10 portable water cups and sports cup brands -practical and good -looking cup recommendations


Today, take a look at the portable water cup in my clip.


The cup brand that will be introduced:

Drink in the box

Monbento water cup

NUOC water cup

South Korea’s music buckle

Kinto Japanese home brand

Joseph Joseph

Thermos meal magician

Stepori Water Cup

Dilebel Water Cup


Swell water cup

1. DRINK in the Box


Drink in the Box is a brand owned by Canadian Precidio. The earliest products designed for children, producing reusable juice boxes, and now it is a cup that children can use.


Drink in the Box’s water cup material is safe, without bisphenol A and PHTHALATE (phthalate), and passed the most stringent US Food and Drug Administration FDA certification.

Material safety

Super fell resistance



Founded grip is convenient

Drink in the Box straw cup

Capacity: 235ml, 355ml


5 color options

2. Monbento water cup

French lunch box brand, established in 2009. All products of Monbento use non -toxic and environmentally friendly advanced materials Tritan, excluding bisphenol A, 100 % French manufacturing, can be used with confidence.

Monbento Creative Water Cup

Capacity: 330ml, 500ml

Good sealing performance


3. NUOC water cup

The NUOC water cup comes from Spain. NUOC means “water” in Vietnam. The brand is committed to replacing disposable plastic bottles, reducing the one -time plastic pollution of the ocean and protecting the environment.

4. South Korea music buckle buckle

The Korean brand music buckle is a company that produces home daily necessities. At first, it was known for various seal containers. Products were very popular in China. There are many products in Lexiele, and the appropriate water cups can be selected in each price range.

Lejiule buckle glass

Capacity: 350ml

High borosilica glass

High temperature resistance

Lejiu Lejiu Plastic Cup

Capacity: 350ml, 550ml, 750ml

Silicone handle

Tritan material


Capacity: 550ml, 750ml

Three -claw hand design

5. KINTO Japanese home brand

Kinto started in Japan in 1972. It is a popular table supplies brand in Japan. KINTO’s products are simple, practical, and alone, and have won the Japan Excellent Design Award many times.

Kinto sports water cup

Capacity: 480ml

ABS resin material

Temperature-resistant -20 ℃ -120 ℃

Capacity: 300ml, 500ml

Temperature -resistant 80 ℃

Capacity: 600ml


Stainless steel

Long -term insulation and cold

6. Joseph Joseph


The twin brothers of the Joseph family in the British Joseph family were co -founded in 2002. The two brothers graduated from St. Martin Academy of Arts and Cambridge Business College. It is a very ingenious brand.

Joseph Joseph Record Point Creative Water Bottle

Capacity: 400ml, 600ml

Creative bottle cap can record drinking water volume


7. Thermos meal magician


Founded in 1904 in Germany was founded and was the ancestor of thermal insulation container. The English “thermos” is derived from Greek, which means “calories, heat preservation”. The fame of the meal is well -known worldwide, and there is no need to introduce too much.

Steel Plastic Water Cup


Capacity: 500ml, 710ml

Open a meter when you press

Tritan material

Good sealing


8. Special Baihui Water Cup

Tibaihui is a plastic fresh -keeping container manufacturer, headquartered in the United States. “Doing value without price” is the concept of special Baihui. Tybaihui is committed to providing customers with high -quality household goods with valuables, and will not participate in the competition of low -end products; Features.

Stepori MINI Irise Cup

Capacity: 280ml


Can be installed with hot and cold water 0 ℃ -140 ℃

The mother cover design, double -layer sealed


PC material

Special Plane Simple Plastic Cup

Capacity: 310ml, 430ml

9. Dilebel Water Cup

Dilebel is a domestic brand and produces high -value children and adult water cups.

Dilebel Plastic Water Cup

Capacity: 350ml, 550ml


Dilebel frosted space cup

Capacity: 350ml, 500ml


10. SWELL Insulation Cup


Swell is the Internet celebrity cup. The company’s slogan is: redefine the thermal insulation cup with fashion! Swell has been sought after in the science and technology industry and fashion community. It has cooperated with the TED conference, Starbucks, Facebook, Spotify, and Google, advocating the concept of “adventure”, “health” and “fashion first”.

The SWELL cup has a unique shape, unique pattern, and has certain recognition. Long -term heat preservation, materials are friendly to the environment, use high -quality stainless steel and soybean health pigments, and the high value of the street is high. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high.

Unique fashion style

Insulation and cold

Environmental protection

Swell Classic Insulation Cup

Capacity: 260ml, 500ml

Insulation: 12 hours

Sub -cold: 24 hours


304 stainless steel

SWELL large -capacity home installation cup

Capacity: 1200ml

Insulation: 18 hours

Sub -cold: 40 hours

The 10 portable water cup brands are introduced here. If you know other high -value portable cup brands, remember to leave a message and tell me!

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Good sealing performance

Tritan material


Tritan material

ABS resin material

Tritan material

Tritan material

PC material

304 stainless steel