Tongling College students have achieved great achievements in the National 3D Contest (Anhui Division)


A few days ago, the results of the 14th National 3D Competition (National 3D Digital Innovation Design Competition) Anhui Division Competition was announced. Ten teams of Tongling College School of Mechanical Engineering won a total of 2 prizes, 4 second prizes, and 3 third prizes.Among them, the two teams who have won special prizes were successfully launched in the National Tournament.

It is reported that the National 3D Contest University Student Group has three competitions: digital industrial design contests, digital human settlement design contests and digital cultural design contests.After preliminary publicity, organizational training, and layers of selection of Tongling College of Mechanical Engineering, 10 participating teams participated in the digital industrial design contest and digital human settlement design contest respectively.In the end, the school’s team’s work “Multi -Functional Peanut Removal Crusher” and “Home Automatic High -Pressure Spray Bansing dishwasher” won special prizes.These two teams will participate in the school’s national finals on behalf of the school.

Li Zan Song Yang Zhuqing