The basic knowledge of the doors and window curtain wall glass (collection version)


The basic knowledge of the doors and window curtain wall glass (collection version)

1. What is visible light transmission rate?

In the range of visible spectrum (380 nanometer to 780 nanometer), the percentage of incident light intensity is performed through the light intensity of the glass.

2. What is visible light reflectance?

In the range of visible spectrum (380 nanometer to 780 nanometer), the percentage of the light intensity of the light reflection of glass reflection.

3. What is solar energy?

In the range of solar spectrum (300 nanometer to 2500 nanometers, contains ultraviolet light, visible light, and near -infrared light), the percentage of incident solar strength through the solar strength of the glass.

4. What is a solar reflectance?

In the range of solar spectrum (300 nanometer to 2500 nanometers, contains ultraviolet light, visible light, and near -infrared light), glass reflection solar strength to the percentage of incident solar strength.

5. What is U value (K value)?

U value (K value) is the heat transfer coefficient of glass components. Under the standard conditions of Ashrae, due to glass thermal transmission and temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, the heat transfer of air to air.

Its British -made unit is: British calories per hour per square foot temperature. The public unit is: the lower the temperature of the tile per square meter, the lower the U value, and the lower the heat transfer of the glass.

6. What is the condition of Ashrae winter U value?

The outdoor air temperature is 0 ° F (-18 ° C), the air temperature in the city is 70 ° F (21 ° C), the outdoor air flow rate is 15mph (24km/h), the indoor air is naturally convective, and the sunlight strength is 0 BTU/ H-FT2 (0w/m2) (night).

7. What is the condition of Ashrae summer U value?

The outdoor air temperature is 90 ° F (-18 ° C), the air temperature in the city is 75 ° F (21 ° C), the outdoor air flow rate is 7.5MPH (12km/h), the indoor air is naturally opposed, and the sunlight strength is 248bTU/ H-FT2 (0w/m2) (daytime).

8. What is a shade coefficient SC?

Under the same conditions, the ratio of solar radiation energy through a glass component to the amount of transparent glass through 3 mm is the shade coefficient of the component, which is represented by SC. The smaller the sunshade coefficient, the better the performance of the direct radiation of the sun.

9. What is relatively hot?

When the sun is direct in summer, the instantaneous heating through the glass component, including sun radiation heating and heat radiation heat. The lower the heat, the better the energy saving performance. Relatively hot

RHG = 20 (Y SC+14, U Xia [BTU/H-FT2] or, RHG = 8, U Xia+630, SC [W/M2].

10. What is thermal stress rupture?

Due to the uneven temperature of the same glass in different parts of the same glass, the phenomenon of uneven rupture is called thermal stress rupture. The characteristics of thermal stress rupture are characterized by the cracks of the edge of the glass and rectangle with the edges.

11. What are several factors that affect thermal stress?

Building orientation, cold climatic conditions, glass size and shape, heating facilities, window frame systems, indoor and outdoor shielding, and glass body absorption.

12. What is hot reflex glass?

Hot reflected glass is usually the coating glass, which is usually composed of 1 ~ 3 membranes on the glass surface. The shade coefficient of thermal reflection glass SC = 0.2 ~ 0.6.

13. What is the characteristics of thermal reflection glass?

The ideal visible light transmission rate and reflectivity, a variety of reflex color, low solar gain, ideal shade coefficient.


14. What is the application of one -way transparent glass?

It is mainly used in hidden observation windows, and the vacuum magnetic sputtering equipment is coated on the transparent glass or coloring glass. The membrane surface must be observed towards the bright light source, and the appropriate light ratio should be created to achieve the ideal effect.

15. What is wind load capacity?

That is to withstand the ability of uniform wind pressure. It is related to the size and thickness of the glass.

16. How much is the control of the probability of broken?

Theoretically controlled within 3%(deductible crushing rate). Due to market changes, it has been unable to reach.

17. How much is the type of substrate (glass original)?

Two categories of transparent glass and coloring glass. Coloring glass often uses: F Green (G R2), H Green (GR5), China Green (GR8), Lake Blue (AZ), American Blue and Green (PG4), Belgian Blue and Green (BL6).

