The seven most expensive women’s bags in the world are ranked, each of which is valued at several houses


Everyone usually talks about the most expensive bags in the mouth. Generally, I think of Hermes, but in fact, the most expensive bag in the world, but not just Hermes ~

Today I will give you an inventory. What are the seven most expensive women’s bags in the world?

First place: One thousand and one night diamond bag

This bag also broke the Venice record into Venice’s most expensive bag! The whole body is filled with white diamonds, and the whole bag is extremely delicate in hand, but the person who wants to take this bag out does not know how many bodyguards to guard with them!


Second place: Hermes Platinum Diamond Pack

Everyone knows that Platinum Bags have always been Hermes’ classic series. This platinum diamond bag is designed by the Japanese and is the best in platinum bags. The whole body is mainly white gold, with 2182 diamonds inlaid, with a total weight of 208 carats. The unique design of the bag is that the diamond chain above can also be removed as a necklace or a bracelet!

Third place: Chanel Diamond Forever

This bag inherits the consistent design of the Chanel bag. The crocodile skin is hand -made, inlaid with 334 diamonds, platinum hardware, and a 18K gold chain long shoulder strap. And this bag is a limited edition. There are only 13 worldwide, only 5 are still in the United States, and the other 8 who do not know which wealthy people have been bought!

Fourth place: Louis Vuitton City Symbol Splicing Package

This bag is actually very controversial. Many people commented that this is one of the ugliest bags in history. The so -called urban symbols are urban garbage, such as: mineral water bottle, tobacco heads, tea bags, and gum, cigarette box, etc. However, some people have evaluated this bag that this bag is ingenious and full of environmental awareness. It has the significance of awakening the world and is a very positive bag!


Fifth place: Hermes frosted crocodile leather platinum bag


There are multiple colors, and many actresses gather all the colors, and then carry their clothes back! This bag is also inlaid with 10 carat white diamonds.


Sixth place: LANA MARKS Egyptian Hou Hou Handbag


This bag is hand -made, and it is also a limited edition. Many Hollywood actresses and some rich ladies are proud of having such a limited edition package! And LANA also has a rule, that is, only one bag is allowed to be brought with a red carpet every year!

Seventh place: Leiber Rose Handbag


The bag is named. This rose handbag is designed by the shape of a rose. The rose is used as the spine. The surface is inlaid with 1016 diamonds and 1169 pink sapphires and 800 tourmaline. What kind of women are made by making?


After watching a bag worth or even a few houses, which one do you like the most or the most dislike?