40+ women are just worn by Yao Chen, black coats with flower silk scarves, high -level and fashionable


It is not difficult to wear a black coat. It is difficult to wear a sense of “outstanding sense”. Fortunately, there are many methods. Take Yao Chen’s black coat shape. She started from two aspects of matching and accessories. Next, we might as well analyze how Yao Chen is paired with black coats and how to choose accessories. 40+ women are just worn by Yao Chen, black coats with flower silk scarves, high -end and fashionable.

Analysis of Yao Chen’s black coat modeling


1: Paired with black inside, black pants, black shoes

People who like black coats are nothing more than a thin effect of the black coat. This is the case, we might as well use Yao Chen’s “black coat+black inside+black pants+black shoes” all over the body black matching method. one side.


The most important thing is that this kind of whole body black match is simple and easy to learn. Even if it is a fashionable white, you can learn it. However, this method of matching is not all benefits. Its deficiencies are color single, monotonous modeling. To make up for the shortcomings, we must match the accessories.


2: Choose flower silk scarf accessories items

There are many accessories items, such as bags, hats, belts, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Yao Chen chose flower silk accessories. The so -called “flower silk scarf” refers to a single product made of printed patterns and uses silk materials. In terms of fashion, the scarf is not as good as other accessories; on the face value, the flower scarf is not as good as other accessories. So why did Yao Chen choose a flower scarf?


In my opinion, there may be these reasons. The first point is that there is a large color difference between the scarf and the black coat, which helps improve the overall shape and eye -catching. The second point is the inherent elegance of the scarf, which gives the black coat a different style. The third point is the colorful color of the scarf, which can relieve the monotonous sense of shape.


Black coats that can make everyone have a “rotten street” shape that can be worn so fashionable. It can be seen that Yao Chen’s clothes are not ordinary. If you recognize Yao Chen’s clothes, you may continue to understand Yao Chen’s dressing.

Continue to understand Yao Chen’s wear


Cartoon sweater

How old is the cartoon sweater? I think everyone should be able to see in Yao Chen’s shape, and it feels that she is five or six years old. The most important thing is that the cartoon sweater is not limited to a certain cartoon character, but that all cartoon characters can be printed in the sweater items, which means that everyone has a full and free choice space.


Coverer wearing a hooded sweater

Although the coat wearing a hooded sweater is good -looking, there are too many advantages in dressing, such as pressing a man, making fat, easy to produce bloated, and so on. Fortunately, there is no way to solve it, we can learn from Yao Chen. First of all, choose a black color coat, and use the black thin effect to weaken the coat stacking the hooded sweater bloated. Secondly, choose a thin and light fabric hooded sweater to reduce the thickness of the sweater itself. If you do these two points, you can wear the “coat+hooded sweater”.

Pierced down jacket

Everyone knows that down jackets are the most bloated items, but what everyone doesn’t know is that in fact, there is a down jacket called “tailor down jacket”, even with a hooded sweater, it is not bloated. So, what is a hair seam down jacket? This is Yao Chen’s order, the orderly arrangement of the seam design, which not only reduces the fluffy sense of down jacket, but also makes it stylish.

As a “fashionable”, Yao Chen is suitable for us to learn from the study. However, it is not a long -term plan. I hope that when you learn from Yao Chen’s wear, you can refine the way of dressing suitable for you.


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