Choose an electronic piano to choose a standard 61 keyboard electronic piano


There are too many types of electronic piano. I have 49 keyboards with 77 keyboards. I recommend choosing 61 standard electronic piano keyboards because they choose standard electronic piano to learn.This is more convenient and easy to learn. The white keyboard is 1234567 translated as Do Er Mi Fa Sol La Si


Because I only have to buy a standard electronic piano, it is more convenient to learn. If the beginner is not good, I recommend buying a few hundred yuan electronic piano with 61 keyboards. If the economy is better, I recommend buying electronic piano of the brand.The brand is Yamaha, or the beauty of Casio is well -known.Because the quality electronic piano is more durable, the keyboard can use the feel will not change for a long time. The cheap electronic piano also has a cheap advantage. The price is cheap, and many of the sound are hundreds of sounds.Choose according to your needs.You must be interested in learning electronic piano.