Spring day good partner Kaile stone outdoor sunscreen skin trench coat trial


The cold and haze winter has gone, and we ushered in a warm and bright spring. But friends in the north know that the spring of the northern country is extremely short, and it will come early in the hot summer. Then in the spring and summer turn of the season, wearing a little less, it will inevitably be black in strong sunlight, but it will feel hot when wearing too much. The sports outdoor sunscreen skin trench coat (hereinafter referred to as Kaile Stone skin trench coat) launched by Kaile Stone today is a product that is very suitable for this season. The extremely thin and light characteristics make it difficult to feel hot and breathable design when wearing it. It is very comfortable, and the UPF40+sunscreen index can ensure that users need sunscreen in the sun.

春日好伴侣 凯乐石户外防晒皮肤风衣试用

Kaile Stone skin trench coat is designed with the contrasting color color of dead leaves yellow and grass lake green, which is quite eye -catching.

The Kaile Stone skin trench coat we tried uses nylon fabrics, with UPF40+sunscreen UV ability to reduce the damage to the skin in the sun as much as possible, which is particularly important for outdoor activities in higher altitude environments. In addition, this trench coat also achieves the effect of nectar’s sunscreen, and has a sunscreen test report issued by the National Textile and Clothing Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center in the product packaging. The purchase is more assured.

The ultra -long anti -light strip on the back brings enough safety assurance to the night running

春日好伴侣 凯乐石户外防晒皮肤风衣试用

In addition to sun protection, the breathability of clothing in spring and summer with relatively high temperature is also very important. The surface of the Kaile Stone skin trench coat uses the air cubic cubic air fabric, combined with the air derivation slot, which can significantly increase the speed of air circulation and take away the heat of the skin surface. Even under the sun, it can feel cool.

This skin trench coat also has a hat design to better protect the skin on the head and neck from being troubled by sunburn

This clothes are very light, it is difficult to gap in the existence of clothes when wearing

春日好伴侣 凯乐石户外防晒皮肤风衣试用

This product also uses Polygiene odor control technology. It is not easy to show odor in an environment that is not convenient for washing outdoors for a long time, and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria that are prone to odor. In general, Kaile Stone skin trench coat is an outdoor sports clothing product designed for spring and summer. It is specially designed for long -term wearing, sunscreen and ultraviolet rays. The dryness is very suitable for outdoor activities of this season.

春日好伴侣 凯乐石户外防晒皮肤风衣试用

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