Please don’t “just look”, early autumn, and slim, too stylish


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Hi, I am nicole, is it ready to become beautiful?

For sweaters, many people say that it is a very basic single product, although it is well worn, but it is difficult to get rid of the passerby, but you have to admit that sweaters have their own fashionism.


, Comfortable and can be concave.

Want to wear comfortable and fashionable in early autumn, then


It must be no more appropriate. The following seven sweater is matched with ideas, perhaps you can make you inspiration, let’s take a look!

Look1: Sweater + Wide Leg Pants

Sweater + solid color harsh pants, although it is very simple, but it is sufficient.

Leisure Fan also has a strong gas field,

The two are very perfect. A black wide-leg pants that are thin and high, it is necessary to be a must, gray and white can also match any of your sweater,

The hand is handsome, it is not available ~

Small children can be turned on on the waistline,

Put into the tips or use the bag to increase the waist line

If you want to increase fashionable, your hat and shoes socks can choose bright colors, so that even the basic paragraph is still fashionable.

LOOK2: Sweater + Plaid Pants

Sweater + plaid pants are lazy feelings, do not deliberately create trendy, many European and American street shoots, star private service is very much like this effort.

Moreover, the style of plaid pants can be changed, not only can weake beautiful spicy sisters, retro campus wind, but also leisurely casual routes.


Autumn universal single product sweater + plaid pants, superior results,


I have a lot of young people, I can put the secrets of the workmanship of the students in a second may be this set. Plaster pants

First choice

Because the little latches actually exist, it is more stronger, and there is no big grid looks slim.

LOOK3: Sweater + Warmes

Sweater and trousers are in my eyes is a long-term CP party, and there must be a match in autumn. The exaggerated letters and numbers are printed on the sweater, and the trend is extremely. This combination also has a small detail of the characteristics, that is


Put on one of the clothes in the trousers

Not only is the function of the waistline not only.


In addition,

Dimening in the accessories

, Select bright bag or hat, hat and shoes color echo, look at the fashionable instant UP!

LOOK4: Sweater + Direct Skirt


Sweater + skirt

This has an infinite possibility for combination. It can be sweet as a girl, can be gentle as a lady, can be rude as a man, can be casual, such as the tide, and its style has determined the infinite possibility of it, not picking people, as long as it will

mash up

It is even more unappointed.

Black and white striped sweater is a classic, with a high-ground straight skirt, while it is lazy while holding a little sexy. Middle-aged woman put it, instantly returning to the age of young girls; girls put it on it, enthusiasm is like flowery. you could say so

Everyone is wearing



LOOK5: Sweater + Drag Pants

Oversize’s sweater, the most suitable for daily wearing, usually wear directly or go to school! The round neck bat sleeve sweater, it is delayed. Match the same loose flops,

It seems that people are high and thin, and they will look very long.


I have to say that this trousers are really profitable. As long as I put on, I will have a sense of visual sense, and I am really suitable for a small child girl! The bright sweater allows the autumn bleak to disperse a lot, plus the color of the accessories, and is handsome.

LOOK6: Sweater + Jeans

Sweater + Cowboy Straight Pants is the best CP, and you can wear trendy feelings easily. Moreover, the straight jeans are more able to modify the leg shape than the tight jeans, more don’t pick people, I don’t know what to wear, I don’t know if I wear. Gray jeans is more cool than blue, you can choose some male authenticity on shoes and accessories, no gender wearing the focus of the street.

The short sweater is a high base, select a bright sweater, match the jeans on your behalf, only need some embellishment will appear fashionable and advanced.

LOOK7: Sweater + Shorts

The girl is very handsome, the sweater is relaxed, the dress is comfortable, the style is simple, and the sweater that is very sports and vitality is very different.

Ink green sweater reveals white T-shirt, with a beige shorts, wearing a long leg, and wear more thin. With Martin boots, the whole person has become super cool, and the autumn is simple and handsome sweater wearing, but it is necessary to match it.

Want more beautiful skills, wearing clothes sharing, don’t forget “pay attention”! If you have confusion, you can privately, welcome to leave a message, let us become beautiful!

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