How to choose the kitchen cabinet, is there still a value?


The kitchen cabinet is the same indispensable furniture in our daily life, and the decoration of the decoration will affect the use of us when cooking. However, kitchen cabinets with value may not be quality, long life, and poor economic benefits; quality kitchen cabinets may not have enough aesthetics and poor visual effects.


So, how can kitchen kitchen cabinet decoration be beautiful and practical? What I want to share today is the technique of choice of kitchen kitchen cabinets!

Chef Mei Ding: The face value and quality are all brought!

Tips1: Beautiful and practical. Humanized design, the cooking party can be ease

Various tableware and kitchen utensils in the kitchen are different, such as large spoons, small spoons, wine glasses, chopsticks, etc., mixed together, and it is inconvenient to pick them up. Therefore, the kitchen cabinet should be separated and humanized. If the pot is exposed, it is difficult to clean the oil. Therefore, the kitchen cabinet should be closed and easy to clean.


Meidading Kitchen Cabinet

Best ergonomic design, four major functional blocks reasonably layout

, Elected access, cooking at ease. In addition, beautiful and practical


Corner pad


Make the kitchen cabinet without dead ends and easy to clean.


Tips2: Quality guarantee. Brand guarantee, load -bearing and mute capabilities

On weekdays, we will chop meat on the kitchen cabinet and store a lot of things in the kitchen cabinet, so the load of the kitchen cabinet is very important. If the kitchen cabinet’s load -bearing is not good, it will collapse soon, and then it will be re -installed, not only waste money, but also wastes time.

Midoding Kitchen cabinet adopted

Oblon in Austria withdraw

, Reliability -can reach 30kg;

Germany imported Heidi poems ultra -quiet slippery rail

, The mute effect is good -those who carry heavy objects can also enjoy the soft and smooth effect.

Tips3: The details are perfect. Pay attention to waterproof moisture and moisture, and the service life can be extended

The kitchen is a very wet place. Due to many water use of vegetables and dishes, and many kitchen cabinets are wooden materials. If the waterproof is not good, it will be easily damaged.

Midoding Kitchen cabinet uses a dedicated flue cabinet. It does not need to be cut at the scene to prevent moisture. Mulberry glue adoption

Henkel glue in Germany


, Multifunctional edge rubber strips are tightly wrapped in the edges of the plate, waterproof and environmentally friendly. In addition, the bottom plate of the slot uses metal plates, which increases


, Avoid the short -board effect of wooden barrels, the forefront of aluminum alloy, improve the service life.

TIPS4: Environmental protection and health. The plate and adhesive are environmentally friendly to stay away from the harm of formaldehyde

The formaldehyde content of the kitchen cabinet is easy to exceed the standard, the main reason is the plate. At the same time, the adhesives in home improvement materials are also the culprit -the more home improvement materials containing adhesives, the more free formaldehyde it releases, and the greater the harm.


Meeting kitchen cabinet selected plates to reach


European E1 -level Environmental Protection Standard

, Stay away from formaldehyde hazards. use


Finnish Taier seal border glue

, Strong adhesion, no formaldehyde release.

Beauty Dingkou: both face value and quality

New choice of ideal kitchen!