Four -month -old baby early teach toy sand hammer


When the baby was born, our parents began to worry about their education. Although there are many early education classes now, I always feel that my baby is the best, so I have always insisted on teaching her early. In a blink of an eye, the baby has been more than four months. Recently, I have started a new early -education toy -sand hammer.

Why choose a sand hammer?

Exercise visual tracking ability. The color of the sand hammer is generally bright in color. After four months, the baby has a significant improvement in vision, and the grasp of the color is better. At this time, using the sand hammer can train the baby’s reciprocity and exercise the visual tracking ability.


Exercise listening. The sand hammer is actually a musical instrument, so swaying it is sound, and its sound is soft and not harsh, compared to the bell, etc., protecting the baby’s hearing. Swing up on the left and right sides of the baby with a sand hammer, you can exercise your baby’s hearing.

Exercise and grasp. The design of the middle part of the sand hammer is easy to grasp, so the baby gets the sand hammer, it is easy to grab the middle details and exercise the ability to grasp. At the same time, the sand hammer itself is a bit heavy. After four months, the baby needs to use his arm to support the upper part of the body. Therefore, you can use sand hammer to train daily. You can not only exercise your baby’s grip ability, but also exercise your arm.

How to use sand hammer?

跟️ For babies who are about the same as Xiaoyue or my family, they can place the sand hammer directly above her when she is lying flat, and then move left and right to exercise the baby’s visual tracking ability.

For babies who are about Xiaoyue or about the same size as my family, they can also gently shake the sand hammer on both sides of her side after lying on the flat, and then see if the baby will turn to see the sand hammer and exercise the baby’s hearing Essence


For babies who have been able to turn over by myself, such as my family, they can turn around but do not climb, and they can gently shake the sand hammer when the baby is lying on the stomach, attracts the baby through visual stimulation and hearing, and guide the baby to climb forward.

宝宝 ️ For the baby who can turn over, you can also put the sand hammer in front of the baby, let it practice grasping and exercise his arm strength.

What should I pay attention to when using sand hammers?

❤️ Generally like my baby for about four months, it is already a period of mouth. I want to stuff everything in my mouth, so the sand hammer should pay attention to disinfection.

In order to prevent the baby from eating small parts or encountering the hard part of the sand hammer, it is recommended to accompany adults when playing, so that they can also cultivate parent -child feelings.

In fact, early education is also a process of companionship. Any small toy can let the baby learn a lot under our company. If your baby is also more than four months, it is recommended that you can try the sand hammer. Of course, the main thing is that you have to take time to accompany (´-ω-`).