Siegsar’s latest micro -red dot scope is listed, so small volume can achieve hundreds of times


What is the latest Romeo Zero micro -red dot scope of SIG SAUR SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAG SAMEO ZERO miniature red dot scope? Let’s take a look with us!

Recently, the firearm industry has continued to develop in a relatively unique direction. On the one hand, we want to bring more bullets and smaller firearms. On the other hand, it requires it to be as precise as a full -size pistol. This idea seems unrealistic, but it is not impossible. It is this harsh requirement that has led to the birth of the Siegsar P365 pistol and the recently upgraded size P365XL pistol.

In addition to firearms, the objects of another shooter dreaming are:

A miniature internal red dot scope that retains a full -size internal red dot scope, but can also be installed on a hidden portable pistol


Essence When I knew this demand, Sighall’s product R & D personnel felt incredible and exclaimed: my mother! However, recently, Sighall has completed the product that sounds impossible before! They made a miniature red dot sight of less than 1 -inch wide-

Romeo Zero


Micro -red dot sight.

Siegsar borrowed the latest batch Romeo Zero micro -red dot scope from TFB, let us take the shooting range to find out.


Contrary to most companies choosing to put the micro -red dot scope on the pistol, the bigger and bigger, Siegsar chose the road of less people to take, thereby benefiting from the majority of hidden carrying firearms. Let’s take a look at the Romeo Zero micro -red dot scope of Siegsar!


Siegsar Romeo ZERO miniature red dot scope parameter

As of writing in this article, Sigsar did not introduce the official parameters of this product. (It is really so new!)

But Sigsar still provides some rough information about the Romeo Zero red dot scope, hoping to help everyone:

Weapon -level Ultralite (meaning “ultra -light” translator note)

SPECTRACOAT HD polymer lens


8 brightness gears that can be selected by users

Less than 1 inch width to adapt to the shape of the sleeve

20,000 hours of battery life

This miniature red dot is assembled in the United States with an official pricing of about 200 knives. Such a low price has made it strongly competitive compared to several recently listed popular red dots.


[Installation] Sigser Romeo Zero micro -red dot scope

The installation of Romeo Zero micro -red dot scope is very simple. Install it on a pistol -like pistol -like pistol, just remove the photo door and scope of the pistol. Disone the sleeve from the gun, unscrew the two hexagonal screws of the door and the scope, and then install this scope, tighten the two hexagonal screws that comes with the scope, and complete the completion. It’s! The very simple process does not require any advanced technology.

The only tool here is a screw wrench that installs the scope on the sleeve, and another wrench that is used to adjust the pitch angle and wind bias (if necessary). With two hexagonal screws (mentioned above) and a CR1632 button battery that fix Romeo Zero on the sleeve. It is precisely because this scope requires few tools that this also gives it a strong advantage. After all, fewer is more.


The surface pattern of this micro -red dot scope is very matched with Silsar’s P365 pistol, P365XL pistol, P320 pistol series, and many other Siegsar pistols. Therefore, if you just look at the appearance, Romeo Zero is also very pleasing to the Siegsar pistol. If it is matched with the Non -Siegsar brand’s pistols, the relatively classic appearance can still make it matches most pistols.

Siegsar Romeo Zero miniature red dot scope installed on the Siegsall P365XL pistol

Finally, the preview of the forecasmanship next time we have done on the shooting range. The pre -adjustment position of this red dot is quite shocking, because it almost does not require any calibration, and it can be used directly to hit the ten rings! In order to prevent this from being lucky, I asked another friend to try a few times and try it. As a result, the friend was also a ten ring of guns. Therefore, although the product is indeed an inner hexagon wrench to regulate the wind bias and pitch angle, this tool does not need to be needed in the actual operation process.


[On the shooting range] Sigser Romeo Zero miniature red dot scope

When using the Sieger P365XL pistol and Romeo Zero micro -red dot scope to shoot on the shooting range, I found that this micro -red dot scope is as slender as the sliding sleeve of the P365XL pistol and did not prominent. Therefore, it will not affect the choice of guns at all, and it will not hang on other things easily.

Installed on the Romeo Zero micro -red dot sight on the Siegsar P365XL pistol as the pistol slider

The ultra -light polymer shell of the Romeo Zero micro -red dot scalpel has a gap in the door, so if you really encounter that special moment, you can still use a lens to use a machine to ensure normal shooting.

Romeo Zero micro -red dot scalf


Putting the battery at the bottom of the scope is a disadvantage of this scope, but on the other hand, because the disassembly of this mirror is very simple, and it has a battery life of up to 20,000 hours (for those who are used at home, it is quite It was lit for two consecutive years), so the impact was not too great. Of course, it is even better if it can be installed in the upper part! But this may have to wait for Sighall to come out of the Romeo Zero improvement model in the future. Or Silsar has developed a completely new new product!

The last thing to say is that during the day when the sun is exposed to the sun, the point of Romeo Zero has remained very clear and the edges are clear. Even under the sun, it has not become blurred. I like this very much! Because many red dot scopes they have played before, they perform well under low light conditions, but they are useless when facing the scorching sun.

[Summary] SIG SAUER ROMEO ZERO micro -red dot sight experience


Throughout the test, the Romeo Zero micro -red dot aiming mirror stayed on the slide cover of the P365XL pistol and played 500 ammunition of different models of different manufacturers, including FMJ (all A) and HP (empty bomb).


2 boxes of FMJ and 1 box of HP ammunition provided by Sighall

In the process of launching these ammunition, Romeo Zero kept its zero adjustment, the red dot remained clear, and the brightness did not change. The clean shape allows it to match almost any pistol, and the installation process is very simple. In addition, it is the only scope that I have used to install it directly. The only thing that makes people feel a little bit regrets is that its battery must be installed from the bottom. But if you consider the battery’s life span of 20,000 hours, this is not a problem!


(The translator strongly recommends that all reflex red dot sights are replaced each year to ensure reliability to the greatest extent)

Siegsar Romeo Zero miniature red dot scope with Siegsar P365XL pistol

In general, the performance of the Romeo Zero micro -red dot scope is shocking. Because it can be perfectly applied to a thin thick pistol such as the Sigser P365XL pistol, let alone install it on a full -size gun. Although the size is small, it is enough to provide the Sagittarius with all the necessary functions. It is not more appropriate to use “small sparrows, all five internal organs” to describe it!


After reading the above evaluation, how do you think Sighall’s new micro -red dot scope? Welcome to leave a message to discuss!

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