What are the three gold hardware of the marriage? Do you have to buy it? You can refer to these four points


Everyone knows that in traditional customs, when marriage, the man will give the woman three gold or hardware. The traditional three gold generally includes gold necklaces, gold rings, and gold earrings. Gold, that is the gold necklace, gold ring, gold earrings, gold bracelets and golden foot chains. Regional customs are different, family conditions are different, and the purchase situation is different. However, there is no clear definition now, and the three golds are okay, so you need to buy according to your actual situation.

The actual sending the woman’s three gold and five gold is a kind of mind about the woman, and it is also a kind of auspicious symbol of her mother -in -law, a auspicious symbol, and also makes the mother’s family more assured. The most important thing is the meaning of the good love between the two parties, Jin Yuliang, and the preciousness of gold represents the love between the two sides and will always be together.

Buy according to your preference:


Today, the development of the new era, many women are no longer the three gold hardware, as long as they look at the jewelry they can see, they can be purchased and worn. For example, Xiaoyu, when I got married, I bought a good emerald bracelet with a good water head without buying Sanjin because I didn’t wear it when I bought it. So beautiful women who don’t like to wear gold can choose other jewelry to wear.


Buy according to local customs:

Some local customs are still more traditional. You must buy three gold when you get married. Even if you do n’t wear it, you have to buy gold jewelry. If you do n’t buy it, you are dissatisfied with your daughter -in -law. Therefore, in order to respect the local customs, you still have to buy gold for the bride Jewelry.


Buy according to whether to preserve the value:

Many people think of gold can be preserved, so you must buy three gold when you get married. In case you appreciate it later, if you are purely for financial investment, then you better consider it, because there are not many gold jewelry you bought, not much, not much. The role, and I haven’t bought what you like, if you want to appreciate, then you might as well buy gold bars.


Buy according to the actual situation:

When buying gold jewelry, you must go for a lot of effort, to buy it according to your actual situation. If you decide to buy three gold, you do not necessarily buy a very heavy gold, and buy a gold jewelry that suits you. Generally, the golden chain is more fine and more delicate. The thick chain will be rustic, and it is not safe to wear.

Another point to tell you, whether you want to buy gold jewelry or jade bracelet, you have to buy it before marriage. Don’t buy it after getting married. After marriage, you do n’t have that thought to buy jewelry. And most people are reluctant to spend that money. So should you buy Sanjin, you have to look at yourself ~