A large paper of 20 yuan! The “Internet Red Paper Wall” of the stationery store Moger, the obsessive -compulsive disorder is extremely comfortable to watch


“You see, this is the colorful paper wall I said before!” “Wow, it’s really good!”

■ Moger brand flagship store · Net Red Color Paper Wall

During the time of Mogg, the girls in junior high school and elementary school from time to time flew over like a butterfly, and surprised the color paper wall.

At the time of the summer student vacation, Sundays has introduced two stationery stores of Baixin Stationery and Miubook Stationery Color Factory. Mogge is also a small shop worth visiting.

Highlight 1: Color Paper Wall

If you have visited any “Cat’s Sky City”, you will definitely remember its very representative postcard wall -after shopping, you haven’t chosen a particularly satisfactory postcard. Native

■ Cat’s Sky City · Postcard Wall

The new brand “Moge”, which is its main stationery, sets up colorful paper walls. However, the original version of this wall is undoubtedly in the famous stationery store in Japan. It is also a bamboo tail to see this post. It is also a colorful paper wall that is called punching. On the art paper floor of Ito House, there are


Paper is available for customers to view, touch, and buy.


■ Iton House · Taketail See this color paper wall, see this post meaning paper sample picture: takeo.co.jp

In Mogh, the size of the wall has been reduced due to the size of the store, but you can “not get out of Shanghai” to watch this color feast composed of paper. In addition to appreciation, you can also go to the counter to buy it at the counter. Paper with big palms,


The price of each piece of paper is between 8-21 yuan


—— Yes, it is calculated according to the number!

■ The change of color is very delicate

Observe carefully, these paper not only include red, yellow, orange, white, blue, green, green, brown, purple, black and other large areas, as well as very delicate color changes, the material is also very different——

Weaver actress paper, feather paper, like Po, emperor paper, Luo yae paper, emperor paper, fish pattern paper, OK color card, five -color paper, new five -color paper, elegant leather paper, Athens cardiac paper, colorful cloth pattern paper, colorful cloth pattern paper

… The attractiveness of these names is comparable to the red name for stationery lovers!

■ Different paper has different materials

It is understood that Zhuwei Paper has started in 1899. It began to emphasize the research and development of texture and color art paper in the 1950s.


Mermaid with textile material texture, the pursuit of white Luminescence, the Vent Nouveau that perfectly combines printing performance and feel


Essence The healing power provided by ingenuity is extremely comfortable to see obsessive -compulsive disorder.


■ LumineScence Aircraft Picture: takeo.co.jp

Highlight 2: stationery customization service

Color ink, notebook, pen, pen

These stationery can be customized by yourself. It is not unusual to customize the color ink. So many customization is placed in the same stationery store, but it is the first time that I have seen it.

■ Color ink customization

It is bound to be a colorful ink customization. Each slender transparent glass tube has a color. From the selection of 2-3 basic colors you need, open the “faucet” and add your own small test tube. After stirring with a stirring rod, test the color of ink with dipped pens to inform the clerk the proportion of the basic ink.


The clerk will customize a bottle of 15ml exclusive color for you, which takes about 1 hour


■ DIY ink color card

The price is more reasonable. The pricing of the 15ml of Pepula is 66 yuan, and the price of customized a bottle of color ink is 69 yuan. You only need to add three dollars to change the ever -changing color, which may have your ideal color. Unfortunately, the ink water bottle was used up that day, and the clerk told Zhou Bojun that he would “replenish”.

■ Notebook customization

The customization of the notebook is more professional and meticulous.


Inner page paper can choose to write paper (white and beige), Bagawa paper, kraft paper


Essence The so -called Bagawa Paper is a special paper invented by the Institute of Paper Paper in Japan. It is a good partner for pen writing and color ink. Inner pages functional, size, coil, strap and other attributes can be selected by themselves, and the staff will complete the punching and binding for you. According to the selected paper and cover, the price is between 80-100 yuan.

■ Put the selected materials in the tray

Pen customization is also very interesting. Customable is the classic KAWECO, represented by an octagonal pen body, you can freely match

10 colors, 7 parts, 2 pins


Of course, some colors are not excluded.

■ KAWECO pen customization

How many parts are there in a pen? How many colors can be matched with? Playing a pen style can not only match your favorite appearance, but also have a detailed understanding of the internal structure of the pen. The price of KAWECO’s official Taobao store is 180 yuan, and the custom price is 200 yuan. At present, only the F point (0.7) is available.

This series of stationery customization is not only an interesting experience, it can also meet the harsh fantasy of stationery enthusiasts, which is worth trying.

Highlight 3: It’s like a shopping experience in Japan

In Moger, although some of the original handbook products and stationery from other countries, Japanese stationery and Japanese gadgets still occupy most of the Mage’s mountains.


■ Small decoration


■ Ghibli genuine movie peripheral

When Zhou Jun saw the small ornaments he saw when he was traveling in Japan, he appeared on the shelf of Mogg, and he thought about it for a moment -there was no need to go to Japan! The most dazzling is the surrounding Ghibli genuine movies. All Chihiro, Faceless Man, and Mother -in -law of Tang are all “appearing”. Faceless men are eternal “Variety IP”.

■ Color Ink Wall

The color ink wall is also the white moonlight in the hearts of stationery lovers. The 24 -color Belled color is quite spectacular, it is a product and an display.

■ Pen

What else can you buy in Mogh? The positioning of Moger is

The first domestic mixed stationery brand collection store


It has gathered unique Mogge handbook product lines, more than 40 Japanese brands of stationery agent, stationery -related books. Handbook products include color ink, and paper tape and fire lacquer seal. The brands include Payo, KAWECO, TN, MD, Stalogy, Midori, MT.

At present, Mogg has three stores in Shanghai, and Shanghai Shimao Store is a brand flagship store. In the store, you can find all kinds of shiny stationery dreams and walk happily for a long time. Some people evaluate Moger so much, “there is no other disadvantage except expensive.”

Moger Shanghai Shimao Store

Address: No. 829 Nanjing East Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

Mogu Shanghai Kerry City Store

Address: 127B, ground floor, No. 1378, Huamu Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai

Mogie Shanghai Ruiou Store


Address: No. 511, Ruiou Department Store, No. 1601, Nanjing West Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai