In addition, Wang Ming’s self -built factory strict quality control, the “Man Qingluo”, the more Come and win the recognition of the market and consumers more.

东北汉子每月花8万设计古风连衣裙 阿里原创保护让“汉风唐韵”再现

Like other original merchants, piracy plagiarism once became Wang Ming’s heart headache.

“Many Chinese -style clothing stores copied our design style, some offline clothing stalls were daring to make imitation products, and even some online shops would stole pictures directly.” The new products of “Man Qingluo” are just online, online, online, online, online, online, online, online, online, There was a counterfeit, which greatly affected the traffic of Wang Ming’s store.

东北汉子每月花8万设计古风连衣裙 阿里原创保护让“汉风唐韵”再现

Such a phenomenon was completely changed last year. In August 2018, Alibaba’s original protection platform was officially launched, providing the first creative protection mechanism for all original merchants -the original merchant uploaded the design manuscript or picture to the platform. When the product or creativity encounters a cottage infringement, you can start the rapidly removed mechanism and launch rights protection on the platform.

Wang Ming became the first batch of businessmen. He successively uploaded more than 70 original costumes related information, which greatly alleviated the phenomenon of plagiarism and infringement. The complaint protection protection also became more unobstructed. ” We might not be able to persist for a long time, we will be copied to death. “

“Man Qingluo” flagship store original design layout schematic diagram.

“I hope that all platforms also pay attention to fake goods issues”

It is the original intention of breaking the traditional model, slow rights authentication, and difficulty in protecting rights. It is the original intention of Ali to launch the original protection platform. I hope to support original merchants while hitting the cottage, which can keep up with the Internet era quickly and pursue explosive models. pace of.

As of June this year, more than 2,000 small and medium -sized merchants have joined Alibaba’s original protection plan. All products and works of these original merchants, even if they are just a creative manuscript, can obtain an electronic “birth certificate” after Internet technical verification, third -party notarized institutions, electronic filing and other processes.

“Ali has always held the attitude of respecting knowledge and encouraging innovation. It is hoped that through the new governance model, it will give full play to the technology and algorithm capabilities that Alibaba has to help more than 100,000 original merchants on the platform better operate and achieve better protection. , Make the original business business easier, more inclusive, and more created. “Li Xihan, the director of intellectual property protection of Alibaba.

In Wang Ming’s opinion, it is just that Ali has launched the original protection platform, which is not enough for original businessmen. “The problems of piracy on some low -cost online shopping platforms are more serious. There are a large number of infringing pirated shops, but the complaint has no door and cannot be dealt with at all. “

“The shops on these platforms stole my pictures. From the perspective of the propaganda effect, the product is the same, but the actual quality is very different.” Wang Ming explained that the reason why some pirated clothing on some low -cost platforms can be half cheap for half cheap. Price sales, on the one hand, because these shops do not cost design costs at all, on the other hand, they use poor quality fabrics, simply patching together according to plagiarism.

“I hope that all platforms can really pay the same attention to fakes and original protection, so that original merchants will no longer worry about being plagiarized.” Wang Ming said.

The staff of the “Man Qingluo” production workshop is packing the dresses that have just been produced.

Source: China