Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher: More than 30 years of concentration of coaching, the inheritance of the master and the apprentice created the artisan craftsman


The tip of the knife walks upstream of the watermelon, and a lifelike crane emerges on the green melon skin. There are many doors behind a simple fries … Behind each craft chef is the hard work of studying and hard work for ten years. It also contains the inheritance of “craftsmanship”.

The cooking teacher team of Beijing Jinsong Vocational High School (hereinafter referred to as “Jinsong Vocational High”) is the sower of this “craftsmanship”. The extreme.

Since the establishment of the school in 1983, under the careful guidance of teachers, Qingxin students have grown into hotel administrative chefs and master cooking masters. Jinsong High School has also become a cradle of catering talents in the industry.


Establish the rules first and then work hard

“The lock of the bag must be pulled, otherwise the knife is lost.” “I wrapped the blue and white tape here here, and it is easy to draw.” On the afternoon of September 13th In the practical classroom, Niu Jinggang, director of Chinese cooking, started from scratch and taught his experience to save his tools.

Niu Jinggang, director of Chinese cooking, explained food carving technology to students. Figure/Reporter Li Muyi

Niu Jinggang taught the “Cold Vegetable Food Carving Class”. The first lesson started with the knowledge tools. More than 20 high school students wearing white chefs and black apron wearing white chefs and black apron carefully listened to his name and function of each knife.

In the practical classroom on the other side, from which country’s potatoes are suitable for French fries to some kinds of potatoes are not suitable for cooking, a simple fries are opened and crushed by Western professional teacher Yan Wensheng.

Jinsong Vocational High School is the first public vocational high school in Beijing. When the school was established in 1983, a cooking major was established. During the 38 years of development, a group of professional teachers who were “masters” in the industry emerged. In 2019, the professional group of catering services was selected as the first batch of high -level backbone professional groups in Beijing.

Culinary majors have always followed the tradition of the master and the woman. At the beginning of each semester, the school will hold a “hat -granting ceremony”. After the students swore, the invited industry masters will put on their chef hat for them, and the school teachers will also be called “master”.

“Establish the rules first, and then practice hard work.” Niu Jinggang said, from the tools of the knife to packing the table. These seemingly most basic content, the masters will teach step by step and guide students to learn hard.


On the afternoon of September 13th, after cutting a piece of bamboo shoots, Zhou Shuai, a senior high school student, put the kitchen knife in the middle of his codes, straight on the board, waiting for the master to evaluate. Every step he does follows the “rules” taught by the master.

In the three years of high -profile learning, students will learn theoretical knowledge and training in the school in the first year. 40%of the courses are practical courses; the second year, the proportion of courses in practical and learning to 6: 4; In the third year, students will enter the business internship with the help of the school and conduct real exercises.

On September 13, Beijing Jinsong Vocational High School Changying Campus, the students of the cooking major received the newly issued tools of the school. Figure/Reporter Li Muyi

In order to be able to exercise basic skills through practical exercises, students started to find various part -time opportunities. In the summer vacation of this year, Yue Yishan, a senior high school student, worked part -time in a bun in his hometown in Tianjin. He had to pack hundreds of buns a day. “After wrapping a summer bun, I now have confidence in the folds I wrapped out.” Yue Yishan said with a smile. When working, the bun folds would really be criticized by the boss. “This is the spur. The master always tells us that the basic skills are not good, let alone a foothold in the industry.”

Run all over the world for learning

What are the incentives to grow desperately? From the perspective of the senior high school students, it was the masters’ physical strength infected themselves.

Not only did the students learn hard, but the teachers also knew “endless arts”. The squeezing time continued to learn and grow in the industry. They worshiped famous teachers in the catering industry and refined Chinese and western cooking skills. The teachers have left teachers to learn and practice.

