“Tourism” Tourism+Cultural and Creative -Beautiful Encounter


Tourism+Cultural and Creative -Beautiful Encounter

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Gansu has a vast area and beautiful natural scenery. The Loess Plateau, the vast grassland, the vast Gobi, and the white glacier constitute many unforgettable beautiful picture. Because of this, Gansu has also become the “poem and distant” of countless tourists. Of course, in addition to the beautiful scenery of every stop and every place, if you want to take away some things in this short trip that has been planning for a long time or at will, then you must go to the cultural and creative cultural and creative, where you represent the unique charm of the city. Products, they use culture and creativity to outline the unique land of this land, and have built a new and wonderful modern city.

Impression Jiuquan’s Meng Feitian Night Lantern

The night lamp is based on the Mogao Grottoes mural “Bounce Pipa” as the prototype. Through the designer’s innovation, the cartoon image of the cricket is tall, holding the pipa, leisurely and graceful, wearing a neck, wearing trousers, wearing trousers, under the trousers, underneath, wearing trousers. Flying over, the skirts were like Youlong shocked the phoenix, swaying, and the noodle arms were jingled in the flying, making people love. The night light light chose a soft yellow light, giving a warm and comfortable feeling. The base is a charging lithium battery, which can be adjusted by the brightness, allowing people to appreciate art in use, and strong practicality.

Starlon Gift Box

This set of Star Jue gift box contains one notebook, one pen, a warm and warm cup. The gorgeous and exquisite characteristics of traditional patterns are also in line with contemporary aesthetics. It is a good set of gifts.

“Leaving · Nian Dunhuang” children’s cultural and creative set box

This set of Chinese art treasure boxes “Resessing Dunhuang”, from the perspective of children, use children’s language and learning methods, dig and transform the valuable resources of the Mogao Grottoes culture in Dunhuang, let children approach and explore this treasure house, and go Learn and inherit excellent Chinese traditional culture. The suitcase contains 1 book, 1 paintings, 1 box of color pens, 2 volumes of color tape, 1 diary, 1 postcard, 1 Rubik’s cube, 1 sticker.

“Zhangye Silk” series silk scarf

The “Zhangye Silk” silk scarf series products, through deep excavation of Zhangye’s deep historical culture and natural landscape resources, using modern design methods, combining high -end silk products, clearly showing the characteristics of Zhangye, spreading the impression of Zhangye.

Pae Ancestor Cultural Creative Swing Series

Tianshui literature extract Fuxi mythology and legend, and the unique art symbols of Tianshui Fuxi Temple for creative design, realize the deep integration of creativity and aesthetics, and release the essence of traditional oriental culture. The Fuxi Cultural Series Cartoon Doll Swatings redefine Fuxi Culture with a cartoon image, allowing ancient legends to approach modern life. In addition to the characters of the characters, it is also full of natural characteristics.

Mogo Impression-Xiangla

In the mysterious and eternal timeline, the Lingyan wearing a colored deer jumped out of the gap between the long river. The incense furnace is made of silicon bronze and African rosewood. Creative comes from the “Map of Luwang’s Ben Shengsheng” in Cave 257, Mogao Grottoes. one. The incense burner is cast according to the “loss of wax” in the late spring and autumn. First, it is made of wax molds with the spacious paraffinized paraffin, and poured pickers with fine mud to form a casting shape after hardening.

“Yangshao Impression-Fish Totem” art tea set

The creation of the “Yangshao Impression” art tea set series is based on the fish pattern of Yangshao Culture. Fish pattern is the most common colorful pottery pattern in the early days of Yangshao culture. The primitive ancestors use fishing and hunting as the main means of survival, and naturally worship the food sources they live in, and the fish will become the preferred decorative pattern when the primitive ancestors are produced. The fish pattern pinned the hope of the ancestors to reproduce the descendants. The creativity of this product is derived from the “Yangshao Caicai Culture”. The fish totem art tea set is made of pottery mud as a manifestation material, which is fired at a high temperature of 1300 ° C. It has the beauty of simplicity and pureness.

