What should I do if my computer is too? The pilgrims are worth learning, the computer is full of blood.


The computer update is still very fast. Every year, there will be a large number of branded computers. At the same time, this also means that there is a computer being eliminated. For these old computers, many people’s use feelings are slow, booting slowly, Open the web page card, some friends can’t stand it, I will go to buy a new computer. The old computer will put ash, in fact, this is inexpected, today I met a guy with the old computer and upgrade hardware to upgrade,

His approach is worth learning, and the way to upgrade is also correct. Let’s take a look!

Computers brought by customers.

Speaking of computer upgrades, I may not understand many friends, I will simply explain with you, this is to improve computer performance by increasing hardware or replacing high-capacity computer hardware. The old computer or the unreasonable computer, the hardware upgrade is a learning, I often say that the computer is upgraded correctly, and there is no problem for three years. If the error is upgraded, the computer is hard to stand for three days. Today I have encountered a guy. With the computer, this upgrade is still very correct, let’s take a look at the original configuration of the computer, as follows:


AMD A10 -8700P




hard disk:

500G machinery

Graphics card:

AMD R6 M3400X

Computer original configuration information.

For such computer configuration, it is indeed old enough, and can only cope with the daily simple office, and the computer is also very card, let’s take a look at the hardware bought by customers, customers buy 4G and 120G solid state drives, Upgrade memory can accelerate the speed of the computer, upgrade the solid state drive can speed up the computer boot, the two hardware for customers choose to upgrade is completely no problem, and the customer also bought a hard disk drive bracket, this can see the customer is true Kung Fu, the optical drive of this computer can be installed hard, but the hard disk needs to be installed to achieve the effect, and the customer can think of this, this is still a study of the client for the computer!


Customer bought is available.

The computer installed memory is also learned. The memory bought by customers is also 4G 1.35V three-generation low-voltage memory. Plus the original 4G memory is 8G capacity, 8G memory capacity can smooth office and run some games, The hard disk is to increase 120g solid state. We have to pay attention to the installation system after installation. Only in this way, the computer’s installed solid-state hard drive can play its height read and write performance, otherwise it is expanded!


The computer is installed with the memory strip and the hard disk is reinstalling the system. The system is installed. The computer boot speed is significantly improved. It is 1 minute 14 seconds before the upgrade is not upgraded. Now the computer boot time is significantly shortened. 15 seconds, and the speed of the computer’s open program page is also brushing. For the current configuration, the computer upgrades the memory strip and the hard disk, and fight for three years is absolutely no problem!

After the computer is upgraded, the speed is getting fast.

I think such a computer should be upgraded. In fact, the new computer, the computer configuration of the three or four thousand yuan is similar to such computer configuration performance, from the perspective of economic cost, not spent a few hundred yuan to upgrade Let your old computer survive, fight for three years, this guy’s practice is really worth learning! I don’t know if you think so? Welcome to comment!


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