Long -term wearing human characters will cause foot damage


Source: Economic Daily-China Economic Network

FLIP-Flops is also called “toe slippers”. Listening to the pronunciation of the word, the rhythm of kicking stepping has been random and comfortable. Merchants say that wearing “human character drag” will make the ankle, calf, and thighs evenly, and it will play a wonderful role in the body bodybuilding of the legs; the doctor said that wearing “human character drag” is harmful and healthy, which will cause joint pain, ankle sprains Wait for a series of foot problems.

Summer is here, and human characters have also begun to appear. “Sweet slippers” commonly known as “human character drag”. Human characters are cool, convenient, and good -looking, which has been warmly welcomed by men and women. But wearing human characters can hurt the body, especially the footsteps. Some researchers have done experiments and found that long -term wearing human characters can cause a variety of foot diseases.

Researchers have convened 39 volunteers for experiments. These volunteers have both men and women and are between 19 and 25. In the experiment, volunteers will put on running shoes and human characters. In order to make the data as objective as possible, the characters provided in the experiment come from different manufacturers and retailers, and the price ranges from $ 5 to $ 50. In the same way, running shoes is also a variety of different prices and designs. Volunteers participating in the experiment will stick to the back, hip joints, calves, ankles, feet and other places. There is a platform on the ground. When the feet are stepped on, the moment when the foot and the platform surface are contacted, it will record the vertical stress data of the foot. At the same time, when the experiments walked, any fine movements of their hips, legs, ankles, feet, and toes were recorded by the video system.

The experimental report pointed out that when wearing a human -like drag, people walking is shorter. This causes the body to bear more pressure, because you have to spend more steps at the same distance. This means that muscles and joints will be more worn. Everything comes from a tiny movement when walking. When wearing a human character, people will worry that the shoes will fly out, so they will be bent subconsciously to pull their toes to pull the soles.

The body is a precise and wonderful machine. When you exercise a group of muscles, you will be involved in the exercise of several other groups of muscles. Tightening the muscles of the toes will promote the muscles lifted to the toe to stop exercising. This means that when you walk, you can’t raise your toes high enough. This is a chain reaction. Because of clamping the shoes, the toes cannot be relaxed and lifted, which causes the ankle joint to change a larger angle and the vertical force of the heels is smaller. Therefore It’s smaller. The change of the stride will lead to a series of changes in the body’s power chain. Starting from the soles, extending to ankle, calf, knee, hip, back, and extended to the entire body. The movement of the bending toes and tights of the soles of the shoe will over -use the metatarsal tendon membrane and the connective tissue from the toe to the heel, which will cause the inflammation of the soles and heels to the pain of the hip joint and the back. There are sandals with buckles, which is a healthier choice, because your toes do not need to bend and tight shoes to keep the shoes not fly off. These shoes also provide better ankle and heel protection.

Experiments do not recommend that people never wear human beings, but they cannot wear them all day. And like running shoes, it should be replaced in three to four months. When walking, the calf muscles shrink, and the Achilles tendon helps the heels to lift the heels and leave the ground. When wearing characters, it is easy to occur because of more strength to lift the heels, which leads to Achilles tendon, which is easy to occur.

Generally speaking, the occurrence of foot pain is often related to the following five reasons:

(1) The structure of the foot is not good

The feet are composed of many small bones, complex ligaments are connected to fixing, and the cooperation of multiple muscles can really go well and not hurt.

If the feet do not have normal structures and forms, such as common flat feet and high bow foot can cause the stress point on the feet to be too concentrated, causing soft tissue to be injured during walking and forming pain.

(2) The posture of walking is wrong

The attitude of walking can largely affect whether the force is uniform and reasonable when the foot falls.

Normally, the human body generally starts walking with the medium and outer side of the heel, and then the feet will roll forward like a ball.

If it is not walking in this way, the joint force of the joints may become abnormal, causing joints, tendon, and ligament damage, and then pain.

(3) There are problems wearing shoes

Shoes are the most common interface of the feet. If there is a problem with the shoes, it will inevitably cause the problem of the foot. The soles of the soles are tilted, the soles are too soft and hard, the soles of the soles are not balanced, and the space in the shoe is not suitable for feet. It can cause certain damage to the feet.

(4) Systemic disease

Some systemic diseases can also cause pain in foot. For example, the joints of rheumatism can cause the joints of the feet to be destroyed. Generally, in this case, the foot will gradually cause malformations, and there will be problems with the hands.

Another common problem is ankylosing spondylitis. In addition to causing spinal injury and joint injury, the disease can also cause tendonitis. In particular, it is a tendonitis, that is, the back side of the heel.

(5) Natural aging

As you get older, the wider the shoes you wear. In fact, this is also a natural manifestation of human aging. When you are old, the arch will decline, and the entire foot will collapse and wider. This change will cause changes in joint force, and the stress of the soles of the soles will also increase, leading to the occurrence of arthritis and sole fasciitis. If this change is found, it is recommended to adjust the shoes in time.

In addition, with the improvement of people’s fitness awareness, the pace pain caused by exercise damage has gradually increased. Ankle sprains are one of the most common exercise damage in daily life. Most of them can be conservatively treated. At this time, surgical treatment is needed.