The city’s drainage office explores the manhole covers fine management and keeps “every meter under the feet”


China Wuwang News In recent years, with the continuous acceleration of the urbanization process, the new residential communities have sprung up. Various forms and materials of inspection of the well cover can be seen almost everywhere.

Although it is a small thing to check the well cover, it is an indispensable part of the drainage facilities. The original function is to block the holes reserved to maintain the underground pipeline. Regarding the relevant management requirements for inspection of the well cover, the “Notice on Strengthening the Technical Management of Outside Drainage Engineering of New Residential Community in Changzhou City” was issued in 2014, and in detail Article 8 of the first part clearly states that “the manhole cover of rain sewage inspection should not be used in non -standard manhole covers such as flower pots, stainless steel wrapped in manhole cover, etc.”; There is no non -standard cover for the intensity level requirements, and all manhole covers and covers should be easy to open and meet the corresponding strength requirements. Therefore, the manhole cover we usually use includes the ball ink cast iron manhole cover and steel fiber manhole cover.

However, as developers have higher and higher requirements for real estate quality, developers consider more the overall effects of the landscape, how to make the manhole cover look less obtrusive, and better integrate with the surrounding landscape, and ignore the inspection of the manhole cover. First of all, how to ensure that it has the basic functions of safety, anti -theft, maintenance and maintenance, so as to replace the invisible manhole cover that does not meet the relevant management requirements without authorization, including using a flower pot well cover in the green belt, and the use of granite paving road surfaces. Stainless steel wrap paving well cover. This new situation has been highly valued by the leadership. On the afternoon of September 8, Xu Guangming, the secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Municipal Drainage Office, personally led the team to investigate a new residential area.

The flower pot well cover is planting some plants on the manhole cover, which is extremely hidden. Before turning on, you need to position accurately, and then clean up the green covering soil. The stainless steel edge cast iron manhole cover market is mixed with fish and dragons, lacking uniform standards. The steel plate used often does not meet the corresponding strength requirements. After being crushed by the vehicle, the stone rupture is more serious. Small, once it is embedded in a debris, and after the contact part of the rust, it is difficult to open at all, which will cause great difficulty in future maintenance work.

For these problems, one is to block and adhere to the principle of blocking the door to the use of unqualified manhole covers; the second is to be sparse, continue to increase declaration, and vigorously advocate the use of cast iron in the pavement of the granite pavement pavement manhole cover At the same time, how to beautify the manhole cover in the green belt behind the house, it is also necessary to explore different paths from the perspective of aesthetic design based on the conditions of satisfying safety and practicality. For example, through the activities of hosted manhole cover graffiti, many creators, school communities, and children in the community can use their imagination to create a certain parable story, famous cartoon image, etc., or use patriotism, or patriotism. Educational themes and public welfare advertisements are displayed, so that the cold interface of the manhole cover is given more elements closer to life, becoming a unique landscape. (Zhu Zhiqiang)