The exquisite Korean version of the backpack, so that you can show your cuteness!


College style design, frosted material, fashion new model, suitable for autumn and winter use, bags and cute big white.


This bag is made of waterproof nylon, which is beautiful and fashionable! There are bags on the left and right sides of the bag to install water cups and umbrellas. The capacity of the bag is very large, and there are many bags. Do n’t doubt her belly.


Representative of youthful vitality, this bag is simple in color and super good! Super versatile, strong college style, oh

The bag looks better. The front of the bag is printed with fashion Korean, which is full of Korean. The built -in bag is reasonable, so that your delicate small things will not be chaotic, making your going out so convenient!

A capable backpack of Super Japan and South Korea Fan came ~ Very versatile and practical style, simple and reasonable structure. You can install the iPad ~~ On the street, the campus tide loves the most ~

A two -back, cute, fashionable, simple and fashionable, full of elegant, high -quality PU, high quality! Note: The colors of the bear are random


Fashionable and simple backpacks, leather materials, delicate feel, durable, can put down the textbooks of high school universities, and the travel is beautiful.

Printing madness, colorful and colorful, this season’s trend sucking sunny items, fun, bold, not vulgar! The impact of texture and vision, fresh surprises! Stereo metal rivet decorations are more fashionable and cool. The interior space is even bigger! Lost the plain color and refuse mediocre!




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