The correct way to open the spring in the spring, “long wind coat+age reduction color”, is hard and fashionable


For ordinary people at any age, trench coats are the most important items in the spring wardrobe. They are not only versatile and practical, but also can easily improve the gas field. There are naturally many people who love such a single product.

Everyone can also find that there are too many people wearing long trench coats on the streets of spring. At this time, if you want to be very recognizable, you will test the clothes, especially matching and color matching. If there is no clue, it is recommended to increase the age of decoction to the trench coat. This is the correct way to open the spring through spring, “long trench coat+age reduction color”, which is not pious and fashionable. I hope that the mix of the Japanese miscellaneous will help you!

1. What are the advantages of “Long Trench Clory+Elderly”?

The main purpose of wearing a long trench coat in spring is to improve the gas field. After all, compared to the light down jacket, knitted cardigan or small incense wind jacket, the effect of the long trench coat is more classic and refreshing, which helps improve the sense of prosperity.


The classic and practical field is the advantage of long trench coats, but it does not have the effect of age reduction. Therefore, for middle -aged women, you need to start with or color matching to give you a youthful breath.

Among them, the effect of starting from the color is the most immediate and not too difficult, and the visual is the most eye -catching. For example, when wearing a long trench coat, choose a color system to light up and light up. In addition to simple and practical, it breaks the tough dress.

In addition to being able to neutralize the effect and relieve the monotonous and serious sense of long trench coat shape, this idea also has the advantage of strong plasticity.

Starting from some color systems that can achieve age -reducing effects, we can make us easier to create various shapes, without having to stick to the basic color or earth colors.

Second, “Long Trench Clothes+Elderly” matching ideas

As mentioned earlier, this matching method can create N shapes. If ordinary people do not want to make mistakes, it is recommended to start from the following methods.


1. Long wind coat+age -reducing color inside dressing


The most difficult color matching ideas in spring are the two -color combination. The long trench coat adopts the basic color or khaki color system, and the color system is selected in the color system. At the same time, the gas field is improved, and the age is thin.

In addition to the light blue shirt, the white system is also a relatively outstanding age -reducing color, such as the white sweater combined with white pants, a military green trench coat, capable and refreshing.

2. Long wind coat+small area color system

With the help of large -area coloring items to enhance the stylish sense of windbreaker, it is best to choose a softer age reduction color such as light blue or light pink. If it is a bright color system, it is recommended that everyone use it in small area.


For example, when wearing a black trench coat, you can play the finishing touch by choosing color bags, color scarves, or color shoes.


3. Long wind coat+color high waist trousers

Long wind coat+high waist trousers are one of the most capable matching ideas in early spring. While using straight -cut high -waisted high -waisted suits, it can emphasize the capable sense of dress while raising the waistline. It is the best choice for women in the workplace.

However, this kind of method is strong. Choosing colorful high -waisted suit pants can cleverly break the coldness and let the dress show a fresh and western early spring atmosphere.

4. Long wind coat+color skirt

The combination that best reflects the sense of early spring atmosphere is undoubtedly long trench coat+skirt. Like umbrella skirts, pleated skirts, small floral skirts, and wave dot skirts are all suitable for middle -aged women.

Of course, if you want to make the dress more foreign, you must choose a color skirt. It can be an orange pink wave dot skirt, or a white pleated skirt, or a macaron color skirt.

Third, the age reduction color that is more combined with the windbreaker


When using the age reduction color system to enhance the stylish sense of long trench coat, ordinary people also need to pay attention to color matching, try to choose the age reduction color system that matches the trench coat as much as possible.

1. Khaki+red

The most common in early spring is the khaki trench coat, which can be light khaki or dark khaki. The focus is that the windbreaker style should be simple. In this way, it will not be too much highlights to use colored items to light up the shape.

First of all, you recommend that you choose red items, which can be brightened with the khaki trench coat and bright atmosphere.

2. Khaki color+green

The most elegant and practical color combination in spring must be classic color matching, such as khaki color+dark green, which has the elegance and intellectuality of the ground color system, without losing vitality, and very Japanese atmosphere.

It is recommended to choose a dark green knitted cardigan or shirt to shift your sight and fashion.

3. Khaki color+pink


Who said that light pink must be the exclusive of the girls. At the middle of the middle, the pink trench coat is used in the pink tube of the pink tube.

This time, the windbreaker that I shared for everyone is here. If you want to wear foreign style, you may wish to learn from it!

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