Patto overcoming VS down jacket’s trial experience


The advantages and disadvantages of Pai overcoming and down jackets have been discussed (see “Patto overcoming VS down jackets, are you still struggling to buy?”) Today we found down jackets and Pai overcoming. Provide some selection references.

Patto overcomes a long black style, the inner biliary of the mink, and the tadpole hair collar. The down jacket chooses a long hat with a white rubber. The specific trial experience is as follows:

1. The advantages of faction overcome

A. It is more stylish to wear on the body. There is no bloated feeling. It can be worn as a business outer dress.

B. Inner bilots and this hairy collar can be removed, it is easier to clean the shell alone.

C. Because of the version and detail design, it is relatively thin after wearing, which is also an important reason for the popularity to overcome the popularity.

2. Disadvantages of faction overcoming

A. The weight is severe, especially the hat is hanging backwards, and the neck is tightened, uncomfortable.

B. No hair loss is found, but common fox hair collar, otter rabbit inner bile, there are some hair loss, this is the characteristics of animal fur, which is inevitable.


C. The price of faction is more expensive than down jackets.

3. The advantages of down jackets

A. Light and warm, compared with faction, is completely two heavyweights.

B. Easy to match, skirts and pants can be matched.


4. Disadvantages of down jackets

A. The biggest disadvantage of down jackets is drilling down, not found for the time being.

The above is today’s trial experience. Personally, it is not comparable to facing and down jackets. As for whether to overcome or down jackets, you need to decide according to your personal preferences and needs.


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