18. What are the colors of coating glass?

The coating glass includes gray, silver gray, blue gray, tea, gold, yellow, basket color, green, blue -green, pure gold, purple, rose red, neutral color and so on.

19. What is dry film and color?

Does the thickness of the membrane affect the color -related color? The color produced by the extremely thin layer of gasoline film in the soap bubbles and the water in the water is the color of the film. It is not the color of the film material, but the interaction of light and film. When the thickness of the film on the coating glass changes, the interference color changes, which is why the coating glass has various colors. The color of the coating glass of the coloring glass is the color of the glass body, not a thousand involved.

20. Does membrane pollution affect color?

The coating glass that produces colors of the film, even if it adheres to a very thin and transparent pollution film, the color of the glass will change significantly. Uneclained pollution membranes can turn the appearance into a face.

21. What is a glass mosaic?

Glass mosaic is a square glass product (general specifications of 20 × 20mm; 25 × 25mm) by quartz, long -alcoholic, fluoride, etc. Turbid or semi -milk turbidity.

The glass mosaic has the advantages of corrosion resistance, non -fading, color dog beauty, cleanliness, low price, convenient construction, etc., and is deeply welcomed by the construction industry and users. Glass mosaic is mainly used for exterior wall decoration. It not only embellishs and beautify the city, but also protects the walls and extend the service life and maintenance cycle of the building. And due to the fewer glass mosaic investment, fast results, and relatively simple production technology and operations. Therefore, since the rise of the 1980s, the company has developed rapidly. The company has spread all over the country. In the early 1990s, the third production climax was set off. There are nearly two hundred mosaic manufacturers, with an annual output of more than 100 million square meters. As the exterior wall decoration and wall protection are becoming more and more valued by the national and local governments, in recent years, the new exterior wall decoration materials have continued to emerge, and the market is particularly fierce. The level of technical equipment, especially the double -knife molding, improves the large -quality glass mosaic of glass mosaic, and also puts the glass mosaic market prospects.

22. What is anti -theft glass?

Anti -theft glass refers to transparency and high strength. It cannot be destroyed with simple tools, which can effectively prevent the glass of theft or damage incident. Anti -theft glass is usually made of glass made of multi -layer, high -strength organic transparency materials and glue compound materials. In order to give the early warning performance, the metal silk mesh can be sandwiched in the tape. Device. Once the thieves commit crime, touch the alarm device in the glass, and even trigger the injured weapons or halo gases connected in series in order to capture the thieves in time and protect the property from theft. Anti -theft glass is mainly used for bank mandarin, weapon warehouses, cultural relic warehouses and exhibition cabinets, valuable commodity counters, etc.

23. What is explosion -proof glass?

Explosion -proof glass is a glass with damage to the human body that can prevent shot and other explosives. It is mainly used for high -pressure container observation holes, medical use of high -pressure oxygen compartment, high -pressure laboratory, mining blasting and war frontier command post. Its structure and performance can be designed according to the size of the explosion, the characteristics of the materials used, and the methods related to enhanced to achieve a limited guarantee of personal safety. Greater bulletproof glass and performance requirements are even more harsh.

24. What are sprayed and painted glass?

Spray -carving glass and painted glass are decorative products that integrate art and technology. The sprayed glass has flat carvings and three -dimensional carvings. It can be carved on the glass surface. The layout of the hair bottom and the hair of the hair. It is made into a variety of products such as glass furniture, craft partitions, screens, and murals. It can create a crystal and transparent atmosphere for indoor decoration. It is an excellent material for hotel restaurants and home interior decoration. At the same time, it can also be made into large chandeliers. Painted glass is also a decorative glass. It draws various patterns on the transparent glass plane and has various colorful colors. It can set off the bright and colorful ornaments of the structure of the building.

