I know that I am also rowing 2 meters 8 long wall cabinet in the living room, 3 times, more and more practical


I have said that there is always a few pieces of renovation, I think my biggest regret, that is, when I died, I didn’t have a few cabinets in the living room, otherwise not to be in the family’s small storage space every day! Have you ever repented like me?


In contrast, the practice of the owner of Hefei Bishui Source Community is really a wisdom! Directly on the side of the living room, 20 cm, a row of 2 meters 8 long wall cabinet, compared to the same type, the small living room storage is 3,4 times!

And the purpose and convenience of this design, who is boast!


☑☑ ☑空 20 cm purpose, convenient to take care

Usually mop, sweeping, the most afraid of the bottom of the cabinet in contact with the ground, it will be shameful, the tide is moldy, and the bumps are bumbled, so it is not as good as this, the cabinet is sloping. 20 cm, it is convenient for thaw, and it can also put some other convenient storage boxes, the storage is still not reduced.


☑ ☑ ☑ 留 空 排, 36 cm is just a bookshelf

Just as the sofa is placed next to it, just use the side of the wall hanging cabinet, leave a room for the storage of the books, sitting on the sofa, can take place, convenient. At the same time, there are several books in the living room, and this home is more booking, and there is a face. And the two-side closed cabinet form a layer of hierarchy, visually watching will not monotone, the more it is, the more practical.

☑ Cabinet Top 2 meters high, living room storage space multiplication


It is still in the room, the living room sofa side is instantly solved, put the debris, clothing can, the storage space reaches a room!


In addition to this owner, I found that there are still many smart owners who have chosen to do in the living room, such as these 3 decoration plans:

▎ Scene 1: Place a combination glass cabinet on the side of the living room

In doing so, not only the space of the side wall is fully squeezed, but the living room has also become a small library. The above, a row of glass cabinets can be put, or the decoration, take a look at it, and don’t worry about falling gray. A row of closed cabinets in the bottom can debris and achieve classification storage.


▎ ▎ 二 2: Living Room TV Wall Combination Xuanzong + Contact Door Design

Entering the door to the living room, a row of cabinets, in fact, meets the needs of the three ribs, 1 is to meet the housing of the porch cabinet, 2 is the design demand for the bedroom invisible door, 3 is increasing the living room TV wall storage space The overall is connected to a row, the overall sense is strong, and the storage capacity is strong.

▎ ▎ 三: Decorative TV wall + wall hanging empty cabinet

In addition to decorative design on the back of the wall TV wall, the space is installed on the bottom space of the TV, and the wall hanging hanging empty cabinet is easy to take care of it.



Now everyone should be like me, deeply realize the importance of the living room to do. Anyway, I will never have a waste of idle living room. There are so many ways, and everyone can refer to the requirements.

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