A set of matching in winter is called “leggings+high heels”, which is high, warm and elegant


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There are routines to wear in winter. If the sense of fashion is not enough, you may wish to learn the matching method of Japanese bloggers. For example, a set of matching in this year is called “leggings+high heels”. With the skirt, it is thin and tall, warm and elegant. There is also an idea for commuting dresses every day.

1. Bottom pants+basic color high -heeled shoes

Bottom pants are the items that burst into fire in the autumn and winter seasons. Its material is very thin, and it will even fit the legs than the classic small black pants. The overall elasticity has a stretched space.

Wearing leggings in winter will not look lack of fashion. With the skirt and high heels, you can show the side of the female city. Like this leggings, its color is deep. It uses a fresh color skirt to create a clean atmosphere. With the basic color high -heeled shoes, the high effect is thorough.

Because the leggings will be used with a skirt, the color should not be too shining. Try to avoid the color system with higher saturation. It is a wise choice to adopt the most classic black or dark gray.

This group of wearing high heels can help girls with short girls using the characteristics of the heels to extend their height. Combination with black, retains the coordination between colors, plus brown high heels, elegant and simple.

When using basic color high -heeled shoes, you don’t need to worry too much. Most of their design is quite good. With the skirt and leggings, it can also show the fashionable and elegant temperament of women.


This set of pointed shoes is used. The pointed shoe type can extend the shape of women’s feet. With the skirt, it can show elegant and high -level temperament.


The shoes on the exposed feet often make people feel that it is not warm enough. There are many shortcomings when controlling, and it is easy to lose temperature and make the upper body experience poor. With dark leggings, you can help the feet cover.

This dress uses common dark gray leggings, which is directly matched with over -the -knee skirts. You can use the color characteristics to tighten the leg lines to expose the calf position.

2. Bottom pants+bright high heels


The color of high heels is also very different in the screens displayed. The simplicity of the basic color high -heeled shoes reflects obviously, and it can also make many older women show their own stable atmosphere.

The focusing on the visual role of bright high -heeled shoes will be more significant than ordinary colors. Like this big red pointed high -heeled shoes, it can cooperate with Volkswagen’s leggings, and the color will be even more eye -catching.

Many difficult colors can be used as the appearance of high -heeled shoes, and it will not form close contact with the skin’s skin. There is no possibility of showing black at all.

This high -heeled shoes are still pointed shoes. With light gray leggings, the pink presence is extremely strong. It can be used to match a variety of black or darker items.

When wearing a skirt in winter, there will be the possibility of naked leg skin. With soft and elastic leggings, the warmth effect will get it instantly. You can also use high heels to modify the leg shape and lengthen the height.


This orange high heels still use a more classic appearance design, which can add some sense of vitality. With leggings, it becomes a very popular winter match.


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