Is it hot when it is hot, can I use a disinfection solution to clean the filter before using it?


The weather is getting hotter, but the epidemic prevention should not be relaxed. So, how to use the air conditioner correctly to prevent epidemic prevention and heatstroke and cooling? Can I use a disinfection solution to clean the filter before using the household air conditioner?

Professor Chen Jianbo, director of the Department of Architectural Environment and Energy Engineering of Shanghai Institute of Technology, said that in general, there are two main aspects that affect people’s comfort -temperature and humidity, so the role of air conditioning is mainly dehumidification and cooling. The current air conditioner can turn on the work regardless of the temperature outdoors, and whether to turn on the air conditioner is related to the temperature and humidity of the room indoor. Generally speaking, the humidity range is between 40%-65%and the temperature is between 24 ° C and 28 ° C. The human body will feel more comfortable.

The general home wall -hung air conditioner and cabinet open the cover before using it, clean the filter with water, and remove the dust and bacteria above. If the air conditioner has been used for a long time, more than 5 years, the dust may accumulate on the heat exchanger. At this time, it is recommended that professionals ask professionals to clean it once.

天热了要开空调啦 使用前可用消毒液清洗滤网吗?


During the epidemic prevention period, the diluted 84 disinfection solution can be used to clean the filter, and it can be used after drying.

Although medical alcohol can disinfect and sterilize, it is volatile at the same time. The volatile steam and air are mixed, which is easy to form flammable and explosive gas. Due to the poor air circulation of the air conditioner, these gases will be accumulated in the air conditioner. If a certain concentration is reached, the current that is easily activated after power is powered on.

In addition, if the air conditioner is turned on in a closed room for a long time, it is recommended to open the windows every 2 to 3 hours.

Three points of cleaning the air conditioner

1. During normal prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia, home, office, and public places must strengthen indoor ventilation, and natural ventilation is preferred.

2. When the centralized air -conditioning ventilation system needs to be used, all units (places) should understand the types of the ventilation system, the source of fresh air, and the range of air supply.

3. It is necessary to strengthen the daily cleaning and disinfection of the air -conditioning system. For example, the cleaning and disinfection of home, office, and centralized air conditioners, it is best to choose professional institutions for washing and discharge.

The use, cleaning, and disinfection method of different types of air conditioners are delivered at a time!

Split air conditioning system

Type: cabinet, wall -mounted, window type, ceiling, multi -connected

Before use

天热了要开空调啦 使用前可用消毒液清洗滤网吗?

1. General situation

天热了要开空调啦 使用前可用消毒液清洗滤网吗?

Open the doors and windows to ventilate for 20-30 minutes before using the air conditioner;

After the split air conditioner is turned off, open the doors and windows in time to ventilate and ventilate.

2. Long -term, densely personnel areas (such as classrooms, large conference rooms)

The air conditioner must be ventilated for about 20-30 minutes every 2-3 hours;

If it can meet the needs of indoor temperature regulation, the doors and windows should not be completely closed when the air conditioner is running.

3. About temperature and wind speed

It is recommended that air -conditioning air supply temperature regulation is not less than 26 ° C;

The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not exceed 8 ° C;

The operating wind speed is low.

4. Strengthen the daily cleaning and disinfection work of the air -conditioning system

You can choose to work by professional institutions.

Cleaning and disinfection steps before enabling

1. Disgle the power supply of the air conditioner;

2. Wipe the dust on the shell of the air -conditioning machine with a wet cloth without water;

3. Open the cover according to the instructions of the air conditioner, remove the filter, rinse the dust on the filter with tap water, dry it or dry the cloth;

4. Spray the special cleaning agent of the air conditioner onto the heat sink and cover all the wings;

5. Put the filter, close the cover, and place it for 10 minutes;

6. Close the power supply, then turn on the air -conditioning refrigeration mode, and adjust the air volume to the maximum, run for about half an hour, so that the sewage can be discharged through the drainage pipe (in order to avoid blowing foam or dirt from blowing out the air outlet, you can use a towel to cover the air outlet), and then use the towel to get out of the air outlet), and then use the towel to get out of the air outlet), and then use the towel to get out of the air outlet), and then use the towel to get out of the air outlet), and then use the towel to get out of the air outlet), and then use the towel to get out of the air. Wash with low pressure in water (pay attention to control water pressure) 2-3 times of the radiator wings and drain.

7. Disinfection after cleaning:

· If the air -conditioning cleaning product contains disinfectants, there is no need to disinfect.

· You can choose to contain a seasonal amine salt or alcohol disinfection agent; the disinfectant should be sprayed to the heat sink, filter, and air outlet.

· For specific operations, you can also refer to the instructions for the use of disinfection products.

Concentrated air -conditioning ventilation system

天热了要开空调啦 使用前可用消毒液清洗滤网吗?

1. The air -conditioning system without wind

Clean, disinfection, and sanitary evaluation should be performed before enrolling, and the source of fresh wind should be cleaned.

2. The air -conditioning system with a backwind

The new air system should be updated or installed before enabling, and the new air system should be put into operation.

If you cannot install it, you must meet one of the following conditions to enable:

Add an efficient filter or disinfection device to the air outlet, and adjust the number of new air volume and air replacement times;

Strengthen personal health monitoring and hygienic protection, strictly implement measures such as the instructions and inspecting health code in strict accordance with the requirements of relevant guidelines, and “health code” such as fever and “health code” as yellow code, red code, or non -code personnel. They are not allowed to enter the office. For places and public places, internal staff of the unit (place) should do personal protection. Cleaning, disinfection and health evaluation should be performed before running.

Daily management requirements

When using a concentrated air-conditioning ventilation system, it should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the “Operation Management Standards for the Operation of the Air Conditional Ventilation System” (GB50365-2019), the “Sanitary Standards for the Concentrated Air Conditioning Ventilation System in Public Places” (WS394-2012), etc. to implement the cleaning and components of related equipment and components Measures such as disinfection or replacement.

1. Manage every day

Open for 1 hour early, and close 1 hour in the evening. Perform a comprehensive ventilation to ensure that the indoor air is fresh.

Before going to work: fresh air and exhaust system should run 1 hour in advance;

After get off work: After get off work, the fresh air and exhaust system should continue to run for 1 hour.

2. Daily inspection

Check other pipelines every day to avoid air pollution:

Check the U -shaped pipes of the water seal, the water seal of the air treatment device, the toilet floor drain, and the condensation and drainage pipe of the air -conditioning unit of the water treatment device, and replenish the water in time when the water is short of water to avoid the air mixed between different floors.

Before use