Popular science: Do you know the type of wedding gauze?


When it comes to veil, many makeup artists choose it, which is convenient for saving trouble and covering defects.


But there are many types of veils!


NO1. The short veil is the shortest in the veil, but it is not white. It looks very smart, but not many people choose.


NO2. The shoulder -long loading cute weapon, when the long shoulder and long veil, it is better to work in the fluffy point ~

NO3. The elbow long nature is similar to the shoulder long yarn.


NO4. Refers to the most common style veil of the long type, its length makes the makeup artist wireless reverie and exert creativity. So it means that the long yarn is white

No5. Walls Walz is very interesting to hear the name. This kind of veil generally adopts it, but in case of poor handling, it is recommended to use fingers.

NO6. The small church that has not been posted on the ground has also showed a solemn gas field


No7. The longest veil in the cathedral veil, many brides will love this one, and you can see in some TV series, is it beautiful?

These explanations are only about the nature of the veil, and more need to make the hand of makeup artists. Those flexible and inspirational hands continue to explore and create, come on, all makeup artists!

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