Isn’t it a fake word to seal the word?


Typical 冃, is a baby hat

When we watch text programs, there are often some people with no culture. In order to show that we have culture, we cannot connect with the four sides in the back of the “counter”, otherwise it is a typical word. Let me tell you that anyone who emphasizes the upper part of the “counterfeit” cannot be connected to the four sides. There is no realistic learning, and most of them are abandoned goods! Kong Yiji described with Lu Xun is all the way! Kong Yiji repeatedly emphasized the four ways of writing fennel beans. You are a hundred ways of writing. Fennel beans are still fennel beans. Is there a word similar to the word “counterfeit” in the Chinese characters we use now? Since there is no just writing the 冃 [音 音] in the fake characters, everyone still reads it, and will never read it as “Chang”! Because the word “counterfeit” is upper and lower, and the word “Chang” is upper and lower, so obviously cannot be distinguished? Do you just write a fake word correctly, or do you write a fake word, have you added cultural knowledge, or lack of knowledge? To be honest, there is no essential difference at all! Repeatedly emphasized purely for fools! Nothing else is used.

The original intention of the fake is a hat! It is a hat that can cover the eyes. “Said the Text”: The suffix of the suffix, the upper part of the fake characters was written “said”, which was specially embellished by Xu Shen. In other words, both writing are right! One is to read and write the fake characters according to the phonetic character; This is why I said, those who have repeatedly emphasized the fake characters cannot be written in writing, it is the reason why there is no culture and abuse.

The upper part of the fake characters is written in the coronation.

The upper part of the fake characters can also be written according to the sealing. If the “most” characters we often use are also from the word. The word “the most” was sealed, and no one emphasized that the best words were written wrong.

“Said” is the most: criminals are also obedient.


The offender also took off his official hat, that is, the Ming Dynasty said that the black hats said, and the Qing Dynasty picked the top wearing flowers.

Black hat


Dai Huaji

Top and


The reason for the different ways of “counterfeit” and the upper part of “the most” is that the text is not very unified, causing confusion. The fact is that the word can be removed! Uniformly form with “同” and “”.


The wording series is only five or six words, and the 冡 and the same series are only five or six, which can be unified. Some texts with cow’s tip may think that the two are different series.

Is the crown word hat? Why can you use the 冡 为什么 series?

Uniform! Let our Chinese characters regularize as soon as possible, and remove obstacles to our Chinese characters as soon as possible.

Isn’t it a fake word to seal the word?