Review of Salon | E -commerce entrepreneurial rollover? These key points are worth your attention


The more difficult it is, the more difficult, the more you test the company’s crisis response ability. In the face of the impact brought by the new crown pneumonia, all industries are thinking about how to turn the crisis! At 7:30 on the evening of May 29, Chen Sanghui, Secretary -General of the E -Commerce Association of Dehua County, invited Chen Sanghui to share the theme on the spot. Under the secret of the epidemic, the “crisis” and “machine” of the e -commerce industry. The audience at the event was enthusiastic, and the research institute crossed the institute.

At the beginning of the salon, Chen Sanghui told everyone his e -commerce entrepreneurial experience.

In more than a hundred square meters of houses, three people, three computer desks, three computers, and a tea table, Chen Sanghui started e -commerce entrepreneurship. From the “e -commerce Xiaobai” that was unprepared to upload goods, product packaging and other basic operations to the end, it was able to complete a series of links such as customer service, after -sales, packaging, operation, etc. in the end In the road of business, Chen Sanghui walked down, but because of his hard work and persistence, he could lay a solid foundation for the subsequent development. When the opportunity was coming, he was ready to seize the opportunity.

In 2012, a chance, Chen Sanghui began to contact TV shopping and took a large order. There is a customer on Alibaba’s shops on 500 sets of Kimu Xiangyun tea sets. In order to test the quality of the product, the customer took a plane from Changsha to Dehua the next day. As soon as he met, Chen Sanghui briefly explained his situation to his customers. After some investigations, the customer finally set up cooperation with Chen Sanghui for more than half a year. Customers do not understand the product, Chen Sanghui has tried to make a series of operations such as selling points, VCR shooting, and PPT to explain that even before that, he knew this kind of link. “Thinking, it’s a question, doing it is the answer” This is the belief he has always been upholding. He firmly believes that as long as he is willing to learn and put into practice, there is nothing to learn or not.

沙龙回顾 | 电商创业翻车?这些关键点值得你注意

The following is the conversation between Chen Sanghui, secretary general of the audience and e -commerce association:

Q: The live broadcast is very popular nowadays. What do you think of the relationship between live broadcast and goods and e -commerce selling goods?

沙龙回顾 | 电商创业翻车?这些关键点值得你注意

A: Be sure to use live broadcasts to get traffic and accumulate in the early stage. From the beginning of the epidemic to the present, during the entire epidemic period, it is estimated that from the end of January to the beginning of May, about 4 months to party members to the general masses; from the Central Taiwan, down to Douyin’s personal live broadcast room, all of which are all all live broadcast rooms. It is a clear -bodied. The circle of friends is once again in the sales form, but this time it will be a new revolutionary horn, because traditional e -commerce can no longer rely on live broadcasts to bring goods. Just like WeChat defeated SMS, the era of short videos and live broadcasts has arrived, and we need to follow the times to master the fate of the e -commerce industry.

Q: There are many complicated e -commerce platforms and live broadcast platforms. What should I choose?

沙龙回顾 | 电商创业翻车?这些关键点值得你注意

A: Do a platform for mainstream platforms. The platform is a place for live transactions. We can see how the ecology of different live broadcast platforms has the impact of the live broadcast and cargo itself. A good mainstream platform can bring good brand effects. As an enterprise or individual, choosing the right platform is a ride with traffic. The same is true of e -commerce. Diversifying attention on multiple platforms will only disperse traffic, focus on a platform and do it well in order to form a brand effect.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for the product selection?

A: Subtilial categories to achieve the first industry. Focus on a category, don’t sell everything, don’t follow the trend blindly. Other companies have achieved the extreme in this category, and the same category has increased the difficulty of their own competition. At this time, the category should be refined. out.

Q: What preparations should e -commerce practitioners make?

沙龙回顾 | 电商创业翻车?这些关键点值得你注意

A: E -commerce entrepreneurs should be diligent and not lazy. To make the e -commerce industry bigger and stronger, we should first have the knowledge of various processes and understand the industry rules of e -commerce. In order to do enough homework, you can avoid pits in advance in e -commerce practice and prevent risks. Just as I have previously described the experience of e -commerce industry, if you can’t get in place in one step, then you can learn from it. At least when the opportunity is coming, you miss it because you are not prepared.

Q: Due to the epidemic, how should we deal with the length of the off -season of e -commerce?

A: During the epidemic, you can use live broadcasts and platforms to prepare for selection and accumulation. In addition, you can share the experience of e -commerce with other e -commerce practitioners. Everyone communicates and brainstorm together, so that there is no off -season problem to a certain extent.

Traditional enterprises are facing e -commerce transformation, and e -commerce companies are also facing rapid technological changes. Facing the future development path, e -commerce entrepreneurs need to continue to learn.

Secretary -General Chen pointed out that live broadcast e -commerce is the current development direction. Offline companies can open a wider market for their product marketing and brand promotion through live broadcasting e -commerce. The e -commerce in the live broadcast era is both an opportunity and a challenge. Only those who seize the opportunity can master the fate of the industry. Have you prepared it?

This time the salon is over, and each salon sharing is the communication and collision of thought. Xiaoyan will also launch more special salons related to live e -commerce in the future. At that time, everyone is welcome to come to the research institute to discuss and exchange.

沙龙回顾 | 电商创业翻车?这些关键点值得你注意

See the salon next time!