“Funny Pillow” Hot Selling Emoji Bags into Cultural Consumption Hot Spots


As an important part of online exchanges, the emoticon package also has its own peripheral products. Recently, a “funny” expression pillow has become an explosion of Taobao anime on Taobao. It is not difficult to search for “funny pillow” on Taobao. It is found that hundreds of businesses are selling this pillow, and the price is mostly between 15-30 yuan. Most sellers have sold thousands of sales, and some even more than 50,000. Not only that, some netizens found that “funny pillows” also landed in Amazon, Japan, priced at 1550 yen (about 101 yuan), which was more than three times more expensive than domestic prices.

It is reported that this “funny pillow” originated from an activity called “Where’s the funny baby go” launched by Baidu Tieba. Some merchants began to launch “funny pillows.” On social platforms, many netizens use “funny pillows” to play cosplay or post spoof UGC videos. The most popular one is to use the pillow as his face, and then wrap it in the quilt.

In addition to the surroundings of animation, in recent years, with the popularity of emoticons on the Internet, emoticons will even be adapted into movies. In June of this year, Sony Film Animation Company announced that the title of its Emoji emoticon movie was initially set as “Emojimovie: Express YOURSELF, and released the first stills of the movie, it is reported that the story will focus on the emoji emoticons. trip. In addition, the 3D live animated movie with the protagonist of Raboski will also start next year.

From the perspective of industry insiders, emoticons, as a popular culture at the moment, are related to the activeness of current social software, but on the other hand, there are too few stories contained in the emoticon package itself. It is easy to be affected by market heat, and it is difficult to carry out long -term commercial operation.

Beijing Commercial Daily reporter Lu Yang Intern reporter Deng Xingzi