“Super Fruit” Blueberry’s selection, preservation, cleaning and consumption strategy, not collecting sorry for the silver you spent


Blueberry is a kind of natural wild plant that is rich in anthocyanins, vitamin C purple grapes, and additional resveratrol contained in it, so it has the reputation of “super fruit”

Taste: sour and sweet, full of flavor: Natural food fragrance, not sticky tooth flavor: The fragrance and leisure time of blueberries is newly selected as a mouthful of fruits

But how to choose when buying? How to save won’t rot? How to clean it?

Today I will take you to find out! Understand this blueberry!

Select: Blueberry is fresh or not, the key look at a layer of white frost hanging above

Based on fruit powder judgment freshness

A layer of white cream hanging on fresh blueberries is a fruit powder. This is an important source of the aroma and nutrition of blueberries. It is also an important symbol of judging the freshness of blueberries.

The more complete the fruit powder, the newer, the higher the price.


And some blueberries that have been put in a few days are relatively small, and they will gradually disappear. The corresponding sweet taste will not return. The nutritional value is greatly reduced, and the price is relatively cheap. When buying a box of blueberries in the supermarket, check the freshness of the blueberry first: First, see how much white frost on the surface of the fruit surface,

Blueberry frost is more fresh and high,

The frost or no, the freshness is poor; the second is to check the bottom of the blueberry box,

If there is a pink liquid, it indicates that there are rotten fruits in the box.

Determine whether it is mature according to the color


Fresh blueberries are tight, full, and the skin is smooth. The sign of the maturity of the blueberry fruit is not the size, but the color.


Mature blueberries should be between dark purple and blue and black

The red blueberry is not mature, but it can be used in dishes.

Try to choose blueberries that have been organized by organic certification


At present, false organic blueberries on the market are rampant. Consumers can use the anti -counterfeiting query stickers on the outer packaging to check whether the manufacturer has been organically certified to identify the authenticity and ensure that what they eat is real organic food.

Save: a large amount of blueberry fresh fruits are stored in three parts

After buying the blueberry fresh fruit, if you ca n’t eat it on the same day, you should refrigerate and keep fresh. The refrigerator should not be too long.

If it is found in refrigeration, it is found that there are spoiled fruits and throw them out in time. A large amount of blueberry fresh fruit storage method is to divide it into three parts: some of which leave the amount for one or two days to eat, which is warm and stored, and some of them are refrigerated at 0 ℃ ~ 2 ℃, and some are directly at minus 18 ℃. Frozen can be stored for a long time. The maturity of blueberry fresh fruits makes the refrigerator different from freshness. If you find that if you find a deterioration, you may need to be frozen in time.

When refrigerating and freezing, it is recommended to seal with plastic wrap to prevent blueberry water loss or skewers with other foods.

Frozen fruits are the best to eat directly after thawing for 10 to 20 minutes. It is recommended to eat how much thawing, and then freeze after thawing, which can cause the taste to deteriorate. According to the standards of the US Food and Drug Administration, frozen blueberries are as healthy as fresh blueberries. In fact, the nutritional value of frozen blueberries remains longer, which is conducive to people to add blueberries to their diets all year round.

Cleaning: Don’t forget to salt and rice water

When cleaning the blueberry, add some salt to the water, then put the blueberry in it for about 5 minutes.

Gently rub it at the same time, and finally wash it with water. You can also soak the blueberries in the rice water for a while, and then just rub it gently to clean the dirt on its surface.

Food method: eat with peel

The most convenient way to eat blueberries is fresh food


Especially with peels, most of the anthocyanins contained in blueberries are concentrated on the peel. If the surface of the blueberry fresh fruit that is picked or purchased in the supermarket has no obvious dirt, the white frost is obvious. It is recommended not to clean it directly to get the best taste and nutrition.

Generally, the branches of 30 cm from the ground in the blueberry garden are trimmed to avoid the blueberry fresh fruits infected with dust. Blueberry fresh fruits or frozen fruits can make many foods such as jam, wine, and vegetables. When it comes to blueberries, the first thing many people think of is blueberry sauce. In addition, blueberries can also make fruit juice, wine, pie, cakes, dehydrated fruits, etc. You can also cut the clean blueberries into diced and sprinkle it in yogurt.

Yogurt is rich in protein, and blueberries are rich in anthocyanins. The combination of the two can make nutrition richer.

Blueberry is a fruit that is suitable for all ages,

However, fresh blueberry attributes are cold, rich in fruit acid, and are not suitable for people with diarrhea and stomach cold.

Purple -blue juice splashed on the clothes extremely difficult to wash, and pay attention when eating.

This is true! When I ate blueberries a few days ago, the blueberry juice dripped on white clothes, so …


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