Europe and the United States launch “1 piece of two -purpose jeans”! Netizen: It is convenient to open hot steak in summer


I do n’t know if everyone has found that the trend of popularization in recent years has subverted the tradition, such as beauty makeup, feather eyebrow shape, etc., which are different from the past. In addition, jeans have also changed, and it has also changed in the UK. A “super -value jeans”, what is value? As the so -called one can be worn in two, it is convenient to have super suitable summer. If you also love value -for -money, don’t miss this jeans!

“Value jeans” is better than expected …!

▼ In fact, the appearance is no different from ordinary jeans. It is mainly based on the high waist version. It is actually very slim to wear, and the place where the pants tube are decomposed. In fact, it seems that this seam can be accepted?

欧美推出「超值 1件 两用牛仔裤」!网友:夏天热扒开好方便

▼ Behind the same pants, there is a seam, which is similar to this year’s fart egg pants, but the damaged place is called neat.

▼ After the pants tube decompose, the shorts are like in the picture. The design is designed with a large U -shaped trouser tube, which can show the leg proportion of the leg!

欧美推出「超值 1件 两用牛仔裤」!网友:夏天热扒开好方便

After watching this “super -value jeans”, did you feel so strange? In fact, he is even more neat for the damaged place. This year, you may wish to try this style of pants!

欧美推出「超值 1件 两用牛仔裤」!网友:夏天热扒开好方便

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