25. What is chemical tempered glass?

Chemical tempered is the surface compression stress of glass through ion exchange. This processing method is especially suitable for 2-4mm thick glass. The advantage of chemical tempered glass is that the high temperature process of not above the transition temperature, so it does not exist like physical tempered glass. The surface flatness is the same as the original glass. At the same time Cutting. The disadvantage of chemical tempered is that the phenomenon of stress is prone to stress. At present, there are already protective process measures, so that chemical tempered glass has the irreplaceable application characteristics of other enhanced glass varieties.

Scope of application:

It can be used or processed directly into a mezzanine glass, which is widely used in copy machines, diving mirrors, microwave ovens, oven, instrument covers, tempered mezzanine glass, etc.

It can be processed into a special use of mezzanine, for military vehicles, advanced vehicles, trains. Trams, engineering vehicles, aviation, ships and various bulletproof glass.

26. What is electromagnetic shielding glass?

1. Structure: This product is suppressed by specially treated the metal mesh between two layers of glass or transparent resin. The color of the metal mesh is generally black, where the wire diameter and pore diameter of the metal mesh vary according to different uses. The surrounding glass is left with a metal mesh installation edge to connect with the device. The size of the metal mesh installation edge is determined by the user’s structure.

2. Shielding performance: Press the shielding performance divided into two gears: high and low:

Low -grade: In the 30MHz? 1GHL frequency segment, the shielding performance is above 60dB, mainly used for shielding room windows.

High -end: In the 30MHz? 1GH 缬 缬 缬 缬, the shielding performance is above 80DB, which is mainly used for windows for various electronic equipment and precision instruments.

3. Optical performance: It has good light transmittance and high -resolution portrait, has good visual effects, has no sense of network, makes the image clearer.

4. Mechanical performance:

Anti -vibration: 10 ~ 17Hz 0.1mm

17 ~ 50Hz 0.2mm

50 ~ 500Hz 2.5mm

Anti -impact: Acceleration 15g 11ns 1/2 Sine waves are not damaged

5. Main use:

(1) Prevent information leakage to effectively prevent electromagnetic waves from harming the human body.

(2) Anti-electromagnetic wave radiation performance, strictly tested by the relevant departments, attenuation of electromagnetic power in the 10MHz-100MHz band is more than 99.9%

(3) 100%eliminate surface static electricity

(4) Harmly mixed gitness to the human body, the absorption rate is greater than 75%

(5) Increase the screen screen solution

(6) Have explosion -proof glass characteristics

27. What is the Fifu Glass?

Various defects in the glass material structure are under the radiation and bombardment of 髙 energy rays and particles, and it is easy to produce a certain amount of free electronics and holes. “Color heart” turns glass into unrove or even black, which greatly reduces the metering rate of glass. The use of doted aluminum and silicon glass is basically composed of the introduction of radiation -resistant stabilizers to hinder and reduce the formation of “color heart”, which improves the split stability of the glass. This glass has high mechanical strength, good chemical stability, excellent thermal shock resistance,

Suitable for glass enhancement. It can be used as radical -resistant transparent materials, such as solar cells, radiation -resistant glass covers, ray tubes, hoods, etc. It is extremely applied in the fields of aerospace and national defense.

28. What is ultraviolet glass?

UV -proof glass is made by incorporating the CE02 of the ultraviolet agent in the glass. The glass is based on aluminum silicate, and has good chemical stability, heat -resistant impact, and radiation resistance. A transparent materials that can be used for isolation and filtering ultraviolet radiation, such as: UV -proof windows, ultraviolet protective partitions for laser, ultraviolet aging protection of organic materials, etc. The application field is broad.

29. What is hot melt glass?

Hot -melt glass, also known as Crystal Site Art Glass, is a new family that is currently in the decoration industry. Hot -melt glass originated from Western countries and has entered my country’s market in recent years. In the past, my country’s markets were all foreign products, and now domestic glass manufacturers have introduced products produced by foreign hot melt furnaces. The hot -melt glass has become the focus of designing units, glass processing owners, and decorative owners with its unique decorative effect. The hot -melt glass span the existing glass form, giving full play to the artistic concept of designers and processors, incorporating modern or classical art forms into the glass, so that the flat glass processing various uneven and colorful artistic effects of various bumps and colors Essence There are many types of hot -melt glass products. At present, there are already hot -melt glass tiles, hot melt glass, large walls embedded in glass, partition glass, integrated bathroom glass washbasin, finished mirror frame, glass art, etc. Unique glass materials and artistic effects are very extensive. Hot melting glass is a special melt furnace, with flat glass and inorganic color materials as the main raw materials. Set specific heating procedures and annealing curves. At the softening point of the glass, it is formed by the special molding molding molding. If necessary, then process processing, drilling, drilling, and tailoring.

