Can I apply a mask for sensitive skin? Anti -allergy repair supplement mask rankings 10 top 10


Many people will ask: Can sensitive skin be applied to the mask? sure! However, the sensitive muscle application mask should be more “particular”. Sensitive muscle mask, it is important to choose a product. There are types of masks on the market, and sensitive skin is not applicable. Today, I will give you an inventory of anti -allergic repair supplement mask rankings.

The top ten brands on the list are: Yuelei, Givenchy, Dr.wu, Clinique, Water Seal, NARS, Avene, Fu Lei Shi, Lanzhi, Elizabeth Arden,

What stars and skin care masters are favored by these excellent masks of hydration and Shu Min.

NO.1 >>> Yuelei Bingquan Huanyan Lisili Mask 118RMB/6P


The Yuelei mask contains a 30ml high concentration essence of 30ml, densely maintained to make the skin smooth and smooth. Directly penetrate the bottom layer to increase the moisture content and brightness and create a constant humidity environment. Persist in use, improve dryness and sensitive skin, and the skin is moist and white, and the water is tender and bright.


NO.2 >>> Givenchy Perfect Anti -Wrinkle Rebellion Mask Mask 980RMB/8P

The fiber mother cell in the dermis layer can stimulate the production of collagen and glucosamine, rebuild a close fiber net, and then improve the profound and obvious wrinkles. Each mask contains 20ml essence, which can exert dense power. It is the ultimate weapon of skin anti -wrinkle reinforcement repair plan.


NO.3 >>> Dr.wu Vitamin C micro -guided whitening mask 220RMB/3p

Add moisturizing and repairing activity ingredients. While whitening, while helping the skin update, strengthening water locking, and whitening water without leakage. After use, the skin is bright immediately. The skin is white and bright for 28 days, making the skin from the inside out, white and translucent.


NO.4 >>> Clinique tender moisturizing mask 360RMB/6P


The joy of immersing in the water! Looking for every inch of thirsty skin, capturing every tired and tiredness, the rich and grace of water, coming! Gently care for your delicate skin. Setting dry lines and eliminating edema. Pinded water injection, the skin is like drinking Ganquan. Not only do you have a soft and smooth skin, you enjoy the joy of immersing the water at this moment!

NO.5 >>> Water Printing Elastic Moisturizing Mask 108RMB/5P

The sheet -shaped mask full of nourishing ingredients, tailoring that fit the face shape, can import beauty liquid components into the skin in a short time, showing elastic and luster soft muscles! The sheet -shaped mask full of nourishing ingredients, tailoring that fit the face shape, can be imported into the skin in a short period of time, showing the soft and beautiful muscles of elastic luster.


NO.6 >>> NARS Moisturizing Mask 1350RMB/75ml


It is rich in water molecules, refreshing texture, and can transport up to 87 % of water to the skin, and instantly improves the dull skin that is short of water. During the massage, the unique moisturizing microcarpin will release water molecules and transport a large amount of water to the bottom layer of the skin in real time. Just apply it before going to bed. After repairing all night, the skin will become soft and smooth, and the water is beautiful.

NO.7 >>> Avene soothing moisturizing mask 238RMB/50ml

This product contains 70%of Avene living spring water, which is a moisturizing mask that can be washed. The unique nourishment and moisturizing ingredients can be easily absorbed, and it can quickly provide deep hydrating care of the skin, so that the skin can be maintained in the best hydraulic state, and it can restore the magic instantly.

NO.8 >>> 诗 诗 n n n n n n n 520RMB/125ml

Exfoliating is an indispensable step in keeping the skin. Chengtang bright and matte mask can reshape the skin texture, glowing, and injecting moisture and rich nutrition for the skin.

NO.9 >>> Lanzhi strawberry yogurt softening mask 195RMB/80ml


Strengthen skin nutrition and moisturizing effects. Small capsules contain vitamin E ingredients with anti -aging effects, which penetrate the skin and make the skin smooth and healthy. The simple massage of the home can make the dry and tight skin soft and moist.


NO.10 >>> Elizabeth Arden, Moisturizing Moisturizing Mask 175RMB/100ML


Different from the general moisturizing mask, this mask can not only supplement the skin to supplement the high -quality lipids and water, but also strengthen the skin’s resistance and soothe the drying and inflammation.

Editor’s words:

In ordinary hydrating masks, in order to regulate the skin feel of the product, it is possible to add alcohol, thickening agent and preservatives. Although these ingredients meet the addition standards, they are “fatal” for sensitive muscles. The top “Yuelei Bingquan Huanyan Silk Mask” at the top of the list has no side effects. Each Yuelei mask is injected with an essence of up to 30 ml of a whole bottle, which can improve the net whiteness and defense function of the skin. Microclastic surrounding masks can lack angry and sensitive and fragile skin for first aid, bringing a strong cooling sensation to the skin. Li Shuqin/Wen