Straight jeans that are popular in the world.


In the spring when the temperature is cold and hot, there must be some classic participation, such as straight jeans. Whether it is thin legs or extended legs, a pair of straight jeans are running; secondly, straight jeans are fashionable and practical, which can be called early spring “versatile artifacts”. The key is not to pick people.


Dressing is not too much, choose pants to choose straight jeans in the world, “one pants more” practical and thin. This time, let’s take a look at the choice and matching techniques of straight jeans. Also.

Women who believe in French -style style will notice how popular straight jeans are when they look at French bloggers. Whether wearing a grandma shirt, shirt, suit or windbreaker in early spring, French women are keen to put a pair of high -waisted straight jeans.

The gray short H version of the suit is stacked in the white bottom, and the blue high -waisted straight nine denim jeans on the lower body lifted the waistline and the extended leg length. At the same time Fashionable.


Depending on the color system, straight jeans are divided into blue, black or white jeans. Among them, the blue model is a classic in the classics, fresh and casual and versatile;

According to different versions, it can be divided into small straight or large straight jeans, small straight jeans trousers type partial body, combined with straight line cuts, can often easily outline the leg lines, show long legs, but there are restrictions on the body shape. Suitable for women with thin body and thin legs.


Big straight pants are also tailored with straight lines, with smooth lines and neat, but the legs are much easier than small straight tube. It has a great inclusiveness to women’s legs and basically does not pick people. Secondly, the street feel of big straight pants is also very strong than small straight tube.

The short suit is stacked with a black slim bottoming shirt, simple and low -key, blue high -waisted large straight jeans, which is very lazy. After connecting with fine heels, the legs are long, and the streets are full of French style.

Depending on the length, straight jeans are divided into long, nine points, 8.5 points, or pants. The longer the pants legs, the corresponding requirements for the height requirements, and the nine -point pants and the pants are exposed to an ankle. Long, very friendly to small children.


Of course, when wearing long straight jeans, you can also roll up your trousers and expose your ankles at will, which is more casual than a look.

Knitwear+straight jeans are the most common foundation in French style. On the one hand, the combination of grandma shirts and straight pants can improve the retro tone of wearing; on the one hand Limin.

White shirts+blue straight jeans are the same as the classics that are never outdated. The rate of appearance in French bloggers is also very high. The neat white shirts and denim pants echo each other. The blue and white color is clean and refreshing not simple.

In addition to white shirts, you can try silk shirts and striped shirts, add a touch of retro and elegance.

The suit encounters straight jeans. The casual and fashionable of tannin jeans can cleverly offset the rigid toughness of the suit, making the suit more suitable for street wear, and simply and elegant.

The black short H version of the suit is stacked in black, and the blue high -waisted nine -point straight jeans are connected to the apricot cubes and the short boots.

When using a suit+straight jeans, you should try to use short shirts, V -neck short grandma shirts or basic white T to avoid being too long and thick; second Effectively create the effect of “upper short and down”, showing high legs.


The earth color shoulder pads are stacked with beef -colored V -neck knitted cardigan, and the black high -waisted straight nine -point pants are connected to ankle boots.


In addition to knitted sweaters, shirts and suits, high -waisted straight jeans and long coats and trench coats are also very consistent. It is no different from the suit, which can make early spring dress simple.

The above is the straight jeans that I shared this time. If you are worried about not knowing what pants are wearing, you may wish to refer to these matching demonstrations. You also have the elegance of French women!


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