It is better to bring a lot of travel items! How to pack and storage should be packed?


Although the “May Day holiday” this year’s holiday adjustment has caused a lot of heated discussions, but in the face

Many people still have expectations and want to have a happy trip with family and friends!

Before travel, we need


The problem faced is to pack up baggage!

How can I make my luggage lightest streamlined?


Develop a travel plan

Some people like to make detailed travel plans, and some people like to live with it, enjoy the surprise brought by unknown!

However, the benefits of planning are planned,

Can better cope with unknown things.

Especially when you reach strange places, your life is unfamiliar, and it is easy to fall into the pit that others dug. With holiday travel, people everywhere will inevitably occur some troubles …

So make preparations in advance and arrange travel plans reasonably, to a certain extent, you can avoid risks!

Ready to travel

See the messy suitcase,

The expectation value of this trip immediately dropped.

Because of the messy items, you can’t tell what you have brought, especially when you find that you have leaked important items on your journey, this journey is affected by it.

The neat and orderly suitcase not only makes the mood happy,


It is even more important to the number of items and placement you carry!

1. Selection of suitcases

The luggage is important when going out. There are the following sizes to choose from:


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Generally only

20 -inch luggage can be carried on the plane

Other sizes require consignment procedures.


The luggage should be selected as good as possible to avoid damage during transportation and affect the itinerary and mood.

For example: the hard box material can be selected, the appearance is beautiful, impact -resistant, and good waterproof; the two -rod tie rod of the steel is more stable, and it can also fix the handbag; the luggage equipped with a universal wheel is smoother.

2. List of items


Classify the essential matters of travel according to nature:

Travel equipment, clothing, daily necessities, wash supplies, and events that need to be confirmed before departure.

List the essential items,

When packing, you can adjust according to the actual needs. After packing, you can also check the shortage.

3. You need to know before storage


① Before the storage is packed, you need to find out

Local climate

, Choose the clothing according to the climate;


② Do a good trip


Detailed strategy


The more detailed the strategy is, the more helpful to travel;

③ Preparation of ID cards, pass permits, driving licenses, nucleic acid test reports and other important documents;

④ Buy air tickets/tickets and booking hotels in advance;

⑤ All documents are ready for electronic version and print version;


*If the documents are accidentally lost, the certificate backup prepared in advance can help you.

⑥ During the epidemic, do not relax your vigilance, do basic protection, and protect yourself.

Formally enter the packing program!

When we store items, we can use travel storage bags to help us classify different items.

At least the luggage that is classified and separated is a test of finding items anytime and anywhere!


First of all, take out the needs to be carried, put them out

Classified as pants, skirts, tops and close -fitting clothes


Things and so on.

The clothing carried,

Be sure to choose according to local temperature conditions and itinerary arrangements.

For example, if you want to go to the local swimming pool, you need to bring the swimsuit, hats and other items; if the temperature difference between the local morning and evening, you need to prepare an extra thin coat.

Place the rolled clothes in the storage package and arrange it neatly.


Put your shoes into the shoe cover, you can keep the dust from the ash and keep the suitcase hygiene.

Skin care products and cleaning tools that are used daily, use a multi -compartment toilet bag.

Large skin care products,

You can buy a packing bottle or sample to replace

This can save a lot of space!

After checking the cosmetics you need to carry, put it in the cosmetic bag one by one.

Combs, curly rods, clips and other hair care items can be attributed to one category, which is uniformly stored in a bag.

There are other items that are attached, such as sunglasses, belts, data cables, headphones and other items, which can also be classified together.

In addition to the above items, there are some important documents, cash, epidemic prevention masks, etc.

You can prepare a uniform storage of a close -fitted bag,


Remind yourself to pay more attention to prevent the loss of great intentions.

Finally, follow these items that complete the packaging classification, according to “


Putting the carbox in order, just achieved great achievements!

Is there a moment when I feel that the incident of “baggage storage and packaging” has become simple and easy?


If you still want to learn more dry goods knowledge for travel, you can listen to our essence courses!

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