30. What is breathing glass?

It has a breathing effect like a living creature, which is used to eliminate people’s discomfort in the room. After Japan’s Yoshida Industry Corporation applied to Germany a little improvement, it has successfully developed a breathing window that can eliminate discomfort and named it 丨 FJ windows. Survey, the temperature difference in the room in the room is only about 0.5 degrees Celsius, which is especially suitable for people’s senses. Not only that, breathing glass also has a high energy saving effect. According to the conventional, its air -conditioning load coefficient is 80, and after installing the breathing window, it drops to 51.9 (the better the coefficient, the better the energy -saving). According to reports, this type of breathing window framework is made of special aluminum materials, with insulation materials for external crickets, while window glass is used to reflect the double -layer glass of infrared rays to leave 12 mm in the middle of the double glass. An inert gas, the glass near the inside of the room has a layer of metal membrane.

31. What is vacuum glass?

This glass is double -layer. Because it is pumped into a vacuum in double -layer glass, it has the characteristics of extremely high thermal resistance. This is unmatched by other glass. People used to think that vacuum windows have high practicality. In the hot summer, the outdoor high temperature cannot be carried into the room; in the severe winter, the heating in the room will not be relieved, which can be regarded as the disadvantages of “loyalty guard%and no air conditioning brought by air conditioners.

32. What is colorful 什么 glass?

Using color inlaid glass can not only bring new feelings, but it also has modern shapes, classical and elegant, artistic and practicality, plus clever ideas and new craft skills, which can give full play to personal aesthetics. Based on their respective design ideas and ingenuity, they are randomly combined. Today, the more popular types are: pressing flowers, ice crystals, mirroring, scrubs, grinding edges, and various colors of color glass, and the copper or aluminum metal frame is slightly inlaid.

33. What is hollow glass?

The hollow glass is composed of two or more layers of past tablet glass. Use high strength, high gas dense, sexual composite bonding agent, bond two or more glass with sealing strips and glass strips, fill the dry gas in the middle, and fill the desiccant inside The dryness of the air. Its characteristics have good thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and other performances because they have a certain cavity. It is mainly used for the outer glass decoration of the warm, air conditioning, and sound anti -sounding facilities. Its optical performance, thermal conductivity, and sound insulation coefficient shall meet national standards.

34. What is high -performance hollow glass?

璃 In addition to the dry air between the two layers of glass, the performance of the hollow glass should also be applied to a special metal film with good thermal performance in the middle of the air in the middle of the glass. Essence Its characteristics are good energy -saving effects, heat insulation, and insulation to improve the indoor environment. There are eight colors in appearance, which is full of excellent decorative art value.

35. What is tempered glass?

Stew glass, also known as strengthening glass. It is a glass that uses heating to a certain temperature after heating to a certain temperature, or a special treatment of special treatment. Its characteristics are high strength, and its bending strength and impact resistance are 3 to 5 times higher than those of the past tablet glass. Good safety performance, uniform internal stress, mesh cracks after crushing. Mainly used for doors and windows, interval walls and cabinet doors. The tempered glass is still resistant and alkaline. Generally thickness is 2-5 mm. Its specifications are 400 mm X900 mm and 500 mm X1200 mm.

36. What is semi -tempered glass?

A variety of semi -tempered glass is between Xitong tablet glass and tempered glass. It has part of the advantages of tempered glass, such as higher strength than past glass, while avoiding the flatness of the flat glass, easy to explode, once destroyed That is, the overall crushing is not as good as the weakness. When the semi -tempered glass is destroyed, the radiological radial radius is cracked along the crack source. Generally, there is no cut -out -oriented crack expansion, so the overall overall will not collapse after the destruction.

