The weaving diagram and description of the weaving of the bat shirt twisting jacket


No. 8 needle, about 1.1 catties cotton line

1. 102 stitches on the side, weave 10 rows of double tattoos.

2. Flowing flowers: 15 needle upper needle 6 needle and 16 needle 6 needle 6 needle 16 needle 16 needle 6 needle under 6 needle 6 needle 6 needle and 15 needle 15 needles. (15.16 shots of 60.16 shots of 60.16 shots of 6 times)

3, first weave 4 lines, 6 needle twisted flowers, 8 ringling in the back, 4 flowers, 6 stitches bloom,

4. Add needles on both sides, 2 lines plus 1 needle 4 times, 2 lines plus 2 stitches 4 times, it is best to add 5 stitches once.

5. The size of the clothes depends on the individual.

6. Pick the collar and weaving below.

Whole clothes

The piece is sliced, that is, weaves from the sleeves on the left to the right side of the right, and the line is interrupted again. Tool

Gymnastics must also be determined according to the personal figure.


Fang square, measure the size with a ruler, and then measure your collar, bust, like

The width and length of the sleeve, and then set the needle. After the whole piece is woven, the woven collar is sutured and changed to the 12th needle,

Finally, the bottom side of the bottom completes the Sanqi line: 5 shares-six shares


Stick needle: No. 10-1 No.1

The first part of the needle: 130 stitches of Shuanglota (one foot four width) (half -inch) (half inches) is the edge of the sleeve.

The second part is to split the flower: divide 130 stitches into two equal parts to find the central point, that is, 65 stitches on both sides,

Counting 12 stitches on both sides from the center position, that is, 24 stitches, and the 24 stitches are upper needles. There are six stitches on the two sides of the 24 stitches. These 6 stitches are lower needles. (That is, six stitches braids) and so on.

After the number of stitches is divided (for no errors when weaving, take notes when the minute needles can be made)

The third part is to divide the needle after the needle, do not reduce the three braids (each twisted and eight lines),

Sleeve length: 6 inches (depending on the length of your arm) I woven 7 braids.

The fourth part is to add needles: seven twisted arguments We have weaved three

In the fourth rigidity, add a needle, add a needle on both sides. (That is, I added eight stitches in the eight lines.) There is a line of stitches at the fifth twisted debate, and two stitches on each side. (That is, I added 16 stitches

In the sixth twisted debate and the seventh, one line of needle, add three stitches on both sides (I added a total of

48 stitches,


Part 5: Enter the front and rear films: Weaving here: Pay each twisted debate into two -way dislocation,


(That is, three stitches and one needle and one needle.

At the same time on both sides of the sleeve (disposable) each one (one time) is enough (I add each other on both sides


Two inches and a half inches (the specific number of stitches is divided by the number of stitches from the size). The current length is initial

One foot six inches.

Part 6: Always finish the needle, start to twist again, and repeat the law of twisting.

Four twisted arguments are not reduced according to the rules (Note: This is your personal person according to you

The key step of fat and thin. You can also weave three twisted arguments, or weave four twisted arguments, compared to

Your body depends)

Part 7: Enter the front film, add a needle in a stranded place in the center of the shoulder, add needle

Methods; less later, more than the front of you, according to your collar, (I add to

One inch wide, began to add two and a half inches deep. At the same time, the front film is completed, and the front film is half -inch.


The weaving film: The flower of the latter film is basically corresponding to the flower of the front film. I woven 7 twisted arguments in the back film

Corresponding to the weaving on the right and the left half

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