Different types of “bra” size and name you must know in the board painting you must know




Let’s take a look at Bra’s commentary!

Part Name


First, the name of each part of the bra.

As shown in the figure, the details of the bra and the equipment are named.

How to measure

How to measure the bust.

The upper bust is a bust measured horizontally from the tip of the nipple at the tip of the breast.

The lower bust is a bust below the chest.


It is the size of the bust.

The difference between the upper and lower cups is 2.5 cm. According to the standards of the manufacturer and each bra, it may be slightly different from the adjustment of the lower cover.

Types and characteristics

Full cup


The bra for the entire bust.


The cup has a large area and a sense of stability.

People of C cups and above will see the bust that is more beautiful than other bras.


3/4 cups


From the side to the center of the corner cutting cup, 1/4 of the bra.

Most of them are wired and filled.

It is very popular and has become the main product of many underwear brands in Japan and overseas.

1/2 cup

The bra, the upper part is cut horizontally.

Most of them have metal wires. The shallow cups make them stronger, and most of them are added.

T -shirt bra

The surface of the cup is seamless or seam, and the surface of the surface is smooth.

There are few decorations such as folds and lace, and many of them are simple.


Shoulder -free bra

There is no shoulder strap (shoulder strap) or disassembly bra.

It is very convenient to wear clothes with shoulders or breasts.

Front hook bra


The bra with a hook on the chest.

It is said that we often see the hidden design hidden by the ribbon.

Neck chest


A bra with a strap on the neck.

The type in the illustration is to display the part around the neck as a bra.

You can tie a ribbon, or the shoulder strap part is very fashionable.

No steel circle bra


There is no bra for a wire below.

It is characterized by the unique tightness of the wire and comfortable to wear.



The cup part is triangular and does not contain wires, so it is designed like a swimsuit.


Without three -dimensional cups, many designs can be used as displayed bras.


There are no hooks on the back, and it is a bra that can be worn away like clothes.


There is no wire, easy to wear and take off, do not mind the impact of uneven clothes, easy to wash, do not mind the feeling of stress and band, and comfortable to wear.

Tube top


A bra out of a tube -free tube design.

It can be used as a camisole or layered items.


Exercise bra

Specialized for the bra to wear during exercise.

It is said that it can reduce the feeling of relaxation during exercise, the pressure caused by the shaking of the chest, the slippery of the cup and the shoulder strap, and the sweltering caused by sweating.

At night

The bra before going to bed.

It is said that the use of steel -free bras and night bras is because ordinary bras are worn before bedtime, which will make the steel line feel pain and burden the chest.


Silicone bra

Bras made of silicon material.

It has no shoulder strap or belt, and has a sticky surface on the inside that can be worn directly on the skin.


Type and characteristics (extra version)




The bra that extends to the waist is also called tight -fitting corset.

You can increase the clarity of lines from bust to waist.

Recommended for brides and parties.


Shelf Cup Drain/Open Drain

The bras of the shelf cup are the bras that are placed on the shelf cup, and then they are lifted and worn.


Open chest bras refers to the brach that has been tailored around the full cup of bra.

There are also silk with the effect of correction bust, but it is mainly used as a sexy underwear.


Small plastic system


Next, I will introduce the bra of each system.

There are many designs of small plastic bras, including cute, adults, simple and gorgeous, and reasonable prices.

The stripes and strawberry patterns often appear in comics are often sold here at high prices.

20 years old

The bras in their 20s are sold at various prices, from affordable to medium prices.

Direction varies from shops. There are cute products stores and sexy commodity stores.

Luxury underwear

The luxury embroidery and lace of luxury underwear are relatively high, and the overall design is mature and stable.

If the price is expensive, some of which cost about 50,000 yen, which is a very advanced price.


Blinders are also called “breastfeeding bras”, which are the bras that specialize in improving the chest shape.

The purpose is to correct the bust, the size of the left and right breasts, and the separation of the breasts.