Feitian Ancient Architecture-Postcard

Not only is Dunhuang tape popular, but Dunhuang elements are also well received. Dunhuang Story presents the beauty of Dunhuang murals, including the most characteristic “flying sky”. A small postcard, sending acacia remotely, conveying true feelings. When you come here, choose a postcard with the theme of Dunhuang Feitian. It is also a good choice to send it to your family and friends if you write warm heart.


Color and art collision-tape

Among many cultural and creative products, the sales or popularity of tapes are high. Although paper tape is a small object, the artistic paper tape can meet a variety of needs and meet the needs of multi -level people. Judging from the best -selling paper gum, it includes text, patterns, graphics and other forms. The text is simple and witty, and the pattern is extracted from ancient paintings. It has a strong visual beauty; Essence This also reflects the two effects, one is literary and artistic, and the other is a sense of interest. It comes from the reconstruction of the tall and the aesthetics of history. The color hot -coating series is inspired by Dunhuang elements. The warm hot burn is highlighting the texture, with layered color, the patterns and details are just right; the confusion is tedious, and there is no feeling that the details are not slightly empty enough.


Posts and metal hollow bookmarks

For those who really love books, bookmarks are indispensable partners. Bookmarks complement each other and are accompanied by each other. Bookmarks are not only convenient to provide convenience. In this era, we keep pace with the times. While accepting the Internet, don’t forget our artistic culture; for you who love books and love life, choose a beautiful bookmark, which is not suitable. This Hua Gai -shaped bookmark Tianzhong Gai has a height of nine heavys, and the five -colored clouds habitat the phenomenon of flowers. The broken golden sun flows like red gold pigments on the layer of light yarn to light up the pearls that fall, shining clearly The fluorescent feathers leave the most gentle footnote on the pages of the book.


The Buddha conversion-Mark Cup

The simple and simple Mark Cup has always been loved by many people. The unique appearance and multi -functional utilization rate always bring a better experience. The exquisite color, easily attract people’s vision, makes the shape more extraordinary.

The hollow cup set of the cave is combined with the Mark Cup printed with the thousands of Buddha patterns, like a slightly shrinking Mogao Grotto landscape, bright colors and different materials, rich shapes and visual effects, add taste to life, let the taste of life, let the taste of life, let the taste of life, let the taste of life, let the taste of life, let the taste of life make it allow People have to love.

Meng Pen Elves-Xiaofeian


“Feitian” is the image ambassador of the Dunhuang Grottoes, the elves of the Mogao Grottoes, and the symbol of Dunhuang art. Almost every cave in the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang has a flying sky, not only the number, the long length, but also the various shapes. The floating dresses and flying ribbons are the standard of Feitian image. Various cultural and creative products inspired by Feitian are decorating modern life with its unique aesthetics.

Shenyou Ruo Fei-Scarf


The scarf is wrapped in temperature, blooming is the demeanor, and it is also the deep cultural heritage of Dunhuang.

Creativity stems from the national treasure -level cultural relics of the Gansu Provincial Museum -Tong Benma and Cai Tao. The historical heritage of time is depressed, and the source of the Yellow River civilization is long. Shenma Yufeng Lingyun, four hoofs flying across the history of history, bringing an eternal light to the oriental civilization.

“Add Flowers on the well”

Dunhuang Xiaofeian Third -order Rubik’s Cube

Azao well, ancient ceiling. From the earth, leading to Cangzhi. Dunhuang is a treasure trove of decorative art, with wonderful patterns, becoming a link connecting buildings, murals, and sculptures. The most striking pattern in the Dunhuang Grottoes is the algae pattern decorated on the top of the cave. Its carefully arranged and clever composition of the composition. With the changes in the era and content of the grotto, the dark grottoes exude charming and gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous Glory. The pattern on the surface of the Rubik’s cube, in order to enhance the feel, is deliberately made into a matte surface. The small Rubik’s cube, with Mogao Cave’s Azao culture, is used to use Dunhuang culture in the palm of the palm, and integrate culture and entertainment. It is a good companion for office rest and relaxation.