Semi -tempered glass is suitable for curtain walls and outer windows in buildings, which can be made into tempered coating glass. Its image distortion is better than tempered glass. However, it should be noted that semi -tempered glass is not a safe glass range. Once it is broken, there is still sharp fragments that may hurt people and cannot be used for skylights and may occur in the occasion of human impact. The surface pressure stress of semi -tempered glass is between 24MPa and 52MPa, and the surface pressure of the tempered glass should be greater than 69m PA. The production process of semi -tempered glass is the same as that of tempered glass. It is only different from the wind pressure of the quenching. Cooling can be smaller than the tempered glass.

37. What is the silk glass?

Filament glass is called anti -crushed glass. When it is heated to soften the former tablet glass to the red heat, it is made of the preheated wire or iron mesh into the middle of the glass. Its characteristic is that the fire prevention is superior, which can block the flames. It does not burst when the high temperature is burned, and it will not cause fragments to hurt people when it is broken. In addition, there is anti -theft performance, glass cut and wire mesh blocking. It is mainly used for roof sunroof and balcony windows.

38. What is a glass mosaic?

Glass mosaic is also called glass brocade or glass tiles. It is a small specification of colorful decorative glass. The general specifications are 20 mm, 40 mm, 30 mm C0 meters, and 40 meters X40 meters. The thickness is 4-6 mm. Small glass inlaid materials that belong to various colors. The appearance is colorless, colorful and transparent, translucent, gold, silver spots, patterns, or stripes. The front is smooth and delicate; there are rough grooves on the back, so that it can be pasted with mortar. The characteristics are: the advantages of soft, simple, elegant, beautiful, beautiful, chemical stability, good hot and cold stability and other advantages. Moreover, there are the characteristics of unchanging color, no accumulation of dust, light, light, and adhesion. They are mostly used for indoor parts. The outside of the balcony decoration, its pressure resistance, tensile strength, blooming temperature, water resistance, and acid resistance shall meet national standards Essence

39. What is floating glass?

The molding process of floating method is completed in the tin grooves of the protective gas (N2 and H2)? The melting glass flows in continuously from the pond kiln and drifts on the surface of the tin liquid with a relatively density. Under the action of tension, the glass liquid is spreading, flattening, and forming a flat, hardening, and cooling of the upper and lower surfaces on the tin liquid surface. The roller roller rotates, pulled the glass belt out of the tin groove into the annealing kiln. Compared with other molding methods, the advantages are: suitable for 髙 efficiency to make high -quality flat glass, if there is no ripple, uniform thickness, flat surface, parallel to each other; Low consumption; finished product utilization rate; easy to scientifically manage and realize the mapping mechanization, automation, labor production rate; the continuous operating cycle can be as long as several years, which is conducive to stable production; For example, the electric floating method reflected glass, spraying film glass, cold -end surface treatment, etc.

40. What is flower -pressing glass?

Flower glass, also known as patterned glass or flowers, is a flat glass made by the pressure extension method. The manufacturing process is divided into single rollers and double rollers. The single roller method is to pour the glass liquid to the extended table. The table can be made of cast iron or cast steel. The table or roll is engraved with patterns. The rolls are crushed on the glass liquid surface. The double roller production voltage flower glass is divided into two processes: semi -continuous pressure and continuous pressure extension. The glass liquid passes through a pair of rolls of water cooling, and the roller rotates forward to the annealing kiln. Generally, the surface of the lower roller has a bump pattern. It is a polishing roller, so as to make a single -sided pattern pressing glass. The physical and chemical performance of the flower glass is basically the same as the transparent flat glass in the past. It only has the characteristics of light transparency in optics, which can make the light softer and have a private screen care effect and a certain decorative effect. Flower glass is suitable for indoor intervals of the building, and the bathroom doors and windows and various occasions that need to block sight need to be blocked.

The above is the introduction and description of glass sealant wholesale, I hope it can be helpful to you.