Converse only wear high gangs? In fact, the low gang is also very good


The Converse brand has a history of more than 100 years. It is one of the most popular brands in the fashion circle. Converse’s sports shoes are loved by various fashion icons.

In addition to the very popular All STAR high -gang Changqing model, in fact, some low -top styles are also versatile and fashionable. It is a good choice for partners who like lightweight sneakers every day.

For some Converse Organization, none of them cannot be satisfied. What they want is a fashion attitude.


The low -top series mainly include the five styles: All Star, Chuck 70, Jack Purcell, Cons, and One Star, so you can meet more style needs in the shape.

The low -top style seems to be lighter, which is very suitable for the simple matching shape of the summer. It will be richer and more varied with one pair of shapes.

In daily styling, a pair of light canvas shoes or skate shoes also need to be used. Converse’s sneakers are both retro and trend. The low -top style makes the shape more youthful.


Maybe when we buy a pair of shoes, we will measure its value. From the quality of the shoes to the brand concept and history, it may become a consideration. After all, start with a pair of shoes to make the shape comfortable and fashionable, but also satisfy ourselves. Inner desire.


In addition to AJ or coconut, Converse is also one of the first items for the trend of the trend. It can also be a trendy border with the shape.


The low -quality style is also better, and the style of creation is also diverse.

Use jeans to show the street fashion style

The unruly jeans with light sports shoes are full of fashionable styling, and the cone -shaped nine -point pants style makes the shape more retro and trendy.

One Star series style is also a classic sneakers. With a pair of sports big white socks, it shows a strong street fashion style.


The style of the Cons series itself is very suitable for street sports. Both skateboarding and parkour sports enthusiasts are keen on this style.

The stylish styling with porn jeans is very fashionable. For black and white color styles, there is nothing more trendy than a pair of big white socks. If you still feel that big white socks are exposed in sports mixing and matching, it is estimated that nine points are nine points. Pants are not suitable for you anymore.


A pair of blue jeans and a white T shape will not be monotonous. With black socks, it also looks overall, and the ankle will become rich. With the black small hanging bag, it is very outstanding.

With versatile shoes and jeans, there are more choices with T -shirts. Black looks cool, and the shape will not have a sense of monotonism under the contrast of color.

The classic All Star or Chuck 70 looks even light and simple, which is a good choice for summer leisure.

In addition to the trend of big white socks, a pair



Printing socks make the shape more outstanding. If jeans are a long version of fit, you can turn your toes, so the shape is much rich.

Use cropped pants to match low -top shoes more suitable for spring and summer shapes. With white T and plaid shirts, it is full of vitality.

After the shoes and pants are overall, it is paired with a Hawaiian print shirt, which is stylish and fashionable.

Use casual pants to create a fashion and literary fan

When paired with cloth shoes or skateboard shoes, casual pants must not be less. It can make the shape more artistic and stylish. It may not be as unruly as jeans, but it still makes the shape more outstanding.


A pair of rice white shoes with a pair of light -colored casual pants, and a blue shirt shape is very simple.

The shape of white shirts and casual trousers has a business style, and a pair of Chuck 70 can make the shape easily and fashionable.


With a high -waisted leisure pants shape with a retro style, the all -black tone is very versatile. At this time, with some bright shoe styles, the shape is even more eye -catching.


The street movement style created with the ONE Star style is also very attractive. The version of the high -waisted straight pants can also make the visual effects of the legs longer.

Sports cloth shoes matching workers are standard standard. The wide -leg version makes the shape fashionable and artistic. Green pants with black T -shirts are formula -like in summer, and the shape is versatile and stylish.

The bright color style with camouflage trousers, the visual impact of the shape is destined to be very strong, and it is very trendy to unify the color tone.

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