A residential building in the New Territories in Hong Kong: A husband and wife were killed and left a hundred unique residents to be evacuated


Source: Overseas Network

Fire in a residential building in New Territories in Hong Kong

Overseas Network, January 18th

香港新界一住宅楼起火:一对夫妻丧生留下独子 百名住户被疏散

According to the Hong Kong “East Network” report on the 18th, at 14 o’clock today, a unit of Hengcui Building, Tianheng Village, Tianshuiwei, New Territories, Hong Kong, caught fire, and a large number of smoke emerged, resulting in a man coma, a woman’s body multiple burn, and the couple of the two were couples All, all died.

According to reports, the one -unit unit on the 40th floor of Heng Cui Building of Tianheng Village was on fire, and a large number of thick smoke emerged. The neighborhood neighbors reported the police urgently after discovering. Firefighters rescued a coma, who was sent to the hospital at 16:00. After the fire was extinguished, the firefighter found a woman in the house, with many burns on her body, and verified the death on the spot. 125 residents were evacuated to the ground, and someone had no time to change clothes and hurriedly escaped in pajamas.

According to the news, the fire residential house lived in a family of three, and the death of the couple lived with her son. The police were contacting his son. The residents of the same building said that due to the fire, the birds raised in the family were suspected to die due to thick smoke. At present, the cause of the fire is not clear. (Overseas Network Wang Xiaoyu)

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