The goddess of temperament is not enough without a bow.


Each girl has her own princess dream, and the sweet bow is a beautiful complex that has accompanied our childhood. The bow with a cute temperament is from childhood fun to the current sweet and moving. The delicate change, because of its existence, the clothes have a lively vitality. So what kind of magic does this small bow have? Come and sweet summer.

Part1: Bowlon dress

Dresses have always been a must -have for girls in summer, and these dresses with bows are vividly interpreted by girls. The intellectual and elegant Korean version is thin dress. The temperament round neck dress is decorated with the bow neckline, UP’s sweet temperament and cute puff skirt are as exquisite as a small dress, loose college wind shirt, and the easy and natural beauty of the Mori women.


[Korean version of thin dress]

2016 Women’s Summer New Skirt Korean Version Slim Bow Large Lace Bags Hip Dress Short Sleeve Skirt Women

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A dressed dress with water -soluble lace in the hot summer must be a lot of existence. The exquisite bow at the neckline is elegant and elegant. The temperament of everyone is very moving. The lace edges of the cuffs show the chic and delicateness. The design of the black and white stitching is classic.

[Temperament round neck dress]

Dressing female Ode to the same paragraph of the same model Jiang Xin Liu Shishi, the same year, our youth just happened to be the first upper Na Zha

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This year’s popular Joy Song let us know the stars who are good at dressing up. This same dress is shot into reality. The design of the round neckline is elegant and temperamental. The infinite beauty of the neck line is very touching. The butterfly knot belt up the fashion fan, the sweet temperament is instantly set out, and the colored collision between the colorful and black stitching of the clothes makes the flesh on the body perfectly covered.

[Sweet Slim Skirt]

Three -dimensional flowers slim bows, sleeveless vest, small dress, dress sweet summer dress female micro candy beauty

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This sweet and full -scale cute little dress will be the best choice of Baby’s participation in the small party. The design of the round neck is very elegant and moving. However, the graceful figure is infinitely salivated. The beautiful bow and waistband on the waist are very intentional. The exquisite three -dimensional flowers embellished on the slender waist skirts are lifelike, making the eyebrows become a fairy. The sweet temperament of the delicate little woman.

[Sweet Academy Wind Dress]

Free shipping 2016 new new product bow lantern cage sleeve doll skirt college sweet long sleeve women’s dress

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The versatile style does not pick people to easily control the pressure without pressure. The cute neckline is matched with a full bow, and the unique shape shows the sense of girlishness of the college’s temperament. The loose version makes the MM wear well. The loose cuffs are very easy to match, covering the thickness of the arms, and the cuffs are flying on the side of the cuffs steadily. Oh.


part2: Bows

The wardrobe is full of skirts, fishtail skirts, long skirts, skirts, and short skirts. It doesn’t matter. Let this bow jacket save the eyebrows of the eyebrows. The sweet bow is just right to set off the elegant little girl temperament, calmly calmly, calmly calmly The elegant temperament is spread out, and there are several men who can resist it. The charming women are fragrant and miles, and the ultimate feminine taste is perfect. Let’s get these clothes to save the imperfect fashion match.

[Fashion Slim V -neck shirt]

2016 spring and summer Han Fan’s new slim bow bubble bubble lantern sleeve white shirt V -neck cotton short -sleeved female top

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This fashionable top creates a goddess temperament. The sexy V -neck design shows the soft charm of the collarbone. The butterfly nodes, shaping the slender waist to show the infinite charm of women, the generous and decent fashionista, as a must -have trendy item for senior people, what are you waiting for? obsessed with.

[Loose literary white shirt]

Air Cat | Summer self -made retro literary ladies loose white bow with short -sleeved shirt women’s top

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Simple and clean white shirt is a must -have for fashionistas. How do you wear it all the time all year round? The loose version of the gray is often easy to control. The unique shoulder sleeves of the shoulders make the MM easily control. The loose cuffs cover the thick lines of the arms. The faint literary temperament is a chic choice in the summer that makes people look bright in summer. Okay.


[Simple slim top]

Summer Hanfan College Wind Bow knitted T -shirt Women’s short -sleeved slimming shirt Student simple and loose top

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The simple white top with the black edges makes the overall feeling clear and clear. The V -neck design shows the lines of the clavicle, which sets off the face shape. Moving, the black stitching of the cuffs is a stylish and stylish master, and the tailoring of the slim fit makes the bumpy curve perfectly displayed, and Get has a feminine taste.

part3: bow belt belt

The good time of youth is a little more wayward, a little more tide than others, wearing the clothes you want, reaching your favorite shape, and dressing yourself as your favorite look. The slender waist brings dressing is a necessary item for senior people, elegant skirts or long skirts fluttering, a simple belt can be rejected with different temperament charm. Okay.

[Fashion Bow Belt]

Fashion Bow waist belt female thin decorative belt lady Korean version with dress leather leather leather leather female


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Elegant skirts are not paired with a thin belt UP femininity, and the defined high -end elegant temperament is not controlled by a few people, straight skirts or monotonous skirts, because it becomes distinctive, concave, and concave. The slender lines of Xiaoman waist, for the perfect SAYHI, the high -quality touch feels full of quality. The cute bow buckle belt makes the fashion matching smart, and he is still hesitating.

[Blind Butterfly Belt]

Fashion bow thin belt female simple wild dress narrow waist sealing women decorate red and black belts

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The exquisite butterfly belt, interpret Han Fan’s elegance and simplicity to the fullest, and the naturally elegant Korean bow is sealing, and the retrospective of fashion never stops. The three -dimensional sense is great. The decoration of the sweet bow becomes playful and lively. Whether it is commuting or fashion, or in the workplace, it can hold the scene of the elegant temperament. It is great with a dress or skirt.

[Simple bow belt]

Xiahan version versatile fashion patent leather bow thin belt simple lady decoration with dress red waist chain

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A very fashionable and versatile one must bring, whether it is matched with a dress or as a decoration, the perfect combination of patent leather and bow will make the simple casual temperament UP supreme taste. The durable effect of the hardware buckle is great. The ingenious removable bow bowls allow the belt to achieve two ways of dressing. The colorful color choices always have a mushrooms that are suitable for beautiful mushrooms. What are you waiting for?


Okay, let’s hurry here today, see you next time!