Konka KKTV free remote -controlled Al smart voice TV


In the past, from time to time to open the TV, “staged” to find a remote control drama. The free TV remote control may be stuffed into the gap of the sofa, away from the small dining table of the TV, and even brought into its own room. Facing the dense remote control button, after teaching several times, parents couldn’t remember the channel number and would not enter the pinyin input. Finally, they had to wait for others to help find a movie.

And Konka KKTV U65K6 full -screen TV, equipped with AI far -field voice function, free remote control liberation of hands, machine intelligent voice exchange, no remote control, calling for a well -off Xiaokang to say that you can get the film and television drama you want to watch, you can get it instantly. It is very convenient, and its range can reach ten meters. When not watching TV, it can also be used as an independent Al smart speaker, which is very convenient.

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Konka KKTV U65K6 65 -inch full -screen metal fuselage Huawei Hisilicon chip 16G large memory panoramic AI intelligent voice 4K ultra -high -definition education resource LCD TV

¥ 2789


Of course, in addition to the AI ​​Yuanchang voice of the TV itself, this TV is also equipped with a new smart platform. It can become a home intelligent control center. When you end the busy work of a day of busy work, you only need Then shouting “Open the living room lights” and let the scanning robot “clean the room” under the voice control of your moving port, the entire smart home space will run in an orderly manner in an orderly manner.


In terms of picture quality, it uses a 4K ultra -high -definition large screen. The clear picture allows each detail to present in front of the eyes. In addition, the six major picture quality technologies can display more pure, bright, and realistic colors to make the picture more It is natural, and the 65 -inch large screen with a straight -down full -screen design makes the whole machine look more immersive in terms of observation. Moreover, the TV has a delicate appearance and a thin metal body, which is low -key and luxurious.

In general, this Konka KKTV U65K6 full -screen TV is very good in terms of function, performance, or appearance. If your home just wants to replace the TV, you may wish to consider it!