Cannon Millennium-Hot Water Bottle

The creative design concept of the product is to span the water function of the ancient color pottery bottle across time and space, and presented in the form of modern water bottle. The design retains the shape and texture of colorful pottery, and truly realizes the cultural and creative significance of “let the cultural relics close to life”. The water wave shakes the heartbeat of the river, and the memory of the soil is opened. The colorful pottery lines are neatly arranged, which has the silence of sleeping for thousands of years, and the rhythm of life awakening. The gorgeous colorful pottery patterns make the dance of the river never stop. It has won the popularity of the public with the “use of antiquities today”, novel and unique design ingenuity.

Azaoai Element-Memorial Ben

The mood recorded at hand, the imagination under the stroke, painted the inner color, write full text … to commemorate your own way, let you fall in love at a glance.


Azao Well is the essence of the Dunhuang pattern. The flowers, animals, and gods are decorated. Tomai art is synonymous with beauty. Open a page of paper, and the gorgeous Azao well draws one by one, accumulating the beauty of thousands of years. The essence of the cave art jumped between your paper and pen. The commemorative book that is convenient for carrying is also your collection, the best choice for gifts.

Return Guoguang-Earrings

The transformation of traditional culture to “cool” has made the fashion trend no longer fluttering lightly, and let the use and buyers show their unique and interesting taste personality and deep cultural literacy. Earrings are also popular among many cultural and creative products. This is not an ordinary earrings. This pair of national light ears allows you to return the glory and pride of the country’s pulse to the temperament. Its creativity comes from the Gansu Provincial Museum’s return to cultural relics. When it comes to the bird -shaped golden trim, it shines on the show of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala “Go Home” in 2021, and it is unforgettable. Entering the public’s field of vision. The fine pen draws the bird’s pattern, the feathers are rich and gorgeous, and the magnificent and straightforwardness is not withered. It expresss the magnificent image of the eagle strike on the sky.

Light and soft-handkerchief

The handkerchief has a long history in our country. In the poem “Peacock Flying Southeast” in Hanlefu, there is a sentence “A girl silent, the hand towels cover the mouth”. The handkerchief that combines practicality and aesthetics is like a token of one party, carrying and conveying human emotions.

Either elegant, or strong, or agile, all of them are all very happy. In this era of using paper towels, how many unknown delicate emotions and euphemistic moods carried a small handkerchief?

The day showing flowers, a red litchi on the fingertips, plating a eternal smile for the beauty, a faint green green leaves seemed to smell the sweet fragrance, the red wall is like a splendid extension, bringing all the fantasies into the Tang Dynasty, Light and wonderful.

Dunhuang style-puzzle

Personalized puzzles are not just a picture, but a story, a memory, a ray of tenderness. Each single piece has its own position, just like every memory has its story, you have to put it in an exclusive place.

“Deer King’s Map” is the earliest and most complete serial painting in China, which was created in the Northern Wei Dynasty. The story of this student is a work with the theme of showing “self -saving and saving people”, and has a prominent position in murals. “Create murals” in a puzzle, let you understand the historical and culture, enhance the interest of exploring knowledge in a pleasant hand -made production, and fall in love with Dunhuang culture. Is it cool?


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Dunhuang elements in cultural and creative products

Dunhuang, thousands of years of wind and sand, the history of the Silk Road is here. The intoxicating beautiful scenery such as Mogao Grottoes, Crescent Spring and Mingsha Mountain attracts Chinese and foreign tourists. The rich cultural accumulation here also adds a unique charm to the desert style.

When it comes to Dunhuang, people will inevitably think of Mogao Grottoes. Mogao Grottoes is an exquisite and unparalleled historical gallery, which shocked the visitors. At the same time, the magnificent, dazzling, and deep connotation murals are becoming a source of inspiration for future generations to become artistic creation and design ideas in the form of colorful artistic expression. The desert landscape and mural elements of Dunhuang have been designed by cultural and creative, and jumped into ordinary people’s homes from the distant Northwest desert. The lives of ordinary people.

Impression Jiuquan’s Meng Feitian Night Lantern

“Zhangye Silk” series silk scarf

Mogo Impression-Xiangla

Cannon Millennium-Hot Water Bottle