How to choose a new house decoration?


With the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life, the requirements for home improvement aesthetics are getting higher and higher, and radiators are no exception. Although the traditional cast iron heating tablets are strong and low in price, they are ugly and rough. It has gradually been banned. Nowadays, various new types of heating films in the market are beautiful and rich in color, which can not only meet people’s heating needs, but also improve the decorative effect of the living room. Therefore, it is favored by more families. Let ’s take a look with the gold flagship heating film manufacturer.

Buy the heating film tip 1: Look at the brand

There are many brands on the market, and the quality and performance of general brands are more guaranteed. It is recommended that you choose a brand with high reputation and good reputation.

Tips for buying the radiator 2: Observation performance

The heating tablets should be checked and experienced by yourself. High -performance radiators have the advantages of fast heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, and pressure resistance. It can be used for centralized heating systems and can be used with independent heating facilities such as solar energy and wall -hung boilers. They have a wide range of applications.


Heating film purchase technique 3: Select the size


The heating designer will determine the height of the radiator according to factors such as the heat needs of the room, the location of the room, the orientation of the room, the decoration style, and the heat dissipation of each heating tablet. Determine the size of the radiator with width, but in order to allow the home layout to be coordinated, the size of the room can be used as a replacement parameter to determine the size of the purchase.

The fourth technique of buying heating tablets: thick materials

The price of radiator on the market is largely determined by their materials. Generally speaking, the price of cast iron heating tablets is low, the price of steel heating tablets is slightly higher, and the price of the radiator is copper and aluminum composite material. The price of radiator is higher than steel. Judging from the actual situation, it is not suitable for installation. You need to choose the radiator according to heating needs and economic strength, the more expensive the better.

At present, the new type of radiator on the market is mainly made of steel, aluminum and copper. Steel radiators not only have the advantages of strong pressure resistance, difficulty explosion, high thermal radiation rate, and long service life. The colorful appearance on the surface of color plastic ejection is also the reason for selling.

Due to the strong plasticity of aluminum, the shape of aluminum heating tablets can meet consumers’ needs for different shapes of heating tablets. The advantages of fast heat dissipation and high thermal efficiency are also the reason for consumers to buy. Aluminum -wing tablets are prone to oxidation and corrosion, so consumers should buy aluminum -made aluminum -made aluminum heating tablets with anticorrosive layer.

Copper sheet is a radiator with copper as a radiator. The copper tube welded with multiple aluminum -made airics, and a thin metal panel was added to the outside. Therefore, it can spray various colors, which is very useful for families. The decorative effect is good. Copper products have better heat dissipation performance than chemical products, so the copper air sheet is smaller and saves space. However, because this kind of heating tablets are integrated and cannot be separated, the specifications are different depending on the heating area and use. Consumers must see the related parameters of the heating area and specifications when buying.

Based on the heat dissipation of the radiator, it is reasonable to buy a reduction in waste.

Calculation of the amount of heating tablets: The amount of heating tablets you need = house area*70/*(55/95) Of course, this formula is not absolute. It depends on the actual situation. In actual installation, you can carefully select the style of the heating film, reasonably design the layout of the pipeline, place the wiring in places that do not interfere with the home layout and the aesthetics of the decoration, so that it is perfectly integrated into the interior decoration.


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