How many cotton racks? Covering less than half -flat, it is a walking clothing storage artifact


There are people who love beauty. Most people are visual animals, because beautiful visual effects will bring dual pleasure to our hearts and body, so the same is true for our home life. Bring us a more enjoyable experience.

Our home life is composed of life in different space areas. There are leisurely living room time, comfortable bedroom rest, and hot kitchen life. Of course, we ca n’t ignore our porch space. Do n’t look at the porch is a small space, but its role is very important. Let ’s take a look at how to make your porch more neat and exquisite!


1. American cloak rack

Because the porch is a space connecting the outside and home, we need to put a rack here to store what we use to go out and make the porch be well organized.

The material of this cloak rack uses imported water willow, so the stability of the entire cloak rack is guaranteed, and it looks very textured. There are two colors of pearl colors and retro colors in color. Each one looks good. The design of multiple small hooks can help you complete the storage work well. During the Double Eleven, there are still 300 yuan store coupons to get it!

2. Iron Matter Hat rack

This iron -style Nordic creative cloak rack is also very good. It is more creative in appearance and uses the shape of an antlers, so it can bring us a good visual effect. Decoration.


Because I use iron crafts, it looks very modern. The scientific triangle structure is adopted, so the stability of the entire cloak rack is also guaranteed. The selection of the chassis selection is high -density environmental materials, which can bring us a good feeling of use. There is still the highest during the Double Eleven period. Reduced 50 yuan such as preferential activities.


3. Multifunctional coat rack

Because in the porch, in addition to changing clothes, we need to change shoes. So we can consider this multifunctional cotton rack, which is an affordable multi -functional product that is integrated with the shoe cabinet and the cloak frame.

This multi -functional coat is preferred to the Nordic modern style in appearance, which can bring us a good decorative effect, and the two functions are integrated, making it more affordable and easy to use. The healthy and environmentally friendly E1 -level environmental materials are selected. While ensuring the quality of the entire cloak rack, we can also use us healthy. During the Double Eleven period, 20 yuan will be reduced every 200 yuan. If you do not cover it, the more you buy, the more you buy.

4. Moving cloak rack

Of course, in addition to the above -mentioned cotton racks, this mobile cooler is also a good choice. The unique mobile design makes it use more flexible.


This mobilized cooler rack is biased towards modern simple style in the overall shape, so there is no fancy decoration, and its storage design is also very reasonable. The unique and universal chakra allows it to apply to multiple scenarios. Because of the reasons of Double 11, it will be reduced by 20 yuan over 200 yuan. It will not be capped, which can bring you a lot of discounts.


5. solid wood cloak rack


If you have friends who like solid wood furniture, then this cloak rack should capture your heart and get your favor. It is made of solid wood as a raw material to present us a very delicate effect in appearance.

This cloak rack uses high -quality beylum. In the appearance, the natural texture of the solid wood itself is used as a decoration, so that this cotton rack is based on the natural atmosphere, and it can be folded, so it is more convenient for our lives to live. There are many specifications to choose from. You can choose the size that suits you according to your needs. During the Double Eleven period, it has a preferential activity of up to 100 yuan.

6. Simple hat rack

For many friends of small units, they may worry that the coat rack will occupy their living space, so you can choose this simple cloak rack, which can meet your requirements well.

This simple coat rack is selected on the material. It is environmentally friendly material, which can guarantee our own quality while ensuring our own quality. And it is a combination of simple shoe racks and coat racks, which can reduce the occupation of living space. During the Double Eleven period, there is a preferential activity of buying 200 yuan to minus 20 yuan.


After watching so many easy -to -use and affordable home supplies, have you been unable to bear yourself? Hurry up and add these easy -to -use furniture to your shopping cart, take them home while Double 11’s preferential activities.