“Our professional teachers have a habit, make full use of the holidays to enter the corporate practice, and complete the corporate practice at least 20 days a year.” This summer, the director of Jinsong Vocational High Catering Service Group, Zheng Senior Teacher Xiangjun, and three teachers in a family in Beijing Top five -star hotels study and training. Xiang Jun said that to meet the industry’s needs for professional talents, teachers must understand the new format of the catering industry, the latest professional technology and advanced catering service concepts.

Xiangjun is the first student of Jinsong’s high school meal cooking. He stayed in 1986 to teach. As a teacher, he studied at the same time in 35 years.

Director of Jinsong Vocational High Catering Service Group and Zheng Senior Teacher Xiangjun.

Sichuan cuisine, Lu cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, and Su cuisine, Xiang Jun also pointed at him, to learn Su cuisine, he went to Jiangsu 15. He once made the dishes into course videos and provided them to students. His most impressive recording was the day of “July 21st” in 2012. He took the camera team to record from 7 or 8 o’clock in the morning to 8 o’clock in the evening. Almost flooded.


With the continuous improvement of cooking skills, Xiangjun has successively obtained professional titles and honors such as Chinese food culinary senior technicians, senior cooking theory lecturers, and national catering competition judges. Open -wide horizons, “In order to learn the concepts of cooking and advanced vocational education, the world’s developed vocational education countries and regions have run all over.”

Not only are the teachers who are Xiangjun and Jinsong’s high duty, they have traveled to well -known catering colleges and enterprises to study and work in Europe. Several teachers were awarded the honorary titles of Chinese cooking masters, Western cooking masters, international cooking masters, 30 years of outstanding figures in the national catering industry, Chinese gourmet craftsmen, Chinese food chef artists and other honorary titles.

Reject the temptation of “going global”, adhere to the teacher’s post

For the decades of teaching in school, the “masters” also faced the temptation of “going global”, but they did not choose to leave the teacher’s position.

Why do you want to teach students? Why do you insist on being a teacher? Xiang Jun said that this stems from a period of internship experience in the student days.

In the 1980s, the early days of Jinsong’s high school, and the senior third -year student Xiang Jun was fortunate to go to the Jianguo Hotel in Beijing. This is China’s first iconic joint venture. At the beginning of the reform, the advanced management concepts of the foreign catering industry were gradually introduced to the country. At that time, the Chinese food chef of Jianguo Hotel was a Hong Kong native. He brought Hong Kong’s characteristic Cantonese cuisine to Beijing. Xiang Jun respected the master and hoped to learn new craftsmanship.

“He has a secret recipe, such as hanging soup, juice, and dish, but you can’t learn it.” Xiang Jun remembered that the chef has a small book that wrote a lot of dishes on it and was locked in the drawer. Essence At each banquet, the chef will write the ratio of each dish on a piece of paper, put it on the wall, and let everyone do it, but after the banquet, he will tear off these paper immediately, throw it in the trash can and Cover a layer of garbage.

In order to learn craftsmanship, Xiangjun took the last chance to sort out the kitchen after get off work every day. He found out the crushed paper in the trash can, organized it cleanly, and learned them one by one. After the master finished the dishes, he rushed to brush the pot, just to taste the juice on the bottom of the pot, see what the taste it was, and guess what kind of seasoning was used.

“At that time, I thought that I would never do this in the future, and I couldn’t do it. I spared no effort to pass on my life.” Xiang Jun secretly vowed. He graduated in 1986 and was taught by the school with excellent grades.

Xiang Jun told reporters that as of now, Jinsong’s vocational high school has trained nearly 10,000 Chinese food technical talents for the training of Beijing’s catering industry. “72%of the chefs in Beijing -grade hotels from Jinsong Vocational High School”, Xiangjun’s words are proud.

At the same time, graduates also nurture schools through various forms. This summer vacation, the latest business philosophy and catering technology of the hotels communicated with Xiangjun and other teachers are Li Xu, a 2002 graduate of the school. He is now a luxury hotel chef. “He studied here when he was 18 years old. , I met again after 18 years, and we all felt so much when we saw that the students were so good. “

Jinsong Vocational Gao will provide venues and equipment for the training of Chinese and Western food cooking skills for the Winter Olympics venues. Among them, two of the personnel responsible for docking training are students of Xiangjun, and they will give full play to the long -term help of the Winter Olympics.

