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Essence is a weapon for anti -aging. Every girl should use it, and don’t be afraid to use it too early.

Early anti -aging, especially for those who need to stay up late, skin will be more damaged than ordinary people.

So what are the correct ways to use the essence? Let’s take a look at it together!

Use order


The general care products follow the principle of light quality,

It’s relatively light and thin first

Essence So the essence is the application order:


Cleansing -toner -essence.

The essence muscle base fluid is generally divided into two categories, one after the cleansing; the other is after the makeup meeting. The order of use:

1. Cleansing -lotion -type A muscle base -lotion/essence/cream

2. Cleansing -type B muscle base -lotion -lotion/essence/cream



1. Take an appropriate amount of essence,


Avoid skin around the eyes when applying.

2. Gently press the U -area U and T areas in the palm of the hand, and press gently from the bottom to the top to the inside out to ensure the complete absorption of the essence.

3. Finally, use the ring finger to gently knock on the skin of the face.

4. You only need to be wiped once a day, and the eyes and lips are wiped twice.

Notice! Intersection

The essence should not be too much or too little. If too much, the excess ingredients that cannot be absorbed will cause skin burden.

It only costs 2-3 drops in summer, and 3-5 drops of winter in winter.

Top Ten Global

Star Essential Essence

1. Lancome small black bottle essence muscle base fluid

Suitable for any age, its role is to repair damaged bases, open the “appetite” of skin absorption, while improving the effect of 3 times follow -up maintenance products.

Used after beauty solution and before functional essence.


The visible elasticity is moist and translucent, the soft and delicateness of the touch, feel your youthful change with your heart. When you wake your face in the morning, you feel that your face is slippery than before, and it absorbs quickly and has a faint fragrance. If your skin is particularly short of water, it will be a little tingling when it is used.

2. Daike muscle bottom moisturizing essence beauty solution

Dai Ke is a famous purple bottle, “Woman My Biggest” Teacher Kevin’s highly recommended moisturizing item ~ moisturizing artifact, which can significantly improve the dryness of the skin. Advanced penetration technology must ensure that the moisturizing ingredients can reach the bottom of the skin. The moisturizing power is unattended, and every time I use it, I feel that the skin is super lined with, tender and elastic.

3. Estee Lauder little brown bottle

Estee Lauder’s special moisturizing essence is only morning and evening, use it after conditioning water and cream, soothing all kinds of stimuli. Use every day to strengthen the skin’s natural repair ability. Continuous use will prevent aging, prevent fine lines and wrinkles. In particular, the night repair power is strengthened, the purification is purified, then the root repair, the damage is cleared all night, breaking through the source, the skin is deep and moisturized, the skin is increasingly smooth, the pattern, moisturizing, uniform, translucent …..


Then, then, then


This essence will not be sticky soon, it is worth the first choice for anti -aging essence!

4. SK-II small bulb essence

The essence of the super well -known word breaks the essence of the traditional meaning! The new and soft ringing sense, layer by layer of the ultimate beauty of the white light, makes the skin emit light and white from the inside!

It can quickly form a protective film of the muscle ring, and to the maximum skin tone;

It is a two -pronged approach to whitening and moisturizing, comprehensively improve the skin locking of the skin. While rescue the dry skin, it brings deep moisturizing. It perfectly presents the natural moisturizing skin and shining white light. Suitable for all skin.

5. Chanel Mountain Camellia Moisturizing Moirus

Whether you are dry or oily skin, this essence can give you densely moisturizing and repairing it. It contains 4,800 mountain camellia essence particles, which is more moisturizing and deeper. Professional makeup artists and makeup masters are recommending it. This essence is different from the past,

It is a very special “water -based oil” texture. At first it was the texture of the gel, and wiped it gently to become water.

It won’t be long before the water will be completely absorbed by the skin. The skin will be tender a day, and the moisture is very good. And it feels shiny.


6. Shiseido Hongyan Muscle Foundation Essence

The industry’s first muscle base to improve skin immunity.

This product is unique for skin immunity development to improve skin immunity. It can make the skin more “strong”, maintain a healthy state, and suitable for pressure muscle use.

It can repair fine lines, multi -effect moisturizing, brightening, pores, so that the dull complexion is translucent and white, exuding a natural luster.

And it can resist the burden on the skin with ultraviolet rays and atmospheric pollution. No matter how bad the skin is, it can be improved from the skin itself, and it can get a strong beautiful skin, making your skin healthier.

7. Clinique Huanyan Essence Essence

A anti -aging essence with a unique three -in -one effect.

It continues to act on the skin day and night, improves fine lines of wrinkles, repair visible light aging, and strong tough skin, accelerate skin renewal, activate natural collagen, densely repair fine lines and wrinkles, significantly repair ultraviolet damage. Wrinkles and fine lines gradually fade, and the skin becomes smooth and delicate. Fast absorption, not greasy, and light fine lines.

8. CPB skin key new essence rejuvenating cell essence muscle base fluid

The main effect of the grenades of the skin is to wake up the epidermis and the root cells, while guiding the ultimate energy of the skin itself, and then realize the beautiful skin that has not been achieved, full of moisturizing, vitality and light. In order to achieve the skin before each skin care, the skin can be awakened,


The essence and liquid texture used in front of lotion can be deepened into the internal and nutritious components to the source of the skin.

At the same time, the efficiency of all use items is improved at the same time. It just feels great, and it is also expensive.


9. Lange Xue Ning New Essence Delo

It has the effect of moisturizing, anti -light aging, muscle protein is suitable for any type of skin, can quickly penetrate, prevent and improve fine lines, and effectively improve the contour of the face. It can repair the skin surface layer, arrange cells, and let the water go deep into the skin to achieve deep moisturizing and repairing damaged cells. It can also further repair damaged cells, allowing the skin to recover and elasticity,

Effectively prevent the expression lines and dry fine lines that may bring.

Wipe this cream on the cream no longer rubbing the sleep mask. The skin is as good as the next day, and the moisturizing effect is very strong!

10. Olin ECLAFUTUR cell repair essence


Olbin’s star product, this muscle base can repair cells, which has excellent repair function for sensitive skin caused by lack of nutrition, making the skin look white and translucent. Help damaged cells accelerate repair.

For various causes such as age, power, ultraviolet rays, fatigue, over weight loss, diet disorders, insufficient water intake, etc., the skin cells lose their original health a little bit. Essence

It can make the skin healthier, have stronger self -healing ability, make the skin more delicate and soft, full of natural gloss.

This repair ability is extremely strong, acne muscles are essential! Let the closed mouth disappear quickly.

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