What is the experience of mint sugar?


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After receiving the construction, the blood of the chicken, the next step, I have to be busy. Here, the peninsula Jun wants to insert a word. Although it is important to work hard (learning), if you encounter stress, don’t die.

How to reduce pressure in the new year? I think eating mint is a very effective way.

Mint sugar and saliva blend with each other. The cold feeling will instantly swim every corner of the body through the lips and teeth, and each pore will open the breath. After eating sugar, the wind coming from the face is sweet ~ (feelings comfortable


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Peninsula is really addicted to mint sugar, starting from high school: eating mint sugar stimulation under the eyes of the teacher, mint sugar plus chilled white open decompression, eating mint sugar is like a magic dumplings. Once it starts, there is no reason to stop. Later Slowly become, eat a box a day, a large bottle of three days, now it is even more addictive, always paying attention to the bag and the inventory at home, whether it is enough to renew.

For us addicts, the coolness brought by mint sugar is different. Even mint sugar of the same brand is different.


Do you have the habit of stocking mint sugar?

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Like wine tasting, tasting of mint also has quite a lot of knowledge. How to find mint sugar that is most suitable for your taste in many categories is a technical job.

In order to let you enter the industry as soon as possible, this issue, the Peninsula Jun is listed one by one according to the brand, and the mint sugar we have poured together in those years.


In this special circle, the four most respected brands are the Hollywood, Manzett, Taiwan unified MAX and the treasures of fishermen.

The first is the most common


There are many series, from the coolness of the entry -level level to the coldness of the soul -like cold, the Holf is all included without exception.


For those who are pursuing zero -degree stimulus,

Hollying Midnight Storm

It is undoubtedly the holy product in the circle.

Midnight storm, listening to these four words, gives people a dazzling first experience.

When the black and cold packaging is removed, remove the white and holy sugar paper, and put the crystal clear mint into the mouth, please find a closed place without air flowing, because when the tongue is exposed to the one of mint sugar Instantly, the storm will also start from the tip of the tongue, sweeping the whole body.


But no matter how stimulating the feeling between the lips and teeth, please be sure to close your mouth, because when you can’t help but open your mouth, the airflow that is ready to go will be instantaneous with the cold combination of the cold storm. Let you really feel what it means to be cold.


Obviously I didn’t eat spicy, why do I think I just killed a pot of Chongqing hot pot …

Zhihu Jacinle

The second is the most famous



Manzetes sit up almost in the mint circle, even in the store, Manditz is not far from the lotus in the store.


The reason why Mantis’s reputation is noisy is the famous ones

Manzes Cola fountain


, A Manzes can make a bottle of cola boiling, and the same Manzes mint can also make a soul boiling.

In the Manzes series, the most cold is

Clear (black)

As long as a small one can make the soul boil, the body is trembling.

Unlike Heto’s domineering and rapid coolness, the coolness brought by Manzetus seems to be a flat thunder, fierce and imposing.

Compared with the two brands in the previous two, mint sugar from Treasure Island Taiwan

“Uniform Max COOL Bar Cow”

, It seems very petty, slightly niche consumer group, adds a bit noble to this mint sugar.

Exquisite bottles, combined with colorful colors, are enough to distinguish the unified MAX from other brands. Here we must focus on recommending Taiwan’s two mint of mint of Max Cool — COOL Green and Cool Blue Edition.

20 seconds before the entrance, the mint is very cool, and the fruit flavor of strawberries, grapes, oranges and other fruits will slowly exudate with a little chewing. Friends who rag up or go to high -speed will must not miss the green and blue versions to ensure the refreshment!

The last one to be recommended is from Britain

Treasure of Fisherman

Unlike the above three kinds of mint sugar, the treasure of fishermen’s treasure became a reason for the top of the circle. The birth of the people was to alleviate the various respiratory systems suffered from fishermen who fish in harsh areas such as Iceland. question.

The old packaging of the treasure of the fisherman

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To this day, the treasure series of the fisherman has become a new noble in the mint circle, especially

The treasure of the fisherman has strong mint flavoring throat sugar

In the green and warm iron box, the ingenuity from the British island is ingenious.

More importantly, the fisherman’s strong throat sugar entrance has a faint herbic fragrance, giving many partners who are obsessed with mint sugar a inexplicable sense of security.


It is such a small one that allows us to feel the extremely cold and lonely cold from Northern Europe no matter where we are.

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In fact, in addition to the four brands mentioned above, there are many many mint sugars on the market, such as the Berk Impact Mint series, the eye thirsty series, and so on.

Some people also have mint sugar with a drug background for Kyoto Nianci and Golden Throat.

If you want to take out each mint of sugar, it can be written almost a year -old history.

In addition to the excavation of the brand and taste, the friends in the mint circle are also getting farther and farther on the road of pursuing bliss. For example, how to develop unlimited taste experience with mint sugar has always been the ultimate topic exploring in the circle …

Mint sugar and carbonated beverages are served with carbonic acid, full of gas -containing carbonated beverages, under the stimulation of mint sugar, it will suddenly become uncontrollable torrents, growing back and forth between the stomach and the esophagus. Few people like it.

Mint sugar is served with pepper oil. When the hot stimulus brought by pepper is still staying on the tongue, the cold brought by strong mint sugar will come between the lips and teeth in another way.


Unlike the hotness of chili oil, the ice of mint sugar is another spicy degree in the ultimate sense. These two spicy feels of different properties are fighting back and forth in the tongue, and each other does not give up, forming ice and fire five Special taste of heavy sky.


In addition to the strange way of eating, some mint sugar is also given a sense of ritual at some specific moments in life.

Some people like to eat a grain of mint sugar before the exam.

Some people like to eat a grain of mint before talking to others, which will make them more confident …


Most people who like mint sugar have no resistance to mint. Drink mint flavors, toothpaste to buy mint flavors, perfume flavor, green plants only choose mint, and so on.

It is such a small mint sugar, but it integrates the life of young people unknowingly. Did you eat today’s sugar?

Some people say that life in the city is boring and boring

Then I hope to use these various stories

Give your warmth at your Peninsula convenience store


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