“We always tell students that if you want to learn crafts, we must be a person first.” Xiang Jun said that the students who walked out of Jinsong’s duties were excellent and respectful. Inheritance of ingenuity.

Innovate cooking teaching and cultivate modern professionals

Intelligent 10,000 steaming ovens, smart steam boots, advanced molecular technical facilities equipment that can be remotely controlled by the Internet … In the comprehensive building of Jinsong Vocational High School Changying Campus, 13 training classrooms are equipped with advanced Chinese and Western cooking equipment.

The master’s inheritance, advanced equipment, and continuous innovative teaching reforms have become a huge driving force for the cultivation of talents in Jinsong’s high -cooking professionals, and also inspired students to strive to become the leader in the industry and even the pioneer of the leading industry.

At the level of hardware, Jinsong High School also focuses on teaching reform. As the leader of cooking professional innovation team, he assumed the army to “Beijing Culinary Professional Course Reform” and “Beijing Culinary Professional Construction Internship Training Base” Study and write work.

In terms of school -enterprise cooperation, integration training, etc., Jinsong’s high -ranking catering service majors have leveraged the China Culinary Association and other industry associations and a large number of well -known catering companies to create a domestic first -class catering cultural and creative center and promote the integration of deep production and education in professional groups.

For example, the school’s catering service professional group and Dagong brand management Co., Ltd. cooperated to jointly build the “Dagong Catering Engineer College”, and Li Jinji’s “Hope Chef” public welfare classes with Li Jinji. The training of students in poor areas will drive the catering industry in the area.

In addition, the school also introduces various cooking competitions at home and abroad to encourage students to participate in competitions and service events, and students can also experience the style of industry masters.

From 1983 to 2021, from the original apprentice to the famous teachers today, a 38 -year -old army in Jinsong Vocational High School is a 38 -year -old army. More moral techniques and modern professionals with humanities.


Outstanding graduates of hotel managers, administrative chefs, cooking masters, and private enterprise owners are all over the Chinese and foreign catering companies. Jinsong has become a cradle of catering talents recognized by the catering and vocational education community.

Guo Yanfeng, President of Jinsong Vocational High School: The spirit of craftsmen is a vivid embodiment of the spirit of the times. The development of the times requires the artisans of the great power and a large number of workers with the spirit of craftsmen. As a type of education, vocational education pays more attention to the cultivation of technical and skillful talents. Such talents are precisely the best inheritor in the spirit of craftsmen. Jinsong Vocational High School, as a vocational school to cultivate future craftsmen, we use the “craftsmanship” as an important part of school education and teaching, inspire young students to take skills to become talented, submit skills to the country, and achieve a wonderful life.

Guo Yanfeng, president of Jinsong Vocational High School. Interviewee confidence

Beyond the voices

Beijing News: How did you show ingenuity in the process of achievement?

Xiangjun: In difficulties in the family economy, there are some domestic and foreign catering companies to hire high salaries. When the treatment is more than ten times higher than the school, it is inevitable that the choice is difficult. But when I thought of the training of Jinsong Vocational High School, I remembered why I was the original intention of a teacher at the time, so I declined these invitations.

Beijing News: What do you feel that you get the biggest happiness?

Xiangjun: Tao Li Man in the world. Seeing that the students I taught each other became the backbone of the catering industry, and became a master of cooking, the administrative chef, the manager of the catering department, or the business of their own business. Essence

Beijing News: What kind of achievements do you want to achieve in the future and what are your expectations in the future?


Xiangjun: Use a serious work attitude and responsibility to love students. Use your own personality charm and emotional power to guide and educate students, cultivate students’ good outlook on life, be good at discovering talents, and let his potential talent flash.

Editor Liu Yang, a reporter from the Beijing News, Miao Chenxia School Divided Zhai Yongjun