2022 Those new and creative children’s clothing store name recommendations | Children’s clothing store name name skills sharing


The new year has begun again, and more and more people have opened the children’s clothing store, and the name of the store has naturally become a headache for many shopkeepers!


“What shop name should I take to look full of creativity?

Is it easier to attract everyone’s attention? “

The name of the children’s clothing store is the facade of a store. It is the main factor that attracts customers in addition to the goods. The store’s owner must start a nice and attractive store name, so that customers can remember the store and bring more to the store to bring more more than the store. With the passenger flow, there is a possibility of transaction with a passenger flow, thereby increasing the turnover.

So, next, I will talk to you

2022那些新颖有创意吸引人的童装店名推荐 | 童装店名取名技巧分享

Skills for the name of “children’s clothing store”.

At the same time, let’s take a look together

What good shop names are there in children’s clothing stores.

1. Skills of Names of Children’s clothing store

1. Choose the words that meet the customer group to name

First of all, as a children’s clothing store, then it also represents a shop for children. So when naming the children’s clothing store, need

2022那些新颖有创意吸引人的童装店名推荐 | 童装店名取名技巧分享

Considering the children’s group

The name must be in line with the age of the shop baby, so as to reflect the clear feeling of the store’s positioning.

2022那些新颖有创意吸引人的童装店名推荐 | 童装店名取名技巧分享


Silkworm baby children’s clothing store, two children’s children’s clothing stores, children’s world children’s clothing stores, etc.

2. Choose cute and childlike words to name

Since it is named for children’s clothing stores, then it should be in line with children’s lively and innocent image. Children like lovely things, and parents are also happy to pay for their children. So the owner wants

Grasp the child’s psychology

You can choose those interesting words.

Mengbao children’s clothing store, Le Dudu children’s clothing store, Xiaobei Nose Children’s clothing shop, etc.

3. Choose a simple and memorable word to name

Children’s cognition is limited

Therefore, if a children’s clothing shop wants to make children and parents remember their own shop names, they need to use a simple and easy -to -remember name. At the same time, it is not advisable to make a store name for those words that are difficult to pronounce or rhyme.

Star Fan Children’s clothing store, Aiya children’s clothing store, Tiantian children’s clothing store, etc.

4. Choose the words that are foreign, atmospheric, and scarce to name

Many people are easy to be on the side of the road when they are shopping


The shop name is attracted. So for the new children’s clothing stores, we can have some store names that are not popular, but are full of western, atmospheric, and lacking store names to attract customers’ attention. And fewer people use the name of the English shop, so we can seize this.

GG7 children’s clothing store, SOSO children’s clothing store, yiyaya children’s clothing shop, etc.

5. Choose the name of the cartoon characters in the cartoon to name it

Most children now like to watch cartoons. So, when we name it for the store, we can use more children to name the names of the cartoon characters. The name of the store is not only full of childlike attractiveness, but also allows children to

deep impression.

Sanmao children’s clothing store, small Q children’s clothing store, gourd baby children’s clothing shop, etc.

2. Children’s clothing store named Dajie Collection

2 -character children’s clothing store name:

2022那些新颖有创意吸引人的童装店名推荐 | 童装店名取名技巧分享

Cubs, warmth, Xingchen, Le Tong, Pin You, Funmmer, Intimate, Children’s Clothing, Children’s Clothing, Knowledge, Mengbao, Cher, Dian, San Mao, Tong Yi, Remember, Belle, None, None忧、嘟嘟、白雪、七彩、淘淘、卡酷、啵贝、琪趣、喵木、童画、纯真、七豆、芸儿、初源、心仪、小Q、早沫、童心、心乐、 I like, oranges, nursery rhymes, clever, rainy, Duoyou, vegetarian poetry, dumb.

3 words of children’s clothing store name:

Meng Mengda, Star Fan, Hip Hop, Purple Elven, Beauty, Little Bei Nose, Little Angel, Ling Dang, Cucurbit Baby, Naughty Crane, Angel House, Tongxin Er, Xiaozhi Tsai, Tongyi Pavilion, Baby Lele , Orange Baby, Little Pudding, Le Dudu, Eleenia, Gourd Baby, Yiya, Tailing Bar, Chao Tongyi, Little Emperor, Ai Ya, Silkworm Baby, Beijiale, Smart Rabbit, Le, Le, Le, Le, Le, Le, Le, Le, Le, Le, Le, Le Tongxing, Ele Lei, Xiaoding, Meidu, Xiaofei, Mushroom Room, Dudu Tiger, Du Du Tiger, Poor Playing Leather, Ai Tong House, Little Foot, Mommy Good, Little Tree Garden, Little House Love, Taobao House, little adult, mushroom house, small number point, good child, small child, little naughty boy, mango, cute baby, little magic fairy, small elves, little angels, lingering Dingdang, small Bibi, Tongyiku, Moon boat, savory elves , Tongmile, 1+1+1, Qile Garden, Wahaha, Ai Duo, Cool Qiwu, Golden Baby, Daigai Le, Little Apple, Fuxifang, Charm Sheep, Gazhi, Putty Guogu, Children’s Yuanyuan , Smart Rabbit, Chao Children’s Clothing, Yiyi Fruit, Xiaobei Nose, Good Child, Little Monster, Su Xiaomeng.

4 -character children’s clothing store name:

Kiss your feet, clothing cloth house, colorful wooden house, family heart, clothing dependence, cute Babe, happy baby, happy baby, fairy tale castle, growth plan, beautiful baby, golden childhood, Philippine children’s clothing like , Hippo Baby, Son of Buju, Qianyi Xinyi, Lotte Tongfu, Bobby Cat, Beiku Castle, Yashang Childhood, Mom Driving, Coolpad Boats, Cutting Baby, Children’s clothing, children’s jewelry, children’s Meng Beibi, Golden Boy Jade Girl , Get in extraordinary clothing, fairy tales, Princess Sissi, Holy Heart baby, sweetheart children, children’s clothing industry line, heaven city treasure, kiss baby, baby dream, Zhongtao family, free baby, a baby, childlike child virtue , Tong Meng Beibei, Fast Links, Skin Best Best, Two Friends, Baby Tiandi, Innocent Age, Cocoa, Fairy Tale in Dream, Naughty Teenagers, Baby Family, Naughty Goat, Baby Diary, Seven -color Rainbow , Magic Wardrobe, Colorful Baby, Little Ghost Divine, Green Fairy Tale, House of Pudding, Noble Baby, Calculating Baby, Children’s World, Yiyan Jiuding, Kaika Mova, Seven Plear Fairy, Sunshine Baby, Baby Baby Time baby, children’s clothing industry line.

2022那些新颖有创意吸引人的童装店名推荐 | 童装店名取名技巧分享

5 -character children’s clothing store name:

Bala Xiaolian, Tong Tong Chaoyi Pavilion, Naughty Little Angel, Stone Scissors, Angel Accompanying House, Baby Wardrobe, Little Kobya Tree, Happy Little Angel, a little cute, baby cloakroom, fashion small tide child child , Variety Clothing Pavilion, Boutique Cabinet.

English children’s clothing store name:

sun show、Bloom、Annie、Fairy、ELF、Qearl、Stephanie、BBS、Habebe、Heller Lee、Rabbit、Lovi、Cimon、Tody、GG7、Galakoko、Amanda、Maria、Athena、HaiGo、Aosta、Jamie、Orange、MIG、 SOSO, Smart, Yiyaya, Pyota, Momoko, Ashley, SUPBOBI, Little Star, Cacoa, Sexy Baby, Lovababy, Thirteen, LSIS GODDESS, Doraemon Park, Good Home.