Winter is here, choose a warm hat for your baby


Winter is here, and many cities have recently dropped the first snow. No matter what clothes the child is wearing, the mother will feel that the child is very cold and puts the child with thick clothes, but you should also pay attention to keep the baby’s head warm!

Should the baby bring a hat?

As we all know, the purpose of wearing a hat is to keep the head warm. The newborn babies have a significant physical cold resistance ability, and most of the heat of the body is emitted by the head, resulting in large pores on the head, so the head becomes the main window for the baby to attack the baby.

If the head is cold, the heat of the baby’s body will emit faster, and it will easily cause symptoms such as colds. Therefore, when the temperature difference between day and night is large and the temperature is low, we should put on a hat for the baby.

Because the proportion of head heat dissipation is large, when the temperature is high or the indoor heating is sufficient, if the mothers still insist on wearing a hat for the baby, it is easy to cover the sweat. When you are cold, you can do bad things. Therefore, wearing a hat for your baby must be divided into situation, and decide according to temperature!

When the outdoor temperature is low and the wind is relatively large, at this time, the mothers are preparing to take their children out, so they need to wear a small hat for the baby to keep the wind and the wind.

In addition, many southern families in winter have no concentrated heating, and the temperature in winter is low. We need to bring a small hat to the baby to keep the cold.

Which environment must be worn for the baby?


Interior: When room temperature is low


Outdoor: wind and sand environment, cold season

Reason: In most cases, the baby does not need to wear a hat indoors, unless the room temperature is very low. Wearing a hat in a low room temperature is mainly to protect the warmth. For the windy and cold outdoor environment, in addition to keeping warmth, we wear a hat to prevent the wind directly blowing the baby’s head.

How to choose a hat for your baby?

1. Preferred cotton hats

The baby’s small head is tender and has poor adaptability to climate change. Therefore, you must choose cotton hats with light texture, soft feel, and insulation.

It is not recommended to wear the hats that are prone to hair loss, rough texture, and impermented. Because the falling fluff will cause damage to the baby’s respiratory tract. The rough hat will cause damage to the baby’s skin. The impermeable hat can indeed protect the cold, but the baby’s sweat is difficult to volatilize after sweating, and it is easy to cause the baby’s head to rash.

2. The size is suitable for the head circumference

When picking a hat for the baby, in principle, the material should be soft, light, and not too tight.

Excessive, overweight, and excessive hats will cause some obstacles to the blood circulation of the baby scalp, and the brain nerve development will also be affected to some extent.

How to calculate it tightly? Moms can zoom in 1 cm after measuring the length of the baby’s head circumference, or to buy a hat at the standard of “a hat than the head circumference diameter 0.3 cm”.

3. Don’t just look at the style


Some parents choose their hats and look at their hats. They just want to wear foreign actions and how to take pictures, and ignore the real purpose of buying a hat for the baby. Imagine that the baby’s stupid and hard hat can be comfortable?

Therefore, when parents buy hats for their babies, remember why you buy a hat! Moreover, choosing a heavy and excellent hat for the baby not only makes the baby uncomfortable, but also compress the baby’s brain nerve development, which is not conducive to the baby’s growth.

Precautions for wearing a hat for your baby

1. Don’t wear a hat as soon as you go out

In the eyes, the sun can provide children with valuable nutrition. The sunlight can transform the T-dehydrogenation cholesterol in the skin into vitamin D, which has a very important role in preventing the occurrence of rhinopathic diseases.

In addition, the sun has a strong sterilization and disinfection effect. Children’s exposure to the sun can improve disease resistance and prevent infectious diseases. If the baby puts on a hat as soon as he goes outdoors, you will be less exposed to the sun. Therefore, wearing a hat should be determined according to time and weather.

2. Can’t wear someone else’s hat

Do not wait for others’ hats, such as ringworm, lice disease and other skin infectious diseases can be transmitted through hats. Some children have a strong sebum secretion and a lot of scalp oil. Hats, and often wash to keep the hat clean.

3. Do not suddenly take off the hat

Give your baby to picking a hat and wait a little bit to adapt, especially like the weather is now cold. When you return home outdoors, you must wait for the baby to sweat. It adapts to the indoor temperature. Remove it, do not pick the hat at once. Otherwise, you will be easily cold!

4. Pay attention to wearing a hat after the baby exercise

In winter, some children wearing hats and more wearing a hats were taken away immediately after strenuous exercise. This is also wrong, because this is fast, the heat is lost, and the child is prone to colds and easy to get sick. Therefore, do n’t fade up for too quickly after exercise. Moms can first unbutton the baby’s shirt and heat dissipation slowly, and wipe the sweat on the baby’s head with a dry towel.

5. The hat should be changed frequently

The baby’s metabolism is more vigorous than an adult, sweaty, and sebum secretion, so the hat is washed every month to keep the hat clean.

Having said so much, I believe mothers will pick a hat.

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