Light luxury purchasing high -level “chain bag” is absolutely eye -catching


The chain cross -body bag gives people a sense of simplicity and texture, but the chain cross -body bag is different. It mainly shows fashion and personality.


If you are a woman who is pursuing fashion and likes personality, then the chain cross -body bag is a very good choice. The design is exquisite in appearance, and then with a metal -sensitive chain, it looks super beautiful! Xiaobian has recently planted Mikit & MK cross -body chain bags. The two options of size, how to match them!


High value

The exquisite and small chain messenger bag is bright enough, and the surface looks delicate, very high -grade, and the stiff bag -type three -dimensional; the hardware of the bag is the old retro gold color. In terms of tall, Xiaobian likes this small and practical small bag.


Exquisite workmanship

This kind of mini -bag is very tested. The seams used for this bag are the full diamond, the feel is super Q bomb soft and waxy, and the small incense wind is simple. It can be held at all. Especially if you want to travel lightly in the hot summer, you must start one!

Preferred material


Mikit & MK cross -body chain bag is made of cowhide texture. It is high -level and easy to take care of it. The experience is superb. Pure white color, creating a simple style of popularity. The two ways of carrying and hand -to -hand can meet different back -back needs, highlighting the delicate and intimate design.

Start experience

When I drop the sky, I must give you a strong arrangement of this Mikit & MK chain messenger bag. I gave it all my little heart! It’s too versatile to have Fan’er! Soft cowhide texture, full of comfort*! Hardware is very textured without coloring! Xiaobian started with the middle number, and the partitions in the bag were also very enthusiastic. Just put down the mobile phone, lipstick, key, headset! The chain bag can only be memorized only Mikit & MK, I really recommend it! Intersection